We sent some honey to the Milani though not sure how well that makes up for the wall. They were kind of attached to that wall, lately they’ve been trying to rebuild what they can of it but with their druid being so seriously wounded its taking them some time.

Kaya is flying out deep west to see what might be in that general direction. That will probably take her a little while.

Auwana is still passing through the jungle at its meandering pace. I would take a guess we won’t really be leaving for a few months at the earliest. Also it is sort of drifting around now and then not really consistently moving in one direction which isn’t making it get anywhere any faster.



– Suggest to the Akoa Underwater Basket Weaving.
– Undertake Silk weaving.
– How are the Druid-learners doing?

Strictly bone as far as I’ve been able to tell.

MOVING ON. I suppose we could try trading with the Akoa and Kapiya, though what do we want from them? Ever since moving to Auwana some of the resources we used to collect so we didn’t have to go do anything are a bit easier to get.

Sending the skeleton into the water was able to scrape out large amounts of gunk, also embed some of it into the dirt a bit more from all the stirring around. So some progress made at least.

So the Vanguard went after eight limbs of fun and encountered a problem. They can’t find her. There are several signs of her being in the area, such as how Kuari and their bone buddy went missing and have not been seen since their last screams of sheer terror, but it turns out its really hard to catch someone who can move through the trees like that. Also the area seems to have escalated into a bit of  a warzone, Nihaul is still injured from his encounter with Xiomac and she seems to have noticed it. As it so happens, she has convinced many very large pairs of fangs to try and hunt the crow out of the territory. Then we arrived, and while she’s keen to keep a distance she does seem to linger within her territory and have a lot of patience for ambush hunting. Which gets hard to focus on while all the other monsters in the area keep attacking too.

On similar notes, the hunt for the great stalker goes on and while the team is getting closer to something meaningful it is still a weirdly difficult thing to find. Alihana mentioned that there is a chance the so called “great” stalker might not be one of the stalkers at all, but some sort of druid that has a preferred form of a stalker. Which might be why its so hard to find. Other suggestions included it being someone’s totem animal that comes in as a summon, it being actually a shadow creature, and basically every possible explanation for ‘its not a beast’. You may also refer to Kennae who is banging his head against a tree trying to find this thing.



The oozes can climb trees quite well, though not necessarily by slithering. More of a gripping action apparently, and spreading themselves out so they have more surface contact with the tree. Coszacatl and the elder oozes notably just form spikes to crawl up with as they have the ability to make a harder version of the slime. I’m not entirely sure about the mechanics of it, though its the trick to Coszacatl’s weapon of choice. As for eating a bit of the canopy, theoretically yes that would let the gryphons break through. The second problem is what awaits them on the ground, while that problem can be slightly ignored it is worth noting how many people are already dead or maimed due to the monsters that dwell along the jungle floor.

As for the web idea, that is a strong ‘maybe’. Not sure how much the branches will spring back to their normal state when we try to make an opening that large. Though it would be a good way to keep things from jumping out of the canopy onto passing gryphons when they go to land or take off.

The team of scouts has been deployed to the far northern jungle to see what they might find. Though that’ll be awhile before we hear anything of it.


If it wasn’t made by shamanism, and even if it was, odds are I cannot tell how it works or what made any such beasts. I have never heard of a magic that could create a creature before, aside from summoning though you will notice those are never exact counterparts.

I have no strong feelings one way or another about the old bull name that people have come to know me by. I suppose it works, though I wonder how old people think I actually am.

Jarth is fairly old, I have known him awhile.

A totem spirit is not innate to who you are or when you learn the ability. It is more of a random chance if two personalities can agree with one another. The spirits linger and look for something to ground them to the world a little longer. Shamans simply are the best thing to ground themselves to. My spirit being a bull is just random chance.


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