Sam makin me math

The situation at Maji involves a whole lot of staring so far. The orc forces are holding out of range of artillery scale weapons and mages from the walls, as assaulting the three citadels is slightly insane, though they are surrounding the place and apparently considering siege tactics. I don’t think they know we put a gate stone in there awhile ago. This may be a good time for some war profiteering. Though the forces within Maji are not in a hurry to sally out into the orcs either so thats sort of an ongoing battle of resources. The badlands do not favor anyone in a siege but the gatestone definitely lends Maji the advantage. However, this is the first display of military tactics we’ve really seen by the orcs other than seek and destroy so we’re not really sure what they’re up to. Though they have made a statement of offering to just leave if the city turns over the king. Again, less effective than they might think because the cowering civilian populace is…no longer there. We’ve been sending some to Sybaris since they have all that empty space still.

Also if you’re going in Ansa that will wind up leaving me in charge for the entirety of your trip as relaying reports and orders to you while you are at sea might prove somewhat difficult.

As for the experiments with dragons blood, we are able to use it to turn mana into draconic mana which is just less useful for everyday use and not exactly any more potent. We’re experimenting if it can be used to power any peculiar devices at the moment. Particularly cannons and golems. It had no affect on the jade cube of mysteries, as for using it to enchant things that is technically successful. We already know you can use dragonblood to create dragonbane weapons, though the one other thing we’ve managed to make is a sharpened metal object for hitting things and I think an actual dragonborn has to be the one to use it judging by its latent mana and active enchantments but lack of reaction to anyone messing with it. Though there might be other uses for it yet, as that pokey stick has some odd choices of runes in it.

While they weren’t able to get us a map, the king was able to tell us what they know about the southeastern plains. It is unmapped because no one goes there due to the orcs as it were. Though the plains used to be part of the forest until the orcs cut all the trees down, the orcish tribes in particular are somewhat nomadic as a result of their own ecological destruction. It is known that there are a variety of demonic influences in the area due to Euthar meddling with it all.

In regards to the mega city plan, thats…going to be a bit more construction. But we’re working on it. The main issue at present is the amount of space between each location is larger than we have anything to fill it with. It would be constructing a bunch of empty city and basically paying to turn the area into a Sybaris type of place. For starters though, we’re just working on the wall. Because monsters.



Greetings keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people. I’ve done the paperwork to prepare and send out the various ships and men as requested.


The Sohei are on their way to track down Kaze and the Kensei are off to reinforce the outpost. Fortunately with the speed of the hunter ship they should arrive fairly fast. As to other matters, Shime seems to be doing alright…ish. She is still a bit withdrawn though she has returned to her active training and teaching…well teaching the best she can when no one can understand her.


Well as it happens, Areti is easy to get a message to because she’s at Maji right now alongside all the nalkas. She’s currently helping Faelyn fight the orcs. I told her about the recent revolution of the dragonborn here in Sybaris and her overall response can be summarized as “seriously? -.-” given she’s been living in hiding over the matter for fourty years or so. Probably doesn’t help her ability to comprehend it that Ankathi is the one who is helping do it. I don’t think she fully realizes Ankathi’s role in all this. Then again, very few understand Ankathi.

As for the former coven witches, about thirty eight are still around. Technically closer to fifty if you count the ones that follow Ankathi these days since they’re here at her manor at the moment. I made an effort to see how many I could get to come back and only got twenty two of them, the other eight are a bit wary these days especially given that Alexandria is still lurking around out there somewhere.

Also for the record, we actually sent settlers to the gate before if you don’t remember. We just forgot to send guards with them so they got eaten in the forest by the monsters.


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