A new adventure (again)

Be sure to notice there are 3 sheets in the player actions sheet this time around that covers standing economics as well as the buy list. Will probably add more things to the buy list as requested. Beta.

Also Sam’s characters in the SoL have nothing going on yet because I had to work on all this other stuff and his faction doesn’t have much I need to introduce yet. So I just gave a quick cutaway of his character everyone seems so interested in.

SoL mini, its session 0 i don’t have enough ideas yet.
Sam’s Handout

Mezzy Handout

Tess Handout


YOU RIIIIIIISE! To a desk job with a fancy title of King. You’re a bit younger then most around here and were not there during the long slumber, but that’s okay. Your people have a knack for long lives, you got time to acquire more experience at this job.

Your royal advisor, Heseli, brings to you the current status of the kingdom. The Nalkas people live out in the frozen north where mana is most plentiful, but plentiful mana means big damned monsters are a bit more common. Your predecessor had initiated studies on this and managed to prove they feed on it to gain their supernatural abilities and sizes. While they can live off of regular meat, Nalkas people are glowing beacons of nourishment to them. So be wary of that.

The society has finally managed to reach a point of stability though, hence the change of leadership. Your predecessor had been so focused on reaching a point of safety and security that once it was achieved, it seemed he might be too set in his ways to bring in a new age. The walls are strong, the people are fed, and the roads are paved. He was hailed for his successes in bringing the nalkas from the brink of extinction to a thriving populace. But now that he succeeded it was time for a fresh perspective, he’s actually still around and gets to live in a fancy mansion in retirement. All hail the new king, may your rule be wise and prosperous.

Due to the sheer stability of what he created, Heseli points out that the people have actually not ventured particularly far since the long slumber ended. The world has been reborn in our time away, and it might be time to consider some new expansions and explorations. Be wary of the monsters though.


The mountains nearby have done a good job keeping the Oda people safe from a lot of the problems the neighbors are having, as well as the lack of mana-rich deposits. Though the other problem is the lack of mana-rich deposits. As such despite the safety of the capital, there is a bit of a need to find some new resources. Fortunately, we have a kick ass port, so we can travel around the seas a bit easier then most.

Not much going on here since the faction didn’t start with any major ongoing problems or politics just yet.


YOU RIIIIISE to power by murdering your predecessor in open combat. Even people not affiliated with you are pretty aware of the shift in power. Most notice when one of the most peculiar kingdoms has a shift in power for whatever reason.

The most immediate problems are nothing new for the Katara people. Winter is quick to remind you the reason the path to taking power was tied to your predecessors inability to keep the population growing at the rate a warrior culture needs, an especially important problem given the curse that afflicts your people. Currently the kingdom has a population of 200,000 and only 20 men in the whole place. They also won’t live that long, people will be expecting you to find solutions. Given that the curse of Katara is famous, not many take the bait of just being offered to live a life of luxury and endless sex here.

Your population growth rate is staggeringly slow compared to everyone else and the number of delinquent youths is also extremely high since the mothers work and the fathers are kind of busy in an environment unsuitable for children. No one really has stable parental figures, just rotate between caretakers throughout the week.

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