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Stories of Lore 12

General Stuff:

The state of the galaxy is slowly stabilizing from total anarchy to almost anarchy as various factions rise to power across the stars in small quantities. Very few true empires remain let alone with any ability to exert their influence over the stars. Alnae and Shetou don’t really register as empires on the galactic scale since they don’t control multiple stars like the galactic ones.

The warlord situation has been getting worse with two prominent members of the council resigning while their families were under threat from the various warlords. Most of the higher ups have moved off of Thenica and gone all the way to the new colony in Asgele where things are politically stable and atmospheric correction has finally reached completion. Part of this retreat is the damage to Thenica was so great that the place isn’t particularly safe and is where some of the warlords are strongest due to civilian unrest and desire for protection against anything Shetou might do. With the cities demolished and people forced to rely on the forests, Shetou has the upper hand on the planet due to their particular combat tactics. Then everything went to hell when three warlords formed an alliance and are in the midst of trying to take over the government. While Alnae itself still controls the fleet, the warlords are messing with the resources available to the population. Most of the battles are over agricultural areas which Alnae can’t just bombard.

The drow nation has gone even crazier then Alnae. A new empire has rose up calling itself Karsoluth and is formed by the more traditionalist houses including Beldoban, Jaal’darya, Vloz’Khress and ironically Sarghess. Karsoluth is led by Yasrena Val’Hari. House Song, Linsun, and (to the surprise of many) Sharen are the only three council houses that stand by the flag of Shetou. House Additri, Illhard’dro, Enkas, and many other houses that could push for council position after the invasion have opted to remain independent as to not get tied up in a civil war between old and new Shetou powers. Despite Karsoluth’s surprisingly large numbers, they seem to be avoiding direct conflict with Shetou as they did not expect Sharen to oppose the schism and remain within Shetou. Evidently this screwed with plans to eliminate the eastern houses like Song and Linsun. To make matters more complicated, Karsoluth has found a quiet alliance with Solvang and Selona. The following faction pages have been updated: Shetou Karsoluth

The ooze-like aliens that Arkaric took an interest in have plunged in to total chaos after a second wave of fighting destroyed many of their cities. Merlan is one of the most prominent authority figures among the multiple smaller factions that popped up in desperate times. With the death of the council most of the people have split into following other former government officials that they are culturally conditioned to depend on, making her greatest rivals for power the generals. Arkaric took specific efforts to make sure the resources were scarce enough that they wouldn’t just team up to continue to uphold the original government as normal. Illhard’ro and Desoir are doing heavy trade in Jydoq space that they desperately depend on. We’ve also seen some of the Jydoq come to Sol and our respective colonies seeking new forms of employment to eek out a living.

Hanging out, down the street, its the same old thing, that they did last week. They are comfortable where they are and don’t seem that interested in drawing attention to themselves more then necessary. Without counting alliances, Selona is the most powerful individual military faction in the system mostly due to their technological advantage. Though we do happen to know that in secret Selona has more alliances then anyone else, making them near untouchable.

Running in the opposite direction of Selona with their plan, they have been rapidly expanding and some think they might become a government on their own. For the most part their economy still depends on pirate raids so they’re a bit of a violent bunch. Though members who once just paid membership fees and hung out on the stations are now much more willing to see Asmoday as a king rather then a middle man that dispenses jobs.

Sarden has been running around causing all kinds of trouble for the Gauntlet. We also found she has a buddy, who managed to start causing serious trouble. Literally the day Aryn shot off into space to travel the stars and find Kenin, massive hacking attempts occurred. While Nah division itself has enough of a tech team to protect itself, many other companies the Gauntlet controls were targeted. Giving them access to information on where various projects were located and resulting in the least defended areas coming under attack and being bombed. This particularly affected planetside areas with reconstruction underway and has been a massive setback to the work of Hightower in particular.

Madhammer is stretched thin at the moment between its normal jobs and the amount of things they’re being asked to guard.


Mordekai Aberhoff

In the bad news section, Zex was assassinated by Sarden, along with several other cult members who were caught in a series of explosions that are likely related to Sarden even if not performed by her directly. Whatever the motive, they clearly really really wanted to kill him as they sent a lot of people and used a lot of firepower just to kill one gnoll.

Atop of this, Sarden and their team seems to be targeting the filter manufacturers specifically. While hightower works to rebuild some of the other acquired plants, already existing ones are under attack.

Also with Shetou undergoing a schism your sales team trying to sell them psionic tools and drugs are proving less effective since there is all that crap going on right now. Though perhaps things will pick back up soon once they’re not all arguing over politics.

Edric Vandross

Vermasih system, no planar alignments. As the first to begin colonization you guys get to name the system/planet. (the one closest to the sun is the water world for project Atlantis). The other planets remain somewhat mysterious as they have not yet been surveyed properly.

It wasn’t hard to figure out who the third Whately kid is with your ingenious plan to google “famous mercenaries.”

The raiders be hijacking food, people starve, you evilly rub your hands together.

Sethis Tyne

Aryn’s mom died during the alien invasion, though that was sort of minor in the big brick of text about other events surrounding her I suppose.

Haziel makes over 15 million per financial report, she’s an engineer for consumer goods so she makes good money.

Odds of wrangling titus: 3%

Expansion into drug production will require the acquisition of facilities and suppliers of the materials to make the stuff. Given the going rate of food right now, not many people in a rush to start growing drug crops. Which has technically made drugs worth even more though, so who knows how long that balance will last.

To be fair the stealth drive does work it just doesn’t work at maximum efficiency. Also you’ll probably have to build one for that or rent from Solvang as most space stations were destroyed during the invasion, which is how you got into this mess.

The hunt for a recruitable dragon is loooooong, with maaaany a wiiiinding tuuuurn.

Aryn is currently away on a road trip to find the Kenin since you chose that one over Ark.

Luci Serrano

Colonization procedures are waiting for the colony ship to complete (mezzy’s super carrier), though production of prefabs for assembly has gotten underway at least.

Yes the submerged gun platforms are pretty easy actually, just slightly more expensive. Though just shielding them would work pretty well as well.

The news room is practically flooded given the amount of shit that is going on everywhere right now. Alien civilizations contacted, society is falling apart, Alnae is on the brink of civil war, Shetou split up and is undergoing government reforms, Valdir is not giving a fuck so everyone is trying to figure out what they’re up to, Selona just suspiciously wiped out an entire alien invasion over his city where the hell did he get all those bombs, Exme misses being on vacation all of a sudden.

Angel and Lush are kind of just chilling out, not the best time for any particular touring events with society crumbling and all.

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