Stuff being done

I wonder if Gideon will even remember how to live in a civilized environment by the time he gets back from this walk. Anyways I had him start moving south along the coast to see what shape our world is. Let’s see how far he gets before the Oda catch up to him, maybe he can catch a ride back home with them.

We have sent a wagon full of gold to the Katara as ordered and Uudistar has begun making room around the northern side in preparation for the Ghuan to show up and the twenty soldiers have been sent to Essi.

On that end, Ansa has worked out deals with the drow enough to get things moving. Offering the Ghuan a place to stay and the Eilsath ways to reinforce their position and hold over the main city. She has acted somewhat hastily to beat Faelyn’s people from beating us to the punch, and strife is beginning to consume the underworld city.

Faelyn’s agents have also just found the drow and consequently Ansa who has begun “diplomacy” with them.

Also Sakki has begun to take his new friends southeast towards the war since they finished around Sybaris and have a lack of standing orders…and you know Sakki. Speaking of which, Eamon has officially arrived at Wynolwind. Place your bets now on whether or not he survives.


Greetings keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people. As for Pulauli we are not currently trading with them, we have merely discovered their position on the map thanks to our friends in Cayetano. We still have yet to establish actual contact with them. Speaking of a merchant who is good at econ stuff, you do have Hamano now, and you did just send him and Kaze to visit Pulauli.

The scout ships continue to sail, though unfortunately one of the two moving northward has been destroyed by sea monsters it could not escape from. We have added another ship to the navy and as far as I’m aware the Nalkas are done researching the artifact or at the very least have hit a standstill on whatever else they can discover from it.

Iwanagi and Ocunnohaka continue on their journey, not much interesting from them this week.


Rhea  and Nina continue to travel. In the meantime-



The new blackguard to go with the 500 troops headed out to meet up with Marilena is Pelagia Maniade. She’s a bit…flashy I suppose. As with Nina she draws her power from Orias, though is a bit more quiet and serious by comparison. Very straightforward and focused on her given task at hand, a little less mad with power. Though, notably she is not quite the combatant that Nina is and they pull about even in command.

She is taking the new army down to meet up with Marilena.


Now that we have that out of the way, the battle at Wynolwind has managed to get continually out of control. Two of the orc commanders have broken away from the main group and are moving north, one of which found Marilena’s forces. Her army was still reduced after fighting the monster, once the orc came upon them the remains of the force were wiped out. Marilena, Areti, and Euterna managed to escape with their lives but the soldiers are definitely gone. Both the commander that found them and the other moving northward are on course to find Ankanthi soon.

The orcish warchief has positioned to assault Wynolwind with his own force now, it is larger then all the other commander’s combined. As it stands it is all that can be done to hold him at bay. He has sustained heavy casualties fighting the Archdruid but his numbers are still seemingly too vast.

Neyth and Ailduin’s forces have been devastated in the battle and we still can’t get a headcount on what the Archdruid herself has due to the nature of her army being composed mostly of monsters and the like.

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