Sent more people to the island to help Aato, the ongoing exploration of the labyrinth’s outer perimeter has been slow. Due to the rotating nature of the place we technically didn’t lose too many lives so much as we literally lost them. Hopefully the turn back up eventually. Though we are fairly certain the undead are originating from this place. Aato is fairly certain they were once guardians of the fortified location but a few keep slipping out now and then. Though once you go in there they are in his own words, “fucking everywhere.”

Our golem guest has been restored to Ansa’s idea of correct. Now we can’t tell them apart from anyone else without close inspection. Thus proving that Ansa can do it at the least. As a slight side effect, we have no idea where the golem girl went. Ansa calls it a ‘test run’ to see how long they can go without being discovered. I call it an omen.

Though we’ve also come up with some upgrades to our existing golems to improve their efficiency overall at least. So the mines are going well.

Greetings keeper, It is a glorious day for the Oda people! Iwanagi’s efforts to establish trade relations are going well, turns out people who are paranoid of leaving their own fort have a lot of stuff they want and they’re warming up to him as it were.


Unfortunately I cannot ask Kaylen about the mounted monks since she has returned to the badlands and is in an active war at the moment.

Built the ship though, and Kaze has found another lead though its taking him off deeper into the forests.

Alexandria’s forces are headed east towards the plains the orcs supposedly came from. Nyssa is also moving in that direction Albeit a bit blindly.

Ryo and the people of kirillobatov have arrived in Sybaris, while we do have a lot of unused space around here that was still…quite the influx. They are currently settling in around here.

Ankathi and I have started conducting rituals to create dragonborn, of particular note would be myself and Petrina who are some of the first test subjects. I feel funny, that is the extent of my observations so far. Though Ankathi had kind of left me to figure it out on my own as she’s taken off onto some other adventure now. I may need to hire someone to sweep up the coven temple, this place is huge.


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