Sam’s section sure is busy for him not even being here

You know if you keep expanding that scholarship program any further you might as well just sink the cost of making it public.

While we can work to minimize our footprint on the coast it will do nothing terribly useful. In particular because the coastline itself is what draws them, we just happen to be visible snacks along it at that point.

Sakki and his drow…companions have arrived at Okushiri in time for their debau- lets call it festivities. Tomi or “The Manhunter” oOooOoO spooky, is headed out into the woods to try and abduct some orcs. Hopefully no other sudden political developments are made after sending out the order because someone was just too impatient to wait for more scouting information right? Since we might not be able to call him back this time.

In other news, Uudistar has found out a lot about the monsters. While it confirms they seek out mana as a form of sustenance due to their unnatural proportions and abilities, we’ve learned that this diet condenses them into having rather useful properties. For example some of them have very uniquely strong or mana conductive bones, hides, organs, and so on that can be utilized by some people with an interest in the craft. Not a great idea for industrial scale production -nor domestication given their temperament- however there may be good fortunes to find in taking down some of the nastier ones to bring home for study and production. I’ve posted a bounty list of gold to be paid out if they can be brought in. Reward is increased 50% if they’re brought back to me alive. Since I am doing this as a private affair of my own finances, that means even our oh so wise king stands to profit from it by potentially misappropriating military resources. Along with our allies.

((Format: red circle is still power, green is gold reward, blue is mana reward))

Eamon is traveling and Gideon has found a city by a mana lake to the east along the border between the badlands and the north. It is a fair sized populace and definitely not as primitive as the last one, likely due to their motive to live by a mana lake. More details pending if you want him to explore it or not. Also that mana hiding artifact has been delivered to us from Eamon’s army, he sent a courier so he could get on the road to the south quicker. It’s a blue rock about the size of a person, it weighs quite a bit.

As for your merchant, you’re looking at her. I own more of your city then you do whelp – I mean your majesty. If you need me too often I might find you some street vendor instead, but I’ll handle Faelyn and the drow for you at least. I’m interested to meet the both of them, and my lab grows tedious.

I’m four hundred years old, if you count the sleep before the tomb, I’m probably a few thousand.  I suppose Heseli never gave you much information on me or why I keep being mentioned and my existence remains a constant reminder. Of the nobility I am the most powerful, the only reason I’m not queen is I don’t care to deal with people and their stupid problems all day. I spend most of my time in the lab. If you need to know how good my family is with money, you’ll notice my name is on the university. My family founded the original one as a charity project to the kingdom. However, my family did not reject the deal before the long slumber so I wasn’t beheaded by commoners. I rebuilt my fortune from scratch upon waking up and am already the richest individual in Nalkas. Obviously the government has more money then me but that doesn’t count.  I used to run the academy before your time, before Heseli’s as well. Like I said, I got tired of dealing with people and their stupid problems. Don’t worry about my safety though, I’m a rival for Winter, let alone the rest of you maggots.

Faelyn’s people haven’t arrived yet, so after this meeting I’m headed off to meet with the drow as requested. Bit of travel time regarding that, maybe I’ll find Faelyn’s people out there and meet them halfway. Might take me a bit of time, but I’ll get Ghuan into your suburb as you desire. They are arcanists like ourselves, and I have tech the government doesn’t. They might be comparable to the nalkas in enchanting, but not me.

Greetings keeper! It is a somber day for the Oda people to see you locked away in your room. Are you ill? Shall I fetch you some tea?

Well good news in the meantime. The tournament has gone quite well. Managing to put on an interesting show for our merchant friends from the southern coast. Unexpectedly, Sakki returned bringing these darker elves with him to participate. This has worked to our favor and further impressed our new friends with all our diversity. Members of Nalkas, Katara, and these strange dark elves all meeting here. The results of the tournament itself may have been different if everyone’s best had been able to make it, on account of the call to war. Though hail to the champion, Motsqueh remains an arena champion just as he was before on the island by defeating Sakki in the grand finals.

That being said, Motsqueh, Kaze, and Inaba remain on standby. We can’t send them to respond to the call to arms against the orcs without your express command. Though currently only Inaba has any forces to speak of.

We have established some basic trading route with our coastal friends at least, so profits are up.

Ocunnohaka seems to have found the city of Maji that the Nalkas told us of. It is colossal, the largest city we’ve ever seen. True to the rumors and legends, it is a technological marvel of a city. Outclassing even the Nalkas-

Bullshit. You have no comprehension of the technology the nalkas have, before my creations you are but an insect unable to comprehend it. You might see it every day and never know what it even is, yet your island caveman tells you they’re more advanced then me? You are too easily duped – how fitting for a nation of people who only talk. The savage would think anything with pretty lights was ‘advanced’ just like the rest of you buffoons. I literally add light enchantments to things because idiots like you will buy anything that glows.

How did she get in – isn’t she up north? Where did she go…who was that? Man she’s mean, anyways, the city of Maji is huge. It seems it is because it is made up of multiple citadels owned by various governments, interconnected by a central area owned by the king of the badlands, as detailed in the nalkas report. Sieging this place would be near impossible, they are built on top of their food sources and it is several separate fortresses touching one another, to take one would leave the others still standing. To provoke all of them at once would be a wrath like no other. At least if you did so all at the same time.

Iwanagi has made port at the city of Cayetano, the capital of our southern trading friends. Their nation appears to be quite prosperous along the coast line, run by a theocracy known as the Church of Light. Their greatest champions are of the divinely empowered variety, though perhaps its a nice change of pace to meet such a people not empowered by demons and dark spirits. *cough*.

They are naval specialists and keep mostly to the coastal areas, though don’t underestimate their zealous infantry. Reportedly Iwanagi found their kingdom to be of great economic wealth, and they’ve mentioned to him that before encountering us they had trade routes to another empire further east of themselves along the coast as well as an island to the west out at sea.

Marilena is marching to Wynolwind now and Christina is on her way back as commanded. Sarkisa can now protect itself from the monsters, especially with the lull in their activity brought on by the archdruid. However, now there are roaming orcs so maybe not.

As for the siege, so far no real progress. As mentioned before it will be a very long affair as we aren’t actually starving them for food but for profit until they find it to be not worth maintaining if they can’t acquire goods from our forest to sell in the Badlands.

Also some genius researched monster bounties and now some mechanic has appeared that can really screw with us if not dealt with, thanks someone.




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