Iwanagi returns, Oda suddenly has a lot of bright ideas.


Dear king man,

Raised the soldiers and sent Mikael to Ruuhma alongside the rest of the remains of our defensive force. They’ll get there next cycle.

Also we don’t have enough gate stones to deep strike into every city right now, maybe if we pull one of them back from operations we can do that one at a time. Like we did with the island.

Currently just a lot of people traveling around. Also to clarify, Kaila has permission to max out her mana credit in taking back Ruuhma right?


Alright we’ve arrived. You got any talking points we should bring up with the queen or should I just leave you on the boat oh wise one? I’m sure they’ll be excited to meet a bag of bones who has never invented anything that decided to tag along with their creator though. Not like you’ll be second fiddle or anything nope, all good.

Also did you know that if a lich goes on a weeks long boat voyage they start to smell? Next time we take ships with individual cabins.



Greetings Keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people. The fleet has returned home with Iwanagi, who seems vaguely confused as to the new layout of the city. As he was not here during the orc invasion nor reconstruction. I found this slightly amusing.

We’ve sent a ship southward to pursue the hunt for the drunken master as ordered and deployed Hamano as well. Hopefully next cycle we will have results from the Kensei we sent to look for whatever became of Kaze as well.

In other news the temple has finally made progress on that whole ‘monks with guns’ thing you wanted them to work on. Notably two schools of thought came from the practice, one with the idea of working alongside militaries, and one was some guy just showing off and trying to do flippy tricks at the start. They’re not so good in groups but individually they’re fairly overwhelming in their abilities since they still have the physical capbilities of a monk, now with bullets.

The docks also came up with a unique idea, though it may require a more powerful magical catalyst than the good wood if we can find one. They came up with the idea to produce a mobile docking outpost that is also a ship to further extend the power of our naval influence and trade routes.

Over in Haven the first Oda druid seems to have come about alongside training with the kineticists. They’re not quite as powerful as some of the ones from the Aywin elves let alone the Queen’s sanctuary but they’re just getting started out. At least they’ve finally made some progress into figuring out the path of druidism.


So the dragon coven is going well for the most part. One girl lost an arm and two others died but that’s more or less what you expect when delving into witchcraft, whether it be dark or draconic. Though one girl stands out, she isn’t katara born she came from kirillobatov as one of their shamans but enlisted in the coven to help us out. She can talk to the dragon. In its juvenile state it didn’t exactly have any gems of wisdom. Though we did figure out it likes fish. Also I made a spell that lets me throw dragonfire around, so that’s fun.

In similar note, we tested out the dragonblood sword that the nalkas sent down here. It seems to greatly increase the basic features of a dragonborn, most notably their strength and endurance. We could just hand it off to the first notable graduate around here or send it north to Petrina as some suggestions. I still have my witchblade so I’ve no need for it. Also I don’t exactly get sent on away missions anyways.

Alexandria is holding at the gate as commanded.

The outpost still sucks and another dozen or two soldier deployments have died holding the place.

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