Long Voyages

Our scouting force moving eastwards through the north found one of Alosne’s outposts. It is apparently the edge of their civilization’s eastern reaches and after that there are no roads anymore, we can expect to encounter some of the more violent northmen from there on out.

Ansa has figured out the magic beans. Basically they’re capable of growing into the mana tree we have seen in Tethalyn, so that wouldn’t be too bad. Though it will end up costing about twenty gold to plant the thing since the north is not so hospitable to it, meaning we’ll have to arrange some shenanigans in regards to getting it to grow.

Also you may want to specify what you want to do in regards to the elves regarding the last report on the matter.

Greetings keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people. Torogawa has finished its basic construction and the process of getting a nice stable city is well underway.


Iwanagi continues circling the island.

As for the elves, they’re generally a bit tentative about the alliance, thanks to the Katara as mentioned before. Also they haven’t responded yet about coming to the talks. For the most part we can assume their desires involve not having to fight for the time being given the state they are in. However, Konya has been careful about how to approach a certain topic. The Elves are aware of our naval strength after Neyth visited Okushiri, not to mention our involvement in the war. However, they do not fully understand the Nalkas and the advantages of being allied to them. Also the Nalkas emissaries that accompanied Konya are not the best when it comes to explaining such things to them. They also, along with most people, do not understand their own relationship to the Nalkas as their ancestors. So that could likely be leveraged depending on what angle you would wish to approach that. A gentle approach could be a good way to ease them into accepting the alliance, though perhaps if the Nalkas and Katara sent more aggressive diplomats assimilation might be more plausible.

Also definitely not to channeling Ki through bikes.

We’ve begun shipping towards the southern isles as you requested. Might be slow going with the distance and all.

Who is Vlad? Also you still didn’t name all the new villages. In other news, the Oda are requesting us to visit the elves in Lennecas to assist in diplomatic negotiations though the entire goal of which seems to vary. I surmise they’re looking for whatever exploitation they can get, whether an alliance or annexation. We could just go finish them off and enslave the elves to save their politicians the effort. I’m sure Alexandria wouldn’t mind a detour on her way back.

Speaking of which, she and her forces have started setting up camp in the forests outside of Moncayo pass, the Nalkas siege crews are arriving a little later so that will be underway by the next cycle.

Also Ivan has finally arrived after his rather long journey. It did not take long for him to be properly cared for…as in our agents to receive him were interrupted by every tavern keeper. Though all things considered he seems a bit of a solemn sort and while he hasn’t been isolating himself he is notably not invested in all the social interactions others are towards him. He spends most of his time since arriving inspecting the barracks and sparring with Petrina’s knights and Petrina herself.



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