With horn and drums

Stories of Lore 16


So we offered the book to Eliana for information about the dragonborn and specifically the old dragon shaman cult that Vasia wanted to look into. She spent about three hours reading the book…which I remind you is filled with boring tax records and information, and then decided to tell us what we wanted.

For all the build up of finding the remains of a dead civilization to point the way towards dragonborn, she just drew it on the map instead. According to her after the dark years they became a fallen empire and stopped being so nomadic once resources became too scarce to justify it.  They live near a river in the forests north of Cayetano, a place called Kirillobatov. She also mentioned they were a bit reclusive and liked to keep to themselves, so be prepared for difficulty in diplomacy. They once tried to expand but were crushed by the orcs until they were pushed back into their capital where they have since lived. They have also gotten into fights with Cayetano.

Iraeka and company are on their way to Okushiri and riding hard about it. We have also learned today that Iraeka is not good with horses, it was quite amusing.


Greetings keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people. Iwanagi set up a trade route with the islanders he encountered, they seem quite happy to export their goods at least. Recruitment might be a bit more difficult however for similar reasons to the last villages Iwanagi encountered, this far out from our holdings makes their willingness to join us a bit smaller. We may need to start expanding our outpost collection to do such things.

Salahe has agreed to help the people of Haokim take sanctuary while the orc invasion is going on if they should wish to come by his place.

Quetzali said a second settlement isn’t necessarily a bad idea its just that a lot of her people have been traveling to Okushiri leaving quite a lot of open space within the city of Tonarooka. So it is unlikely for its population to be all that high unless people from the rest of our holdings start moving over. That being said that isn’t necessarily a hard sell given its a paradise island…I’m sure we can convince some fishers that moving out there isn’t such a bad idea. Especially after this whole orc business.

The inspection of the monastery does reveal a potential split in them already on the verge of occurring and Shime is clearly a major catalyst for it. Those who disagree with the use of the weaponry of the sohei due to it straying from their lifelong training of less violent solutions to their problems. Sohei are very talented at warfare, and the younger members seem to take a liking to its less spiritual and more direct path to violence. Though the elders tend to prefer Shime’s concept stating that it is in keeping with the teachings of harmony.

Konya traveled to meet with Kaylen and chat for a little bit. Currently they are staying with her as a guest.

Eliana arrived and promptly proceeded to eat at every street vendor we have as guided by Kaze. The Queen of Wolves also made an appearance and has integrated herself into the battle plans. Neither of them had any particular ideas for steering the orcs away from Okushiri, largely because our attempts to manipulate their movements thus far have repeatedly gone awry ever so slightly. The orcs are not entirely mindless, and the will of the warchief is definitely playing a role in their choice of actions.

Yamaoka reports that so far his findings don’t show anything necessarily extraordinary but the lakes he passes by in the north are consistently nice areas, he is continuing on to see what else he might find.

At least this week is a little easier…WITH NO REASON WHATSOEVER FOR ANSA TO VISIT. *checks over shoulder*

Anyways we gave fifty of the soldiers some horses and armor to create the whole cavalry thing. We used the ones in Sarkisa so they can study at the new training facility.

So the conversion from a blackguard facility to a proper knight training grounds cost us…2g. Had to make some new banners and put in some new furniture, though for the most part the building is still fine for the purpose of training armored people with sharpened metal sticks.

The anirace team might be more expensive though and I’ve had Irini look into the markets around there to see what to expect. While the team only needs to be able to field thirty the other girls wouldn’t be too bad to have around as support staff and B-string players. Not like it is safe for them to come home anyways. So registration as a formal team is actually free if you can present your team to the registration agency. There are actually a few independent teams just scrapped together who get mauled in the real games but keep signing up for fun and they just register the field right outside in Maji for simplicity.

The actual team itself however needs gear to play with any level of competitive possibility. As we learned before these games get a little crazy and you have to pick where you want your home field to be. So expense wise they need mounts, nine mile long field and all. You can just get war horses in the badlands and those are pretty good, and quite frequently used. Though the top of the line bike things the big teams used cost uh…a lot for one sports player. Irini got us some market prices which are over in the buy sheet. Keep in mind that teams are a total of thirty on the field, but this is a game where damage occurs. So backups aren’t the worst idea.

We sent a scout down to Cayetano to see what they might learn, we’ll hear back from that uh…who knows how long that voyage takes.

Ryo spotted some city along the river on his way south.

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