Bad timing or good planning?

Dear King
It may be of relevant information for you to know that Alosne has launched an attack on one of Faelyn’s outposts during the orcish siege while most of Faelyn’s army is not only missing but sort of stuck in Maji due to the siege.  Judging by the size of the army they intend to continue through to attack Lieksä itself while she is away.

We don’t have many eyes in the city to figure out everything going on there. Though at the same time as this happening, the northern tribes have grown a bit excitable as well and the barbarians are roaming around causing trouble as well. One tribe even attacked the drow and another attacked our Ruuhma outpost… successfully. Their sudden simultaneous activity seems suspicious to me. It’s almost as if they know every big hitter in the north is currently preoccupied.

We have a request from Iraeka to return from the siege of Maji to visit her old home to check on whats going on with her people. Hastily scribbled in the post-script was a similar request from Kaila. Notably…Iraeka is a drow whose home has come under attack. Kaila is a northerner whose team just took one of our outposts in a surprise attack. I’m a little wary of that one as per Illka’s advice.

I’m moving our available forces to deal with Ruuhma at the moment, at the very least prevent them from pushing in any further. Until Aato gets back though I’m not sure how well that will go if the group that attacked the drow city also comes up to reinforce the ones attacking us.

Someone is definitely keeping an eye on things for them. Though Alosne and the tribes have been at war with each other for the longest time, I’m not sure why they simultaneously decided to launch offensives and not against each other. While I’m inclined to say one of our northern slaves might be at fault, it doesn’t explain the Alosne side of things. Aggression also doesn’t fit Sakae. When I visited he seemed a bit too timid and more concerned with staying at home and not letting things fall apart. Though all of us being away from the capital definitely made them bold.

Assuming the worst case scenario for a moment here, if Euthar is behind it then that means this was intentionally tied to the orcish siege. If we recall Aato and the rest of our forces that won’t be good for Maji given the manpower our manifesters represent. If we don’t, then its bad news for us more directly. Whatever keeps them informed will certainly know that Uudistar is very important and its not too far from the outpost. Though if they don’t know that place is important and instead proceed north to the village we once conquered instead, we’ll know whatever is at play here isn’t that bright.

Assuming hanlon’s razor holds up and its just opportunism, than the orcs might not know if we actually pull back Aato to deal with this which would be the easiest and obvious play. Perhaps too obvious.


Greetings Keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people. As for the drunken master search, well the trail we were on was last spotted in Sybaris before continuing. You never actually ordered the fleet to keep searching southward for him. For my best I would say that the next stop would be Obera, as the other cities between us would be too newly constructed given the time the rumors said he was passing by. Unless he went through the river, we know all his travels involve a boat, and instead went to the elven city, in which case he would have wound up in Tethalyn. Not that we can find any clues there given its somewhat violent change of owners, but following the pattern we could look around Lennecas.

On a related note we still never sent anyone to look for the village in the mountain by a lake as it was referred to. I think you planned to have Kaze loop up that way after he was done with the current assignment. Though judging by the other two, finding monk legends around the world isn’t exactly a milk run.

We’ve established the embassy in Cayetano, which has allowed us to keep better tabs on what is going on around there. As it turns out they’re not up to very much with the whole war in the badlands going on. Their plan seems to be trying to lay low and avoid any major conflicts though they’re particularly worried about the sudden mass exodus of Kirillobatov as they had no explanation for why an entire city just picked up and walked off into the northern forest. They seem somewhat concerned that druids may be involved, which they apparently have never gotten along well with.

Also now that the island outpost is complete, our trade route has started seeing a nice increase in profits by utilizing the outpost to go between some of the coastal areas around the island. Takei went further inland to check around and found some peculiar stone ruins but nothing horrible happened in there so as far as he can tell its just peculiar for the sake of being so.

Our last southern scout boat was lost at sea as well. Though at least a good portion of the southern isles were mapped for the effort. Iwanagi has rejoined the fleet and they’re on their way back to Okushiri so he should be safe for the rest of the trip.


I sent them up to help guard the outpost. In other news one of our outposts has come under attack by the orcs in the badlands. A group of three commanders moved northward after destroying one of the badlands outposts to the south of ours and probably just assumed the badlands also owned that one. So…that got wiped out kind of quickly.

Nyssa has been continuing her journey to the east in search of Euthar as Alexandria told her to. So far she’s come across some strange swamp village. The notably strange feature is that it has a very small population. Like…so small that I don’t know how monsters haven’t eaten them out of existence already. But there was no signs of battle damage around the village either. Nyssa reports getting the heeby jeebies or something around there too and continued on past it for now.

Also while you’re assigning some of our less occupied agents to various things, Ryo and Christina are just hanging around Sybaris too.

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