Stories of Lore 9


So as it turns out the Wenhai clan, and several others from that area, do not believe a thing we’re saying about the giant floating island. It does not help that half of our girls tend to say and do very eccentric things a lot. We offered to show them but the distance needed to be traveled just to see if the weird girls really had a flying island was apparently not too enticing.

Nenetl and Citlanal are making their way to the Milani clan to see if they’re more responsive to us then the Dozen and ms spooks a lot.

So far the orcs are no longer interested in being painted blue. We have been constructing an elaborate pitfall trap in response.

As it turns out, druids can’t turn into insects so bees aren’t working. Though they did give some tips on it we’re working to implement. Also I brought you some more samples from the test hives. As for half-elves…I mean we can try seducing some of them but Kaya is the only one at the Akoa village right now and she’s not quite the right person for the job. I’m afraid she might try to trick them into sticking their dick into a bear…or a beehive to keep up with the theme. She’s…weird like that. Also asking for druid magic didn’t actually seem that hard, though they stuck to really basic explanations of what druidism is not necessarily how to do it. Lot of meditating though.


So we sent the vanguard team with Alihana and that resulted in a rather large ‘scouting’ team. It may have unsettled the arakkoa slightly to see so many just wandering on in like that. Though the attempts to take a bit of a detour to establish a birdy landing spot didn’t work out because Alihana doesn’t like delaying the time it will take for her to complete her mission and come slap you I’m sure. I have an earring that keeps your cheeks from turning red afterward if you’d like. I call it the anti slap toe ring. The toe is so she doesn’t know where I’m keeping it hehehe.

Also I see no reason I cannot help with this leaf meat container you speak of. Mine turned out fine.

Our more diplomatic tribe members apparently don’t listen to you when you’re just talking to me. Should have some sort of pow-wow with them in a place where you can have discordant discourse.

As for the bone enchantment, need something attuned to force to be that specific. The most of my stockpile is a few lightning lizards, and some stompy lizards and a lot of humanoid ones from our battle with the Chanai.

I doubt even if we got the whole clan to do that ritual that we could even convince Auwana to budge. I WILL TRY THOUGH!

. . .2 days later


Also finding leaves wasn’t too hard, though hauling them up took awhile though its not like we’re lacking for food right now. That and the green feathers are a lot easier to find than fruit where monsters won’t try to eat you. Now we have a treeasaurus rex guardian.

Have fun with the bitey manticore thing. I’ll be back here.


So far the adventures of Chants and Majid can be summarized as a lot of biting. Though that was to be expected.

As for breeding locations, the larger issue is actually the number of different species we have. For example, I am the only Illithid here, also my mate is a demon. The clan is mostly made of oozes purely because Coszacatl can reproduce on her own just by overeating. The next problem is those we have multiples of tend to be siblings, see Uyitzan for example. We do have a litter of kobolds going though those things always reproduce like crazy no matter what you do. We did set up some nice cave spots for the snake people though, they are a bit more finnicky about when and where to lay eggs and we have a good few of them.

So scrying for the drider has good news and bad news. Good news, she’s not dead. Bad news, she’s currently barely avoiding being eaten. There are a lot of things that snack on spiders, and she seems to have never quite reached her destination where the spider is queen. Though that might have unintended consequences if they were to find each other in the current state of things.

We’ve rallied up some boys to go with the team to meet the demon druid. Most notably, not all demons. Coszacatl is going because she feels like it, along with a couple others from her brood.

So the hunt for the great stalker is going to need someone better at hunting sneaky things. I can go, though this is really Kennae’s domain of expertise. Alternatively, gnolls are pretty good at it too.


So when sent down through the teleport ritual circle, people land on the canopy. Its a good thing we tested this with feather tokens prepared. Its not too rough though, as the canopy is thick enough that they can usually grab onto something.


Also Alihana is still around in the jungle so can’t experiment with blinders just yet.

So the diplomats and their escorts have turned into a whole…thing on a way to contact this demon druid of the angry pebble throwing clan. We’ll see how that goes. They’re currently walking.

Our teams in the south are still just wandering around for the most part. A few clans here and there seem at least interested in the strange guests and the Nezatl have worked out some good relations. Though we’re kind of far away to actually do any trade and their grasslands seems oddly devoid of things we can work as sellswords for in the short term.

As for Avonaco, he got over that last week with a bit of help from Sawiri. Though they’re still a bit fragile and he’s not helping his recovery by doing so many pushups.

The guards at the Kapiya are moving on with the Nezatl now towards the Milani…as well as the wave of other people we have going there. I have a feeling by the end of this we’re either going to have a hear to heart discussion with that druid or kill a clan.


Because bones contain the essence of those they once inhabited. Also I have no idea why, that’s just what it works on. I’m not a magician.


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