Cannons on their way here and there, we sold the five to Zahur.

Okay so the drow situation. Irakea is on the way back to Jamsa to prepare for deployment to the island. I’ve looked deeply into it, she’s about a mile out of town by now. She moves pretty quick.

Oh wait you meant the other ones. Faelyn hasn’t yet assumed direct control over anything but her influence over their city puts her in position equivalent to either house mostly due to her control of their economy. While we predicted Eilsath and Vaslochar would eventually go to war with each other over the city, she has stalled it by reintroducing a third element to the game.

Vaslochar is reluctant to leave their ancestral home they are the dominant power over, and Eilsath isn’t so sure about leaving behind the city just as their position began to solidify within it. It is likely that Faelyn is aware of this and actually intends to turn the city into an extension of her own influence rather then abduct any of them by assimilation. Becoming sort of the mutual higher authority to both houses, many of their common folk are quite willing to humor this since historically the nobles are dicks.


Greetings keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people. Iwanagi resumes his sailing adventures. We’ve also gotten everyone aboard the fleet to make the journey to the island, so the city is a little quieter with them all embarked.

Konya has also gotten a ride with the nalkas boats that are headed down towards Moncayo Pass so they will drop him off along with the Nalkas ambassadors once they all get there.

Also the reconstruction of the city is primarily complete. A few areas are still in disrepair but for the most part the monastery and the city are back up to normal. Though economically businesses are still resettling into place in the wake of the destruction.

As for your thoughts on the Sohei and Kineticists, it seems sensible enough to me.

Our colony on the island south of Tonarooka has halted its construction, the aquatic monsters there have managed to murder half of the construction team and force them to hide further in land.


Pretty simple week, everyone is going places and projects are still working to completion. I’ve had Alexandria reroute to avoid her murdering everyone just yet.


As for trade exports, well we do ship wood to the badlands as it were. Though that has been less lucrative then when we first started due to the siege of the mountain fort ending. Though they have to be somewhat confused over the matter. Other than that we lack for any unique resources though we do trade in the basic stuff here and there. Granted it has never been a specialty of ours due to our more isolated nature.

As a somewhat pressing matter, if we don’t find a quick solution we might have an economic collapse very soon.

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