This has been a bumpy month for updates

So in regards to SkullCon, I feel like we kind of walked into this one. The most proficient necromancer-warrior is Hillevi. She’s been around the world, fought tons of monsters, hung out with other combat orientated mages, and is thus the most experienced and prolific combat necromancer. Essi would be the most advanced, but she doesn’t really leave her tower much and all her battlefield exploits involves just hurling things from really far away or commanding other people to do stuff for her. Though we could describe this tournament as “Hillevi styles on people for three hours”. She is not quite martially talented in terms of using conventional weaponry…but everyone who could hold a sword lost to her. Though I think Mikael loaned her some enchanted gear. That’s the thing with five man bands, you can never trust any of them to be fighting alone.

Moving along, everyone is headed to Maji, travel time. Whee.

With our forces pulling back from the igloo up north Aato composed a risk analysis of its defenses and its likely to be fine for now unless any startling developments should occur. Given the zombie problem that Ivan fellow is the best suited to dealing with the situation as he doesn’t rely on magic so they don’t suck his damned soul out. Katara also not so big on the magic.

I’ve sent some of our manifester graduates towards the badlands. Good news is they’ll be there soon. Bad news is, i’m not entirely sure if the stone or the road is faster given the sheer number of people and things we need to send through. Just been watching batches go through and it feels like its taking forever. This also puts a bit of a choke on our offer of refuge to the civilians since the stone is a bit occupied spitting out soldiers all day and night.

In other news, the golem experiments have gone well for Ansa and now we need to somehow get her to the golem city to help fix them up. While its not too big an issue as she owns her own ship, she’s definitely not going on her own given the high rate of crazy sea monsters along the way. The other quirk though is that no one else can look after the dragon in her lair if she’s away for that long. So…looking for solutions to that one still.


Greetings keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people. Iwanagi is on his way back as ordered and the outpost construction is still underway.


Kaze has gone missing south of moncayo pass and we have no real idea what happened given he was exploring new territory at the time, not to mention the pass itself is understaffed as its commander has been deployed to the east to see about where all these orcs are coming from.

In reports from the construction of the Chiheisen outpost, several of the warriors we sent with Takei have fallen prey to the monsters of the island. The outpost should be complete soon though it will definitely need more land reinforcements to deal with the general problem.


Alexandria and Nyssa are still on their way towards the plains that we’ve been told is somewhere vaguely in that direction and where the orcs tend to come from. So whee, travel times.


The dragonborn experiments are going well. Notably our test subjects display enhanced physical capabilities upon completing the ritual, provided a few days time to recover as the ritual is both exhausting and surprisingly painful. Petrina has been my main subject for seeing how much it might enhance our warriors capabilities, while she is notably much stronger than before it still seems quite a gap between her and Areti.

Judging by the data this…doesn’t make sense. Areti is at bare minimum third generation if not further, and we just created a first generation in our current test subjects. So it seems odd that Petrina still cannot match Areti’s raw physical strength or at least what we believe Areti’s strength to be capable of. Notably this was a woman who lived outside the walls as a hermit for decades and most of our reports on her are pretty much myths so that might skew the data.

I’m debating if we should send someone to go find Areti for experimental purposes and maybe to ask what her workout routine is.

On a related note, given that the dragons captured where of the primordial chaos a lot of the basic magic that can be performed with draconic magic seems to have quite a lot of similarities to our old witchcraft routes. Though it starts at a fundamentally different technique which results in me having to reverse engineer the entire spell and figure it out from there.

So far I figured out how to make a light source annnd that’s about it. So that’s going a bit rougher overall.


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