Essi has made a few prototypes none of which seem very practical but at least all of which hurts single targets quite well. Not the most portable ideas so far though. At best maybe recruit some of the Oda as their fighting methods tend to do very well against singular opponents.

Aato’s army has incurred heavy losses while trying to clear out the island, though they have uncovered a mysterious underground labyrinth hidden in one of the mountains -more of a big hill really- on the east side of the island where the peculiar undead seem to be most concentrated. Though when I say labyrinth I mean completely insane massive underground super complex. The labyrinth is more of a pit that spirals down for so far no one can see the bottom, the walls move and rotate and gravity seems to go strange within there. This is some sort of massive super defensive structure that was designed to be impenetrable, fortunately all its occupants are too dead to fully utilize the place’s defenses. The real question is why does it exist? It is clearly pretty old. We’ll have to organize a proper excavation of the place, though it does seem that the undead are coming from within it. Iraeka managed to penetrate the deepest in, there is evidence of homes and perhaps a once great civilization. So its not entirely a fortification, a kingdom must have once lived there. That at least explains the size.

In discussing things with the badlands king in some sort of defensive alliance, he’s open to the prospect if you want to send an army to the badlands right now though more advanced terms of diplomacy are not currently available for review while Kaylen is busy. Since she would be the one to generally handle military alliances and affairs, but is currently trying to handle the orc incursion overall.

As for the resources needed to chase down Saeya Morgan, we’re going to need to put a bit more thought into this. We don’t fully understand the Eye as it were and all we know is just that it is very dangerous. To that end, we also don’t know if she is still there. A chance exists that Cayetano successfully captured her and took her back home with them. According to the golems killing her isn’t very simple as her power will find a way to pass on. Hillevi compared this to her notes from Lenahone and has a theory about some of the names. Her current hunch is that if the witch is killed, the primordial essence transfers to someone else in some way we don’t really have any guesses on. Though its her explanation for why some of the names don’t have Morgan in them. Which means the third possibility exists that Cayetano killed her and now the essence of the Fire transitioned to someone else that we have to find. So in summary, we either need to scout the eye, cayetano, or…everywhere I suppose. It might be worth preparing another expedition to reach the eye with the sole purpose of returning from its waters just to figure out what dangers are actually there and what we need to send to actually land on it. Though if we could set up another colony there, might be worth some good mana.


Greetings keeper, it is a glorious day for the Oda people! As for communicating with the dragon, it doesn’t seem terribly amused at being asked to spell things. Dragon pride maybe, though it ate the paper we tried it with. All things considered a fairly mild response at least.

Iwanagi made it around the bounty critter and to the city of Alasl Amina. Though they are very suspicious and wary of him, possibly related to the fact that they were also just recently visited by the nalkas. I suspect they aren’t used to so many visitors from far away land. He’s wearing them down though.

Kaze and the team continue their search through the forests. So far there is evidence that they’re on the right track though its a big forest and their search efforts seem to be a bit unlucky.

We’ve begun the construction of Chiheisen in the southern isles. Takei remains on guard over it, so far the monster population of the island does seem a bit abundant and prone to trying to bite.

We’ve attempted mounting the monks, the Kensei actually show some decent promise with the idea. Though without Yuzuki no one’s sure how to design a longer weapon more suited to mounted combat for them to use. Little hit or miss, but they’re not inept at riding or using polearms at least.

Eliana doesn’t appear to have much on ki arts that we didn’t already know. Though she does have more details on some of the ones we do. In the hunt for Kyobo, she is aware that the practice of what she calls ‘angry punching’ carried on for some while after the dying night as a clan of them were able to survive a bit longer. It appears the clan died out two centuries ago when they got into an argument with the druids. However, as usual, Eliana doesn’t have much information on current events.


Perhaps we were a bit jumpy based on past experiences though the orcs seemed to have turned north and gone between the mountains and Namanru. Sticking to their general plan to avoid the major cities even at risk of being flanked in favor of not having to fight the actual fortified locations directly. Alexandria seems annoyed at the lack of fighting at the gate just a little.

We also have some reports that the orcs have more waves incoming from the east, where the first two came from and the initial force is largely a shock deployment. Apparently, Euthar’s forces are not far behind either with siege weapons that are less likely to dance around the cities like the current orcs are. So that whole thing going on over there is bound to be fun.

In other news, the market is shutting down for now due to the incursion of the orcs and with Kaylen putting the badlands under martial law. Which is a bit unusual given they are not the most unified front generally speaking but I guess when a huge army of orcs shows up they are a bit more willing to tag team things. Given that Faelyn’s army has started moving into the heart of the badlands from the north to rally with Kaylen along with Salahe’s marauders I can only imagine the political clusterfuck that must have gone down to pull that off for them.


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