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Stories of Lore 8



So as it turns out, there is a chance that the jungle plants might be pretty useful here on Auwana. They seem to like water and we have a lot of that from the clouds. I brought up a bunch of bees too to see how they settle in, more on that as it develops.


The diplomats going south with the dozen have embarked on their voyage, it will be a lengthy one.

Nenetl and Citlanal have opted to stick together just to avoid being eaten. The Kapiya have told them all they know, or let on that they know, about the various topics. Though they were able to point out that snails are very common in the jungle and true to their statement we found quite a few lurk down along the jungle floor. Also both of the girls nearly got eaten by some giant monster thirty minutes after they went down there and they now refuse to approach the jungle floor. Now they’re in search of a rumor as to where another clan might be.

Kaya on the other hand just took off into the jungle all on her own before anyone could stop her. Haven’t heard from her since, she said she was off to find the Akoa. Since they are the most likely to be able to point her in the direction of the arakkoa which will hopefully point her to Xiomac. Which as you may recall is deep in the heart of the jungle. So she’s definitely dead now.

So far the closest idea anyone has for long range communication is sending messengers on the gryphons or utilizing the harpies.

Foraging in the jungles proves fruitful, pun intended, but we stick to the fruit in the canopies due to the dangers of the jungle floor. On a related note, we have not dug any holes to keep food in. I’m not sure its thaaat cold…well at least not at this time of year.


In regards to this permanent shadow over a food preserve, may I introduce you to the idea of a tent. Though if you were really interested in keeping things cold, Sawiri might be able to do something with that if we found the bones of creatures of the north perhaps. As for a permanent shadow in direct sunlight, either we find some sort of shadow aligned creature with bones or just see what happens when we throw Sawiri wildly at the problem. I still like the idea of a tent.

We built some extra houses around the ritual circle as you requested. Though the circle is very large and we cannot put support poles within it. Fortunately, our village already has houses built around large circles. The beastkin, the orcs, and our own divisions are built in this way. So we just put a bunch of smaller houses around it so it just looks like thats a thing we like to do all over the place. As an additional benefit, it makes for a good staging area for any larger operations should we make ready for war ever again. I let one of the Huanacan’s arakkoa who live on pride rock take over the village so it has at least one inhabitant. He seems comfy with having his own hut in the middle of the island, makes sure someone keeps an eye on the circle for us in case anything strange should happen too.

As for the umbramancy request, can do that. Actually that’s the most popular magic around here anyways. I could probably make that team tomorrow if you really wanted. Quality not guaranteed. Hamona could probably work with them in particular since he’s already one of the sneakiest among the shadows. Obviously Rohaka is the best for this kind of stuff, but she’s just the best umbramancer in general and can have multiple uses.

The temple is coming along, with a few snags here and there we’re working out. So far the bones don’t seem that useful in all honesty, they’re not as large as a support pole should be and the supports made of wood aren’t really collapsing. Its a matter of shaping, we’re still working on it.

The skull idea was shot down by the beastkin, also I had a weird dream of someone saying ‘not touching that tree shit again’.


The Misani seem to have an attack on sight frame of mind, though notably they do not pursue anyone and prefer to use things such as slings. It strikes me that they are territorial, but not necessarily aggressive. They seem to have a ‘leave us alone’ mentality. Initial attacks are made with fire affixed to rocks through some manner of thick substance that coats them. The fire doesn’t really do much, but it does seem like it would do well to ward people away. However, Sakazai was able to infiltrate close enough to their village to find out a little more detail. They live among a single large tree that has cut off most of the branches that could act as bridgeways, then fenced themselves in with thorny overgrowth. The odd part is they seem to be very interested in one person of their own village, who is not human like the rest of them and appears to be some sort of demon. They treat this person as one would a chieftain as far as Sakazai can tell from a distance, and this person never ventures far from the highest areas of the tree. It seems like they are very protective of this person, though we do not know why. As an additional note, they have huts among the tree built out of dirt of some kind that covers openings in the tree or constructs new things entirely along its walkways. The dirt seems quite a bit stronger than…well dirt.

The combined research project of shamanism and necromancy was refused outright by the beastkin. They’re still not keen on letting the Hariwana mess with the spirits of those passed on.

The Chanai women don’t seem to have any idea how the power is bestowed. It was Hasan and the queen who knew this ritual, and the ritual is passed down the generations through the direct heirs. Though we do know that the ritual involves the river north of the village. They were able to tell us the ability is seemingly hereditary. Everyone who has it shares not-too-distant ancestry with the ruling family. However, Sakazai has mentioned before she suspects this isn’t true as her family traces its heritage to a conquered clan. They said she must have the ancestry, but no ones ever really confirmed it.

In regards to enchantment of items other than bones, we actually know by rumor that Xiomac can do this. Though the research team hasn’t had much luck, attempts to replicate Sawiri’s work on other materials has proved fruitless.

Avonaco is currently working on the whole Perxtli project. Its rough going, for the most part he just sits near the cage and rambles at it.

The idea of these squads might take some root, I have managed to find a few volunteers for the idea. Most notably the beastkin are a bit quick to join up, likely due to pressure from the elder chief who just loved the idea.  Instead of the general training Iiniwa provides, I have appointed a team of the feather guard to take them in for a more team based form of training. They’re always at home anyways, so it will give them something to do. They insisted on having…tryouts. I have seen to promising any who successfully complete this training will receive weapons of our collection, made anew by the expert hands of the Nezatl.

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