Conflict of interest


 Stories of Lore 10

Problem, diplomats and scouts aren’t particularly good at learning advanced clothes crafting. Also the Wenhai didn’t want to give up the techniques anyways, something something signature trade.

Also I’ve sent some of those who were interested to the Akoa to see if they can pick up any of the art of druid magic. So we’ll see how that goes. At least so far the elves are being helpful.

I suppose you could consider the temple done…though it could probably use improvements. I’m sure the Nezatl will make use of it to preach their religion anyways though. It’d work a bit better if we could cover it with otter fur though.


I suppose after the orc incident, and given our recruitment policy, additional huts just laying around wouldn’t be a bad thing. Also makes our village look bigger if anyone manages to fly up and scout us. Oh though don’t forget, the ritual circle has a bunch of empty houses already just there to make it look less like a big important thing very far away from the village. That arakkoa of ours still lives over there by himself.

Oh so if Xiomac is coming here, I wonder if he can learn all the bones know just by looking at those things I made. Do beholders have noses? What if he learns to sneeze through your sneeze ring. Hold on I’m going to go make some very strange ornaments to hang around the village.

I’ve sent some of the apprentices down to the Akoa leaf ears, as thats our only current landing zone. They’ve been wandering around looking for anything interesting. Also two of them are dead already. I have their bones too now.

I have drawn a leaf meat container onto a bone. So far no one knows what it is. Though I see your efforts are coming along if only slightly. Maybe some day the whole plains will know of your leafy meat containers that help you poop.

Also the spectacular six are back at the Akoa village now. Rohaka is out…doing something or other. Alihana is-

*Walks in, slaps you, and leaves*


-Passing through on her way down to the Kapiya village to help Kennae out. Was faster walk to the Akoa in order to fly back, take the circle down, and then walk to Kapiya. Otherwise she’d have just been walking through the jungle to the area Kennae is working in by herself for ages. Wait what do you mean I’m going too?


We have deployed additional driders to recover our missing one.

Also with the whole ‘but first’ command, we still don’t know where Xiomac is. Alihana is trying to lure him to the island, but we have no idea how long it will take him to be successfully lured. So I just had Kennae go hunt in the meantime, its not too far of a trip to get back.

As for making friends with Vaksha, it is plausible at least. He’s pretty smart, and is just hanging around camp all the time anyways.

Given the climate of the jungle and the prevalence of giant snakes, we’ve sent some of the snake people to go exploring for anything interesting. The driders are also still out there along with Kennae and the gnolls. Coszacatl and her eldest daughters are also down there visiting the Milani. So that is the state of our scouting affairs.


Wehilani went to Xacalli to see what could be arranged. Xacalli would only agree to meet with any of us if Hakenu’e himself went. Notably though she demanded to stay within Ranoni’s territory. Which we should hope don’t realize Sakazai is anywhere nearby or that we have any association with her. She didn’t exactly keep our people hostage but Silas is in no state to be moved, let alone halfway across the jungle back to the Akoa where we can pick him up. We may have to look more into southern options for the gryphons.

Xiomac is liable to appear to us at an unknown time in the future as it suits him for further discussion. Xacalli has agreed to meet at the very least so that can be predicted. Notably the two forces in this conflict have different variations of the story but they don’t necessarily contradict each other when it comes to the broader strokes of the picture. However, several iterations of this tale involve a figure supposedly no one has ever seen. It actually seems suspicious to me that despite the conflict in front of our faces, there is a lot of ties to another possibly much greater force that plays no direct part in what is going on.

Avonaco managed to play the role of messenger, with some walking, but the three groups are a great distance away from where we have now confirmed Mikaere to be. So they will be traveling for awhile.

Alihana said your blinders look and feel silly.

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