A day without a Khan

Stories of Lore 4

Mother-fu…Fine I’ll go. Be back later, while I’m gone you can deal with my teacher Ansa Jarvenä. Have fun with that one.



Greetings your *gags* majesty, I see you’ve taken well to your position. My compliments to your throne maker, your throne’s cushions seem to have already become perfectly molded to your liking, I dare say it must have been quite the custom work. In his abrupt absence Heseli has asked me to take over as headmaster of the academy, a duty so prestigious that apparently I now have the…pleasure of keeping you up to date with your magnificent kingdom.

I’ll be here awhile, the new soldiers must travel north to join up with Väyrnyen forces and escort Heseli in the process. I applaud your commitment to efficiency in logistics,  only a truly wise leader would know that twenty men is the exact optimum number to protect one of our kingdom’s greatest on his voyage to the north despite his spells being capable of drawing monsters from far reaches of the sea you’re sending him right towards the shores of.

The student known as Jonne has been seeing to the resurrection of their dead from a ceremonial burial ground he discovered. Rather then assault with them he had them roam near the lake as suspiciously as possible to draw out their investigators. His minions stood little chance against their raiders fury intent on putting the dead back to rest, though in observing from afar he has learned much of their battle tactics and sent the information to Väyrnyen and his forces to make use of. There’s a problem with the plan we hadn’t accounted for, their actual army isn’t very large but their citizen populace is quite aggressive. They remind me of the Katara, it is likely that when under assault they won’t be fleeing but every single one of them will take up arms. You may wish to budget upcoming losses accordingly.

Projects have been undertaking to prepare the creation of slave labor, something we have never done before in our history. Though desperate times call for desperate measures, regardless of the larger ramifications.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have quite the day ahead of me, the academy calls and interrupts me from my already busy schedule. If you need anything else, do not hesitate to call for me. I will come with all haste as not to burden you with the woes of walking.

Holy shit that was his teacher? No wonder Heseli is such an asshole.



Greetings Keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people. Kyoko is in transit to the village to build the construction of the wall. Our commitment to the plan has already garnered their full co-operation. As for Kyoko’s abilities, she can turn invisible, create hallucinations, and disguise herself as anything else. Though she definitely struggles to deal with monsters that hunt without reliance on sight and most specifically she lacks auditory illusions so her voice never changes, she says she is working on that part. Fortunately her illusions are quite distracting so the soldiers with her had an easier run about of stabbing said monsters while they were on their journey.

Kaze has embarked on his journey to the island city, though he is still making the trip. His results will likely be more apparent soon.

Shime went south as directed, though this may have had an adverse effect on her. After witnessing war and the savagery of our allies, she has stopped sending in reports and has gone missing. There is a chance she may have been adversely effected by witnessing these events done to the first people like herself she had seen in who knows how long. I suspect she found the stragglers you were seeking her to find, but instead of bringing them back she went somewhere with them.

In other news the continuing voyage of Iwanagi has spotted a city along the coast. It is large…very large. The largest we have ever seen though it appears to be constructed of strange materials and overgrown with foliage. It is as if a part of the forest itself built into a city. Up to you if he goes to take a closer look or if he should continue sailing and mapping the coast.

Also the sheets have been better updated.


The invasion has begun. Areti managed to kill all the guards before they knew what was happening, she is…talented. Upon opening the gate the invasion began. We figured out their quirk though, they have druids. Talia was quick to invade into the stone city but as Kairi came to assist her army suffered quite a few battles with the forest itself. We discovered Layla is in fact alive and was being taken care of in this city. She had lost a leg and was recovering here, apparently she had not told them of our location so they never sent word about her.

We have retaken Layla and seen to the devastation of their population though losses are high. The elven military is weak but their magic has proven a problem. Layla still is in no shape to fight so we lack the witches to deal with their casters, her contribution was to stab her caretaker in the back as the invasion was underway. As the battle continued within the streets many of their civilians fled to the forest. They were not ruled by the strong, and as such did not have obligatory military training.

A elven woman named Amarethyl killed at least twenty of ours, as well as Commander Talia. Areti was the one who put an end to her rampage. Afterwards Areti and Commander Kairi invaded the druidic temple, butchering them before they might do anything to further impede our progress.

The city is now under our control, and the nobles within our possession. We have taken large losses. Only twenty five soldiers remain. While we have recovered Layla she is considering a more stay-at-home role now. Apparently the wilds have had an effect on her.

Layla has requested Amarethyl be spared. She is under heavy guard and shackled properly due to the danger she presents, pending your judgement of what to do with her. She is the leader of their druidic circle, my equal in their society. Though she is not a true arch-druid. Layla confirms that the real archdruid of these woods instead lives further south at some sort of lake. I caution ever engaging an archdruid in a forest, just Amarethyl alone was a problem for our forces to deal with. Had we not been inside of their city so quickly the results could have been far different, and had Areti not been completely broken stats wise.

In other news, as commanded, they didn’t loot anything yet.

The remaining soldiers have however grown stronger, as is our way. Now that we have tasted true war for the first time in decades, the troops have rekindled their fighting spirit. I advise bringing them back to the city to train the next wave. ((Soldiers in the buy sheet now start at army power 2 as rule of the strong perk))


Ryo is on the way to the Nalkas for trade and information gathering, and the caravans have moved away from the badlands for the time being. Meanwhile the horses are on the way to Katara and Iwa is seeing about negotiating with the village for experimentation with horses.



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