Your next quest is to blow up…THE OCEAN

Shentu Wo: 3,124Power, 984Followers
Kikai Senso: 3,183 Power, 50 Followers, Next Form Progress: 23%
Lin Sun: 614 Power, 968 Followers
Con Lai: 1673 Power, 1484 Followers


Hector killed by Hasin Bava
Eleni killed by Thandar
Halima killed by Thandar
Bahamut Defeated by Hachiman and Vinasa finishing the job ryujin started
Locust killed by Vinasa
Kali and Vinasa defeated by Thandar, Kenji, Takeshi, Locust, Rikuto, Anna, Bahamut, and Freyja. Kali reaped, Vinasa still alive.
Thandar killed by Sahar, Orion, and Rackham (who took the coat)
Eli killed by Hayashi
Hayashi killed by Rackham
Akiao and shade dead to general combat.
Ume Kon killed by Lakshay Jayesh
12,000 Altepetl units killed by Raji
Nitis dead to Raji
Raji killed by Ira
Saldis defeated by Ryujin
Ryujin defeated by Bahamut, and then killed by Rackham
Lakshay Jayesh killed by Noelle
Hasin Bava defeated by Astrid
Kinzoku killed by Sanjiv Dubey
Sanjiv dubey killed by Takeshi
Sabriya killed by general combat

28,000 Altepetl warriors Killed in battle
Every undead zombie killed
20,000 Hale’a Troops dead
Senshi Order loses 25
2800 Sanika dead
40,000 Shogunate dead
60,000 Rajput dead
Crimson Order Loses 500, reducing it to 250

Isis rescues and also uses magic to force Song Yi awake again. Forests reanimate at reaaaaally awkward timing. Instead of retreat, Song decides to just attack. Death toll: 129,000.

Divya and Taiyo Survivors:
Hasin Bava


In attempt to retreat to the sea, yarr harr fiddle dee dee. Entire Taiyo fleet destroyed, Death toll: 110,000


End result: Pretty good victory.


It was discovered Raji can control the zombies, which led to the death of swathes of altepetl warriors when it turned out she could even out-command deathspeakers. Saldis killed her personally, no one has told Saldis why Raji could do this though.

After Hayashi killed Eli, Rackham avenged his fallen captain. This turned out to go very differently then Eli may have intended. Rackham ate Ryujin after reaping the wounded dragon god following its fight with Bahamut, thus ascending. Unlike Eli, he does not have any qualms with this result. Because he still has the keys Eli made, he was able to enter the formerly godless city and become the pirate god of atlantis, also known as the god of thieves.

It is suspected he may have been involved in getting Eli killed intentionally to take the throne, but no evidence has been brought up and any other suspicious disappearances can be pinned on the war itself.

With the death of Shade and Locust, the Senshi order has entered a bit of a rough spot. Kenji has been declared the new grandmaster to take command of the order.

When Saldis was defeated and sent to respawn, all the zombies fell over.

When Song Yi was awoken by Isis’ magic, the death toll skyrocketed over the next week of conflict. While the forces that remained tried to get back to the ocean to escape her wrath, the remains of the Hale’a army chased them through a hostile forest and killed them. In the end she personally killed an awful lot of their less known champions herself for what appeared to be sport. Challenging them to single combat, if they lived longer then ten seconds their men would be allowed safe passage.

In the wake of this conflict despite the loss of a few champions Halea comes out on top as two national militaries got butchered by being trapped in Song’s domain a week deep. Most of the military losses were soaked up by Altepetl. The spirits have begun to aggressively push into Divya now that it is nearly defenseless against them. Song Yi delivers the spirits message to what remains of the crumbling nation, that they can learn to accept the wilds instead of trying to tame it or they will be killed. The message is also sent to Taiyo.

Meanwhile to the north, the Jade Empire is getting destroyed. Ne Zha was killed by Fang already, the entire mercenary house led by Warlord Yuwen Hu is gone, either dead or deserted. Yuwen Hu himself was killed in the field by Erelim along with their army.

While Salathiel was being pushed back on the western border by Saint Naomi, most of the paladins have had to go deal with this Thykenae invasion after Ares betrayed Divus. Bastet and Ares are growing slowly closer to each other and the conflict of the war gods is expected.

Grand Marshal Devadas was found dead two weeks after the war with Hale’a Jeongsin, over two dozen Sanika were killed alongside him by the Jakaal and remaining witnesses say it was likely the work of Heisi or Nergal. The Jakaal attackers and their mysterious cohorts were all killed by the Sanika before they could escape.


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