Eek an orc


Stories of Lore 25


Dear King:

Yeaaah you’re going to want to get your ass back here. So the attack on Ruuhma didn’t go well for the defense force as Kaila brutally murdered all of it once it was trapped between her manifestation ability and the northerners at Ruuhma. Only Mikael, Hillevi, and a handful of their soldiers survived. Nalky is dead too. On the upside, the fight went on long enough to dent the northern army holed up in the outpost so they aren’t likely to push on any time soon. Though now they have one of our two best manifesters so increase any army number they have by about five hundred…minimum.

Atop of that the scouts who went to the drow undercity have found that the Vaslochar were able to successfully repel the invaders since…its the undercity and they’re drow with demons. So it would be safe to send Iraeka to visit…though technically her own family are in Maji with her as they work for Faelyn now. Aato raises some concerns that he’s not comfortable with the Vaslochar being all alone down there though given the whole tunnel thing and that some demon king wants us eradicated.

Because of which I am hesitant to meet Mikael’s request for myself to head out and deal with the Ruuhma problem as that would leave Jämsä completely undefended. Seriously, I’m the only thing here of note.

Other than that, the super city walls are halfway to completion so that’s…nice. but now there is no defense force to protect construction teams on that.

Scouts from the igloo report sightings of a fleet moving in from the east and sailing west towards the northern coast. It’s suddenly mighty convenient our outpost is on the northside and out of sight due to a hill, as it was a very angry looking fleet. So if you don’t recall, Hellengdom is reported to be in that direction. Which means the fleet likely belongs to the Skjöldal we learned about earlier thanks to Iraeka. No idea where they’re going or what they’re planning. It’s a big fleet though, and judging by Ivan’s report, it doesn’t really look naval. There’s a lack of things like cannons and dreadnoughts but a lot of ships that look like they carry a lot of people. So we can expect its about to deposit an invasion force somewhere. They appear to be headed for Alosne’s territory though, maybe…hopefully.


Greetings Keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people. If we ignore the orcs attacking and destroying out trade outpost to the badlands at Akunato. It seems they’re just circling Maji attacking anything they can that is less defended than the citadels themselves.

The reinforcements for the outpost among the southern isles has finally arrived and allowed Takei to venture a little further into the island to see what else might be around there. He found the ruins of some ancient city or another but nothing too spectacular.

On the other hand, Kaze was found at Moncayo Pass by the scout teams before they even entered into the southern forest. Though he was badly wounded, and mentions that he found the remnants of Kyobo in the form of a man he called Victor De Noia.

Judging by the name he originates from Cayetano and rediscovered the art of utilizing Kyobo, in a style he calls Yoshanai. Kaze’s encounter with him can be summarized as: Victor beat up everyone for his own amusement. After killing the kensei that were escorting Kaze he managed to defeat Kaze quite handily though Kaze was able to escape alive and recovered thanks to help of some of the southern druids.

While the encounter was brief, so Kaze only can tell us so much about this strange man, we do at least know that the art does exist and is definitely wielded by the more unscrupulous sort. Kaze described Victor as having a desire to fight everything he could for no practical reason other than he liked fighting people. Which is likely why he lives in the wild, to hunt down monsters. His abilities were quite similar to that of a monks but he definitely had some strange techniques, though Kaze couldn’t tell you what the differences were since he is not a monk himself.

Also, since it was the Kensei who discovered the art of using guns intertwined with their fighting abilities, the school of ‘gun fu’ as you call it has been incorporated into the Okushiri monastery where the Kensei currently train already. Shime and the Haven monastery still frown with disapproval.

Alexandria continues to hold out at the gate of the forest, and seems to be creating another army all on her own somehow. She is…persuasive I suppose. The orcs she attacked however don’t seem to be chasing after her, as they likely don’t know anyone survived from that attack on their nomadic camp.

However, her attack does seem to have had an effect on them and some of their generals are pulling back from the badlands to go check on the camps to avoid getting flanked again. So at the very least it was an okay distraction.

The draconic coven is coming along, I can make fireballs now at least. I do not know why they are purple though. I’ve also recruited a dozen or so to the effort not counting the other sixty from Kirillobatov’s people who were already into this kind of stuff.

The dragon itself is…eating a lot of fish. I’m concerned it might get fat. It seems to be settling well into its big palace thing we built it, and it lets me pet it now. Also Ivan is holding out well at the outpost but the effort to hold the outpost is still bleeding people every day from the monster and strange undead attacks.

Also its worth mentioning that your old plan of mass breeding is a bit more viable now than the last time you suggested it now that we actually have the dragonborn we were intending to utilize the edict with.

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