6 months later

Stories of Lore 13

Mordekai Aberhoff

Jicho does respond to the message leaving a one word response that was actually cleverly hidden and required people to piece together a series of otherwise broken function calls and decrypt his weird choice of commands by comparing the first letters. It just says “revenge” but the way he left it definitely shows that he’s just messing with us like some sort of serial killer taunting detectives.

Zex’s funeral is a somewhat publicized event for the cult, especially given that he was assassinated moments after he had been delivering a speech. Though they don’t really mention that he was assassinated to avoid explaining the ‘why’ part and say some mugger killed him for his van. An attempt to promote unity in these dark times through Zex’s death, and get people to not look too hard into the circumstances of his death.

You start a backyard garden.

Stoogie continues his project, though progress is slow. Despite all his effort he still isn’t as great as Asi was and definitely not on the same level as Cerys. However, someone else in the project has an idea they pitch to the suits which works its way up to your message box. There might be interesting data to find if an alien who grew up in a culture that understood sahad a bit better were utilized. That or perhaps finding others in the galaxy who are already the kind of sahad we want to use as a baseline.

Edric Vandross

System named Tie lost due to a cultural translation error. People think it is a lost and found bin for missing business suit ties. Nah they got it right since its written in a memo, but them throwbacks.

The super carrier finally finished construction.

As far as intel can find, Karsoluth has plans to make military moves against Shetou but they have been reconsidering given the risk to reward has gotten a lot worse since Sharen and Song have solidified Shetou’s power instead of collapsing to infighting in the chaos. Though on the other end of things, Shetou seems less timid of a fight and seem to be preparing a little bit more dramatically to go blow Karsoluth up. Though this is probably to be expected given those remaining within Shetou are pretty unafraid of conflict.

Sethis Tyne

Kenin’s location isn’t a mystery, he’s on Althe.

So far no luck tracking down one data transfer in the sea of the Aethernet that happened locally in one place at one specific time. The ops teams are looking out for Sarden in the meantime though just as with Toxyn, she knows what she’s hiding from. Though we have narrowed down that she operates on Thenica and is somehow tied to the Alnae warlords.

No to the space station, there simply aren’t any to take. The ones that have been built since the invasion to replace those lost are understandably under heavier guard then normal. You’ll need to buy out some space on an existing one or rent from Solvang like Vandross is or launch a full scale invasion onto an existing one.

The black market division is working on expanding drug manufacturing, the cooking part is easy to set up its the growing part that’s proving difficult. So now you have plot of dirt in the middle of the forest you have to guard in order to grow stuff alongside hiring a bunch of people to grow it. -6 profit to Black Market finances. Should yield a solid return once they finish growing though.

Oh huh you actually rolled high this week. Welp here’s a dragon being held prisoner. Apparently captured during the invasion by a species that is particularly adept at Sahad, along with several other prisoners they took out of the system before being pushed back in the mini-war. So she’s several star systems away, held by aliens for study.

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