A day without a Johnson



The Akoa tend to utilize their druid magic heavily in how they make all the things. Woven branches and vines make up the most of their stuff. The tree they live on has conveniently grown with thick branches to act as pathways and their idea of a personal hut is to weave smaller branches and let them dry out over time while they trap a living branch that still grows leaves to complete the shelter. Stuff like that. Basically basket weaving to the extreme.

The Milani are currently…well they could be doing better. Their protector is gravely injured thanks to Nihaul and we kind of set their wall on fire so that will take awhile to replace. Xiomac left them with the giant snake thing though to keep a lookout until they stabilize. Also they’re not terribly fond of us.

I made a bunch of logs people can sit on. That’s a pew right?

Also yes otters are a pain to stitch together and a sacred animal. Also we’re still refining the art of weaving with silk. We can do a lot with it though not quite to the same level as the Wenhai to the south. Though thats more an issue of practice and creativity over technique. Also dyes. They have a lot more dyes I’ve noticed. Though we do use silk in the outfits of those who travel abroad a lot to help hold their stuff together better simply due to strength. Though full clothes made of it is kind of an undertaking.

The orcs have fallen into the traps a few times and been painted blue, though they have not exhibited much in the way of teleportation abilities.


In regards to vines, yes we can. They died from the cold. It was pretty neat. It is worth remembering the edges of the island are colder thanks to the whole pointy needle leaf trees. Also the lack of forever fire faggots.

Rohaka is still with the driders, they’re walking over to the bone squads so give that a little bit.

The vanguard have been deployed. They have to land near the border edges and pursue towards the falls a bit first. Given the spider girl’s overt hostility now, attempting to land in via giant bird might give her a bit more of an advantage then is desirable.

According to the Nezatl diplomats, some of them are quite good with animals…in fact Tehanau is. Who would have guessed? That also tells us the level of assistance that can be provided with Majid.

Problem with hiring a druid, what do you pay them with? They grow food better than we do, and they don’t carry much for weapons given the whole shapeshifting thing. Not to mention Xiomac makes better stuff than I do. Which is also the problem with the weapons trade idea. Unless we kill Xiomac for Xacalli first, then we can swoop right in on that.

Also be wary of touching any of the bone trinkets I left hanging kind of high up on people’s huts. Unless you want to sneeze a lot.


At least the oozes are unlikely to eat much in the ponds at all given how much grows above water for them, and their general dislike of water. Though it should be noted water production is down a bit here at the village since we still rely on the oozes to filter it. Which has kept a lot of strain on them. Actually three left the clan over it and just wandered off into the jungle on their own.

Though Coszacatl did find quite a few bodies of water that we’ve marked down. Kennae however is busy chasing a giant stealth creature so he hasn’t been able to look in on their potential for egg content. To which note, he has managed to find out the general territory of the creature but not so much actually finding it. It tends to move around a lot and its tracks are only found sparsely due to how it moves. Though Kennae has narrowed down the territory enough to know where to look.

((You left the island, the advisor can no longer update you until you return. Also since there is no southern landing zone its a bit of a trip))

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