Orcs and things

Stories of Lore 24


Dearest king,

I remain here at my station as you ordered. Though it pains my heart to do so. Perhaps the weight of responsibility of this throne strikes me too deeply, to see what you have dealt with all this time. One cannot know what they truely have until it is gone. Only in your absence can I finally confront my truest feelings. I always thought it merely a deep respect, but only now that miles of ocean keep us apart do I hear the echoes of my soul. I wish I had told you before, but ever since the day we met I felt something special. If only I could have told you, that I love you.

Nah I’m just fucking with you, and I figured you’re still single enough that an old timey love letter would be the most action you got all year. Kind of sad considering you’ve always got a bone to spare. I now realize your job is really easy and I do most of the work around here though. I want a raise.

In the meantime, sent the toys down to Sybaris for Vasia to look over. Also in regards to filling the city, just bring the fucking golems back and stick them in it. Though as for the rest of the space, maybe we capture some orcs, or convince some maji residents to chill up here with us. Get it? I’m not sure if puns translate well in letter format.

Also we improved the golem mine designs a lil bit with help from studying that Sakina golem thing. Have fun on your stupid trip.

-Your dearest beloved
Heseli Toivonen



Greetings keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people! The outpost in the southern isles has finished its major construction. So things have stabilized down there, now its time to get to exploring the island I imagine. Navy is headed out to catch Iwanagi and bring him the rest of the way home.

Also for once we don’t need to send Katara this week for some reason, which seems strange and worries me.

That’s all I’ve got this week. Want to play some chess?



Harr harr, you can’t fire me because if you do that means by the laws of Katara heritage – Ankathi becomes your new advisor. Also I’m the one that tends the dragon…s… The nalkas dropped theirs off here for a little while.


Alexandria found the moving orc tribe camp thing…its not really a city or anything. Its a bunch of green people with tents. They had no walls to siege so she just shot cannons at them until all of her army died to the orc waves. BUT OF COURSE SHE LIVED. Look she has no forces and is on her way to moncayo pass. I want to hope she gets eaten by a monster but I think monsters are afraid of her, also she has no mana to attract them to her. I’m just saying, if for some reason Ankathi needed to visit the pass there might be some things that happen that we can’t be held responsible for as she is technically not employed by us anymore.

As for the northern outpost, economically its doing pretty well. As for the monsters, not even close. The Nalkas pulled out to help in the badlands and only Ivan is left up there and he can only hold the walls and even that is proving difficult. Another few dozen people died recently. We’ll need to wait for the orc thing to settle down to see what this labyrinth they found really is, as most of the problems seem to be coming from there. Rena, Irini, and Petrina aren’t doing much at the moment though so we could send them up there to join him.

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