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Stories of Lore 7

Well the first bit of interest this week is that Ansa reached the drow city to begin negotiations. She also told Eilsath to be wary of people who were pursuing her. Resulting in them killing the first contact of Faelyn’s scouts, and I guess buying herself a bit more time to do her work to hopefully move Ghuan to Uudistar.

Sakki and his merry band made it to Sybaris and are just hanging out around there. This has proven of interest to his Eilsath companions because typically they’ve only known arcane and warlock styles of magic. They’ve never seen the kind of witchcraft that the coven utilizes, just wait until they meet a druid. Gonna blow their minds. They’re currently touring around Sybaris for a little while.

Gideon reached the coast after having followed the northern border for so long. A location between two major lands with access to the ocean of course has a settlement on it. Not as large as I might have expected but then again I guess not enough people wandered up there, and it isn’t as if these are the two best lands to be situated between.

So far the interactions between Ki and magic that we’re studying among the monks seems to be fairly minimal. The most we’ve figured to do with it are technically¬† mixing two separate techniques to do one thing instead of actually having any sort of hybrid casting.

Greetings keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people.

Maji seems relatively interested in trade, their empire is based on a more sophisticated economy then we are over here. Though the reputation of the places danger is well deserved, Ocunnohaka describes a few close escapes from local bandits. The badlands thrive on trade but also on advanced forms of banditry. May wish to send someone a bit more familiar with economy then Occunohaka. With a larger escort.

Everybody be scoutin, see map for updates on that. The warships have been constructed and added to Chinami’s forces.

Nina and Rhea managed to take down some weird snake thing in the forest that was of interest to Ansa. Marilena, Areti, and Euterna managed to kill whatever the hell that tree creature was though at shockingly high cost. About eighty units died off.


Meanwhile, the orcs have made it to Wynolwind and begun the assault. Things over there are a bit crazy right now. The summary of it is that the orcs chased the archdruid’s forces towards the walls of Wynolwind, which responded with siege weapons, and now everything is on fire.


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