Oh not satisfied with Essi? The only other mage available who can cast artillery spells just not good enough huh? We fight monsters out here, how much strategy do you really need? Anyways here’s Eamon.


He’s one of the survivors of the raid on the village to the north, he’s a bit of a clever one. While he’s typically worked with his squad he’s demonstrated a keen tactical mind particularly with awareness of the frozen north’s environment. He’s a little cautious of unfamiliar terrain so is less likely to plow through the snow heedless of its terrors, mostly because he’s watched quite a few people get killed by them by now. He’s not the fastest mobilizer if you want to see whats out there, but he is a strong leader.

That and he can fuck some dudes up with that axe.


Also Sakki’s exploration continues, so far nothing of particular interest to report other then more snow, hills, and monsters. Though he’s managed to keep himself alive thus far.

Greetings keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people.

We’ve sent some people to journey southward to look into the druidic path, though that might take a little while as its learning a whole new profession along with making some lifestyle changes. So updates on that as they come along.

Kaze has been sent to the island and the docks are currently producing some ships to give to the natives to embark on our cultural unification project.

Kyoko has managed to infiltrate the isolationists by being largely invisible and keeping an eye on them. They aren’t magically gifted so they have not done well to detect her presence. The isolationists are a somewhat crude society but they possess a few out of place objects of advanced technology that they use sparingly and carefully. These objects appear to come from deeper within the badlands. She’s managed to deduce that they’re loners because the badlands are right next to them and the last several visitors they’ve had have all been raiders.

As for monster taming, no we have no known methods of doing so. The only people we know of in the world that can interact with them in any manner other then fighting would be the Archdruid and the Elder Witch. Not even Amare has demonstrated any ability to control them.

We’ve sent representatives deeper into the elven kingdom, though they were forced to return to Tethalyn due to the presence of the monsters. The wake of the elven exodus to the their own city as excited the hunters who look for stragglers, and our representatives would appear to be as such. It is likely they will need some form of escort to make the journey as it is several days away through the deeper parts of the forest. We’ve also noticed the river definitely draws out some of the bigger ones.

In their search, Areti found an artifact of interest lurking within the city. Some sort of mana generator, the elves apparently used this to avoid having to harvest from the forest all that often. It looks kind of like a big tree so its hard to move, though the fruit it produces is pure mana. This should help our mana production at the least.

Construction on the other village we constructed goes well though we have a distinct lack of people to populate it at the moment. As you know our population growth rate is a little stunted, so its a bit of a work in progress.

For the most part- the fishing village just has techniques involving, you guess it, fish. Though its nothing we didn’t know already, we’ve been fairly advanced in food preservation for awhile now due to our nomadic nature.

Our research on the horses has come back that they live about twenty to twenty five years. On that front, since Takota’s return to the caravan he’s been helping with making these horses usable, he seems to have made the most progress. Something he kind of rubs in by riding one around everywhere he goes now.

Ryo has managed to reach Jamsa and broker the deals to buy armor from them, though he’s now on the return trip to the caravan. ((Too lazy to skip this this week, but you should still specify how many of the things you’re buying off mezzy with the prices listed last time))



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