The week after the week before

Good guess, the savages are very stabby. It’s almost as if we spawned in a late game zone or something. We maintained a careful distance to observant and learn what we can, as is the proper course of action. Then Sakki kidnapped one of them while exploring that spot to the north. Because of course he did.

They’re not particularly wealthy, as I said they have a wooden palisade…savages. Their armor is also largely inferior to ours though their weapons seem of better overall craftsmanship. Their warlord is wearing full plate though, according to our captive it is blessed by the elders of generation after generation blah blah its enchanted and probably fourth tier judging by the description. So third tier accounting for primitive minds exaggerating what they do not understand. Their population is small but they’re ferocious snow rabbits. After awhile of observation we’ve noticed they have found some manner to keep monsters uninterested in them. From the stories I’m hearing, it sounds like this is because they are destitute in terms of mana and there is little to draw beasts to them when the lake is so nearby.

Sakki when to check out the north, it is just more snowy hills. We just hadn’t actually mapped it yet, he punched another few monsters for the effort to map it though. Notably the monster concentration appears to be stronger the further north along the lake you go as the northern banks hold the most mana. We’ll likely consider expanding there after we have a more solid colony to operate from.

We’ve managed to find the elven city, apparently named Tethalyn. It is a massive city of guilded white marble and well maintained grounds, its glory must rival what ours once was yet, we notice it shares in our silence. Despite being well maintained and affluent in appearance, much of it sits silent just like Sybaris. This is a fallen empire.

They’ve been a somewhat welcoming host, even if a bit overly so. Reportedly their empire stretches along a river that empties out where we are building a village. They say the river crosses the entire continent. Though Talia is suspicious of the claims. While their population is higher then ours and their city in better condition the unmistakable signs of a remnant are there. While the river is likely true, the size and scope of their territory may be suspect. That being said, they do have a standing army.

Attacking the city might yield great riches though given the ornate nature of its construction, we would not have to look far for something worth taking. Though the battle is of uncertain nature given they are like us, ancient. We could have Talia continue to play the role of diplomat, or prepare for more violent courses of action should the rewards be worth the risks to you.

Also the people have been becoming acquainted with the docks and revenue is up, along with higher traffic among the roads as word spreads.

Greetings keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people, for I have returned and you find me amiss no longer.. Also dear keeper, we are not all monks. Just the members of the monastery are. Kaze is preparing to embark on his voyage to the island.

In regards to your query about the nature of Ki, it can be disabled by means of beheading. One of the primary benefits of it is its resistance to being removed. Like that weird blue magic you hear legends about.

Construction of your economic projects are underway but it will take a little bit of time to build the ships. They should be ready by the time the fleet is ready to depart to the island once again.

I have entered negotiations with the fishing village. They would be willing to become our vassals should we provide them with sufficient defenses against the monsters. Our architects estimate costs would range about two hundred gold to build a reasonable wall and if we provide them with twenty soldiers it should be sufficient to protect them until they can raise a larger town guard themselves. ((Mechanics note: vassal isn’t a special qualifier, its just yours))

A note if I may, there are no Ki abilities that lend themselves to actually specializing in stealth in that way. Also there is no school of shadows, though there are some branches of arcane magic that do that sort of thing. Though if you seek a master of stealth, there are some outside the monastery that could be contracted who rely on more typical practices or arcane magic. Might I recommend an illusionist or a ninja?

An illusionist it is then! This is Kyoko Uyemura, a local wizard. She does illusions and carries a few sharp objects around for hurting things as she has yet to learn any evocation in her time studying the craft.

She could be described as perhaps a sarcastic troublemaker, a clever one at that. She was born and raised here in the city proper, however she isn’t an active member of the military. She doesn’t have much experience in the wilds and has lived most of her life acting as a student of magic, she only recently graduated and was seeking adventure.


Greetings Khan! It is a glorious goddamn how does that old fart pretend to be so upbeat all the time. Anyways, the Fukuchi have mobilized as commanded. We’ll get reports from them as things develop.

Though in the more immediate concern, Tokota has already encountered some of these badland natives. True to rumor, they are a bunch of violent maniacs that tried to kill him. While he has kept his life the rest of his retinue are already dead. He was taken prisoner, escaped, and is currently trying to outmaneuver them.

They were mounted on those horse creatures, using them to create a calvary faster then ours. However, a single member of them had a much more bizarre mount. It was made of stone and lined with magic crystals and inscriptions, flying across the badlands at unbelievable speeds with spikey bits on the front for ramming through things. This was apparently the leader, and he had a weapon similar to Ryo’s.

Tokota estimated he came across a team of fifteen of these bandits, though is not sure where they live where more might be found. So far as reports indicated, he has noticed a distinct lack of monsters.

Also tier 2 enchantments cost approximately 20 mana per object, and a sufficiently talented enchanter. We lack that second part. Though the Nalkas likely have it.

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