Stories of Lore 22

What fleet? I suppose we could build a few boats if you want. Though on to other news. The Katara commander Ivan has taken up post at the northern outpost and Aato has been working with…him…there’s a new one, been working with him on trying to keep the construction teams safe. Obviously the first thing they got to work on was the walls. People are dead as usual. The strange undead appearances up there are extremely dangerous to our golems it would seem and obviously Aato’s magic is a bit iffy against them as well.

Iraeka remains in Okushiri, seemingly fully able to use her new limbs now. Still an edgelord though.

Mikael is somehow almost home already, we can expect to see him within the next cycle along with these golems. I’m quite interested to see what rogue golems can become on their own.


Greetings Keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people. On news of Maeng, it turns out that some of the Nalkas, or more so their slaves, have actually caught wind of Maeng some time in the past as he was passing through. After that he was also seen by the natives of Tonarooka, but he continued sailing south from there for destinations yet unknown. Though it might be worth asking the Katara since going by this trend he has stopped off everywhere along this coast at least briefly. We’ll find him yet!

In similar news, our hunter ship has broken off of Takei’s fleet to make way for Melun to see what they might know about the lake in the mountains that we might be looking for.

Well our trip to visiting Shime didn’t go that well. I wonder what happened to render that girl so quiet. She is usually much more animated, and didn’t have a tendency to lurk within walls nearly as much.

Kaze has arrived in Moncayo pass and is poking around for the mysteries of Kyobo. Apparently with fortunate timing as he found the next lead in meeting the dragon shamans of Kirillobatov who were passing through on their way to Sybaris. Apparently the next stop is to go further south.

Hamano, Yamaoka, and Konya are all en route to their destinations.


I told Ankathi its probably a no on assisting with the dragonborn thing then, she has opted to stick around and watch us attempt to do it without her. She seems a little too amused. Also our other problem child Alexandria is on her way north towards the border fort as requested.

Also our anirace game against Usian did not go…shall we say well. I think we lost 0 to 9. Though he is someone who came to power based on his popularity as an anirace star, and was the sponsor of last years champion team as well so I guess that thrashing was to be expected. Still got paid though.

Ivan has reached Jamsa’s gate stone and made his way to the island outpost to take command to relieve Commander Aato of the Nalkas. Reportedly the place is still quite dangerous and he’s already lost some of his units defending against night attacks. Most interesting is the report of more strangely horrifying and powerful undead, these seem to be the biggest problem. While the monsters are enough to deal with, the undead attack at such oddly opportune times with such force that responding to them causes openings for the monster assaults. Basically its rough up there.

Now for bad news. Remember how it was mentioned that the orcs real force was still on its way to assault the badlands? Well they still really like the flanking strategy and we have some new fucks approaching the gate of the forest. Notably though, they have some tieflings as commanders. Big ones…probably some sort of crossbreeding experiment. I’m not really sure what is going on with all that buuut…yeah we might have to deal with some shit soon.

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