Song Bowl 2016

Shentu Wo: 2022 Power, 2,736 Followers
Kikai Senso: 8,998 Power, 85 Followers, Next Form Progress: 27%
Lin Sun: 0 Power, 50 Followers
Con Lai: 3308 Power, 1, 861 Followers
Caine: 2493 Power, 1,246 Followers

After the battle of Atlantis, things became a clusterfuck.

Jin Zhang replenished his crew with pirates as per Con Lai’s plan to have him go recruiting around. After the death of Rackham, Alday, and the eastern lord along with the chaos of the southern sector Atlantis was in for a bad time and many recognized it and jumped aboard the offer to join the Vua Cai navy.

The chaos of Atlantis was only made worse by the fact that Sahar, the last pirate lord and sole heir to both the heretic and the city, just resigned and flew off into the distance.

With the death of Rackham his power over all artifacts ceased and Naomi’s wings came back to her. However, all the dead paladin weapons suddenly stopped working and were just reclaimed as memorabilia.

The remnants of the Aetas start to fall apart fairly quickly, while they still had the organizational skills to prevent total chaos, the loss of their god was noticed by the Svargan former cultists. There was already rebellion going on against the Aetas occupation, but once this was noticed the rebellion increased dramatically.

Svarga is starting to became a bit crazy as hunters look for insurgents, natives rebel against the occupiers, paranoia of ones neighbor settles in, the Raja hasn’t been seen in weeks, the Vinasa and Indra cults have barricaded inside their temples and Rena is now being held under constant protection in the Raja’s palace or the dream realm after an assassination attempt shot her, thankfully Daisuke was able to get her to blood healers in time.

Fortunately for the march towards the Si Da front, the Aetas were entirely absent from Song’s war party and his death hasn’t hindered her any. Though it has made her depressed and cranky.

Aina is at least not too chaotic since the people there are generally nicer but a few of the black mages suddenly decided to just start eating people again now that the god telling them not to was gone.

The march in Jade is going fairly well as many people at least remember Song enough to not get in her way, atop of that some still remember her as a hero of the people due to her time as the imperial warlord that killed corrupt nobles.

Eventually, against Shenlong’s advice, Song Yi found the Si Da army and engaged them. The sequence of events and battles took over 5 months to play out and probably would have been a longer odyssey style event were not for the fact that there isn’t too much for the players to do at the moment so here you go, mass resolution.

Battle #1: A shiny brand new wasteland crater

Song Yi encountered the forces of Si Da just northwest of the Imperial Throne. The ensuing battle did not go well for her, Azazel seemed prepared and he managed to situate the engagements to what he wanted. Pairing Daezra against Anna, or Eleazor against Nergal. Constantly setting matchups to his favor and outmaneuvering the rather bold Song Yi with ease, resulting in the early deaths of Eleazor, Saba Kuu, and Kenji.

Yi’s first engagement with Fang resulted in such catastrophic destruction that both armies had to retreat thanks to the earthquakes, lava, and giant lines of destruction caused by both Yi and Fang’s swords. The entire area is now field of igneous rock with sharp dips into miniature canyons and rise into mountains that were clearly not there before, and still became a jagged mess as chunks were torn out of them.

The undead hordes fought the demons at first but as the Yi and Fang battle raged on even the undead horde retreated due to a lack of progress, since pursuit meant likely melting and being cut off from reinforcements anyways while approaching the enemy lines.

Denied her proper revenge Yi was pissed off for the next week.

Battle #2: The Bloody Victory

Two weeks later, two sub-groups had a skirmish closer to the coast. It mostly consisted of the Crimson Order and neither Song was there so the battle actually happened that time. Demons battled with undead, deathspeakers collided with fallen angels, and it was just spectacular.

This far from the main force, Kaja’s military strategy outmaneuvered the demons since Azazel wasn’t there to react in time to Kaja’s repositioning in the days leading up to the battle.  Daezra was defeated by Jericho but managed to retreat before being eaten by blood oozes. Noelle was killed by a giant demon with a lot of teeth. The Crimson order pushed forward around the flank after their victory to complete their original mission.

Battle #3: The Dark Song Event

The undead hordes collided with the demons a few times but eventually Asmodaeus got to Saldis and then that went to shit when she rejoined Si Da, enraged at Song Yi and Bahamut in particular upon learning about her previous life and the part where she killed Raji herself and everyone knew that was her daughter but did not tell her.

c59e95d964b598037dad56d246030fe6Now faced with both demons, undead armies, a dead Lin Sun, and being beaten by Song Fang again – Song Yi flipped out as far as anyone can tell. The effect was called the Dark Song event when she started summoning, manifesting, and infusing dark spirits all over the place. The result was a wave of twisted and sinister monstrosities colliding with the dead forces of Saldis and the corrupted demons of Azazel. Erelim and Salathiel died to the dark spirits.

Despite the numeric advantages of Si Da’s two big hordes, the spirit kill count is staggering since Song keeps messing with the terrain and dropping people into canyons. The ominous nature of her dark spirits helped by the ash in the sky that darkened the world once again as she continues to exploit volcanic powers to wipe away demonic and zombie hordes in rivers of fire. While the war didn’t end during the event, it was the most memorable battle as people far and wide thought the world was coming to an end as the undead, demonic, and dark spirits all collided on a day the sun blocked out.

Shen Rai was defeated by Song Yi’s new approach of “just fuck it, fuck all of it” but Fang was torn away from the battlefield by Azazel to prevent losing him to her rampage.

Battle #4: Holo Eka, Senshi, Jinko vs Jakaal, Siwang, Nergal

This matchup happened again but in full this time. A Jakaal team flanked Song’s forces from the south by surprise and along with the Siwang assassin decided to try and take out key commanders. Holo Eka caught the trail before they could strike and with the Senshi were able to engage in a less surprising matchup.

Ira MVP’s with 5 kills, Gaetan went into critical condition but the blood healers saved him from actually dying. The new high prophet of Heisi was defeated by Takeshi. In the end Ira the Song Forces were forced to retreat, the Senshi order losing half of its members to the Jakaal. While significant damage was done to the Siwang and Nergal forces, the Jakaal eventually overwhelmed.


Battle #5: Svargan Chaos

With the ongoing chaos in Svarga reaching a peak, it is hard to say if it is technically a battle or not. Svarga turned into a war zone as former members of god cults, liberation guerilla forces, and just straight dicks started to become even more violent in the wake of the Holo Eka hunting and the paranoia reaching its peak from the new breed of bounty hunters that the environment created. While there was no big clash of forces, the urban skirmishes became so common and violent that the food shortage stopped being a problem.

The remnants of the Tekno Jagara arsenal that still function have seen heavy use and this includes several bombs that have been released throughout the city. The Raja’s palace even came under attack twice, forcing security around him to be bolstered which in turn lessened it out in the chaos of the Svargan streets. After the death of Lin Sun the Aetas fell apart and Mazaki has gone missing while Velius was assassinated by insurgents. Aetas Black mages went rogue and just started finding people to consume, sparking more waves of panic and violence against both the Aetas and just the general populace as some even began to turn to black magic.

Large groups of super-violent criminals seek to take control of the city, some with plans to take up the offer by Shento and thus delving into black magic themselves. Others who detest these black mage tolerators and even one group achieving notoriety for its decision that the situation is so fucked that they’d rather just kill everyone and everything indiscriminately resulting in suicide attacks. Rena was moved back to Adelaide, the situation has been deemed a total collapse. Not long after she pulled out, the Raja was assassinated. So many groups claim credit that its hard to tell who actually did it.

Sanyar absconded with some of the palace treasures and gave a presentation on possessions to the sleeping lords on how human’s value art. They found it peculiar that since the human world cannot lucidly summon their dreams, they take to creating artwork to stare at and make their lives less drab. Sanyar has yet to figure out how they determine the value of art since some of this stuff was deemed super valuable by the appraisers of the Vua Cai, but look like someone just threw colors at them whereas super realistic paintings are merely considered “neat”. “The Purple One” has demanded an artist make two paintings of him, one of high value and one of ‘neat’ value. So far the confusion continues.

Battle #6: Fall of the Throne

In the aftermath Song’s forces had to flee and get further from the wild lands, this resulted in a retreat as far as the Imperial throne. The Jakaal, led by Shen Rai, pursued Ira and her team all the way there and they clashed in the city once again in an attempt to defend the palace. While the Imperial Lotus and its heroes were able to help, the Jade Emperor, 80% of the Lotus, and all but 24 Senshi were wiped out. Satoshi, Yoshikazu, Makaio and Tihalt all died in the battle at the palace. The remaining members fled the city and the Jakaal took many prisoners back to their pit.

Battle #7: Song Showdown

In an attempt to slow Song’s assault so the loss of her Senshi and many supporting units would allow Si Da to surround and kill her, Si Da’s forces retreated northward to draw her towards Fang. However, Azazel made a serious miscalculation when he assumed Song Yi was…well Song Yi.

Using civilians to deter her from launching a full attack with all of her abilities, he positioned it to make her suicide charge her last one while the forces coming from the south would push her further into their chosen field. She instead released the dark spirits again and murdered every living thing in the area, civilians included.

The battle came to an apex when she forced Fang to fight her, denying Azazel’s plan entirely and doing the one thing no one ever thought she’d do they were unable to get reinforcements to overwhelm her nor lure her as far north as they intended to by slowing her down with civilians. In the chaos, Ra was reaped by Kikai Senso. The cataclysmic battle resulted in Song Fang being dragged down into the earth by Yi. Her description was that she left him in a place where there is nothing but eternal molten fire, and after a century he’ll finally be out of power to regenerate. Removing the risk of them resurrecting him as well. Though we’re pretty sure she just wanted him to suffer.

This marked the end of the Hale’a crusade, they went home and left the two armies to continue their little fight now that Fang is presumably dead in a hundred years or so.



The year proceeding the Atlantis battle was a good year for the Vua Cai. Managing trade routes is much easier with the pirates of Atlantis have no leader to organize them and no super pirate king with ridiculously strong powers. Though the navy did start to become a bit overdoing it given that their major threat was diminished dramatically.

The Crimson Order came out of the war with Si Da fairly on top, while losses were suffered it was a good day for their publicity. Since they were to the east and did not actually encounter the Jakaal force their battle with the undead and the demons wasn’t too bad for the heavily armed and regimented military.

Ever since the death of Ra the curse on vampires has been lifted and at long last they can touch the sun again. Shento now has an issue of Vampires being completely out of control. The jungles population is diminishing too quickly now that the vampires have seemingly no weakness or ‘non hunting hours’.

The order of the spiked tree in Kagayakashi continue to build their glorious underground city even though it has nowhere to go in this cavern beneath Lo’cs workshop. Despite the loss of Yoshikazu and Satoshi, they’re doing pretty well and turn out to be some of the most pain in the ass things to kill. While even Takeshi suffered defeats and serious damage, his core was recovered and well…yeah just put him in a new one and off he goes. For disposable soldiers they’re turning out to be the most ridiculously difficult ones to kill.

Freyja has given up on Lin’s university project and become a little bit less…fun. She spends her time focusing on her own people and since she is now frequently incarnated she hasn’t bothered to find a new high prophet in some time.

Song Yi herself has become twisted by the Dark Song event, surrounded by pure nightmare fuel and some of the most malevolent spirits in the world. Her personal temple deep beneath the mountains in the ocean of fire has become so haunted by these spirits that any non-senshi mortal that attempts to enter it will almost certainly die to unseen forces within minutes. As evidenced by the servant who wandered towards the city then suddenly turned left and walked into lava. While she is still fairly herself, she seems to be losing her grip on her morality as more and more of her nation demands a darker streak from her. The era of the lawful stupid leader seems to be coming to a close, and while she hasn’t exactly turned evil she isn’t shy of using the evil spirits to accomplish things now. As an experiment she creates a second child, but unlike the first one this one is composed of the dark spirits.

Some remnants of the Aetas called her out for losing touch with her nobler side, but then they were eaten by black mages. Aetas black mages. Slowly but surely the illusion of civility and goodness slips from Hale’a Jeongsin, just as with Si Da. Even with attempts to contain black magic practice to the jungles and avoid the open practice, as the Aetas lose Lin Sun and all its remaining leaders were composed entirely of black mages the result was inevitable. Since no one really had any real grasp on Lin Sun’s eventual returns, those who were more composed tended to get eaten by the one who just went back to the Si Da habits. This notably included Kaisa, one of the most prolific murderers, even without her blessing she’s become fairly powerful just from consuming tons of people.

Svarga, a year later, has become almost like Atlantis. An anarchic super city filled with rogue murderers. The black mages have begun to win out and inevitably crushed the more orthodox gangs. Conveniently, it is actually now one of Shento’s colonies. As the gang that took over the major government center took up his offer. Inconveniently, they are savage murderers and just butcher anyone they capture to grow in their black magic. The food shortage has been solved though.

A few other colonies form something known as the blood highway, adhereing to Shento’s plans and jumping at his offer they wound up making a highway that leads from Hale’a to Svarga. So his cult is doing well for themselves.

The war abroad between Akhetaten and Thykenae is a much longer affair and it continues just like the war between Jade and Si Da. So far, Thykenae is losing once again though. Akhetaten may have a very small military but their heroes turn out to be some serious badasses….and rolled freakishly high at some key engagements.

A crazed  Aetas cultist managed to resurrect Lin Sun after a year by sacrificing Eret and Doi Cho Len with the ritual conducting help of Samedi. As a result, Doi Cho Len is now a hellish landscape with a permanent storm hovering above it. Problematically the storm seems to be growing larger, slowly, but growing none the less. It will be a century or three before it reaches the mainland though.

However, by this point the Aetas had long since crumbled, Lin Sun returns to find the cult all but disbanded and the city of Aina in ruins. What is left of the cult are merely the survivors of the Aetas black mages suddenly going with ‘lets just eat everyone’. He joins Kikai in the “we have no followers” club.

At the same time, a particularly bizarre phenomenon happened. Sensing the ritual, the Heretic suddenly turned from its meandering course and made towards the ritual with such intense speed it burst into flames and shattered, releasing the dragon inside of it in its full form. Almost no eastern nation missed the giant demonic dragon and the trail of fire it left in its wake as it sped towards Doi Cho Len.

It then proceeded to totally ignore the descended demigod Lin Sun, didn’t even seem to see him hiding behind the rock. With all the fondness of a dog who hadn’t seen its master in ages, the dragon and Eli flew off back towards the direction of Atlantis.

“Its ironic that Eret’s sacrifice means his other adoptive dad’s memories are intact as well isn’t it?” -Baron Samedi


Roster Updates!

nilaWhile not technically a religious practitioner or follower, Nila Bhatt is often hanging out with the Holo Eka and can be convinced to hunt people down for a sum. She is the daughter of a Tekno Jagara engineer that happened to work with the Divya guns and wields freakishly effective handguns. With the early stages of the Svarga take over the food shortage meant not everyone was gauranteed food everyday if they just waited for the Vua Cai’s handouts. If you wanted to eat for sure you had to buy it, and the farmers started only accepting Halean currency since Divya was falling apart. Not content to wait for charity, Nila found the one open employment job available – Bounty Hunter. While technically this makes her part of the problem that devolved Svarga into absolute chaos, she is pretty good at what she does. Finding people she once called neighbors, shooting them, then coming back to Holo for money to buy food with. As Svarga got worse and worse she eventually bartered with Logan for a new home for her family. He sets them up back in Caine’s city to live comfortably, and then she’ll travel abroad to help with the hunt. So, she may not be a devout Caine worshipper, but she is technically a hunter under his employ at least. She has only recently started to delve into black magic since entering under the official employ of the Holo Eka, eating the hearts of her bounties to gain her powers. However, they have not yet manifested.

MalatiOne of the pirates Jin recruited, she’s actually the one who was at the battle of Rackham and likely one of the most powerful. With black magic she can teleport, while she is limited to shorter distances then the super empowered djinn, she is still quite effective as she doesn’t seem to have a cooldown timer. While her fighting style clearly lacks formal training, she has taken her combat skills to a high level after so much pirating around the world.

Prior to joining Atlantis she fought and sailed for Divya. Eventually choosing to become a pirate for seemingly no particular reason at all other then it paid better. While she had a family at one point, she seems to have just broken up with them and ran off to do whatever she felt like. With the death of Rackham it was easy enough to convince her to join the Vua Cai with Jin’s sales pitch about the lucid dreaming benefits.

ShichiroShichiro is one of the new jinko warriors and happens to be part of that idea that got Rikuto built. Flying jinko! His flight is not only more stable then Rikuto’s but he is also more durable given that he is not as modular. In homage to the spiked tree, he’s really spiky. There isn’t a practical reason for it, its just Loc’s jinko assistant decided “lets try to make this one spikier” and no one was supervising him at the time.

Shichiro is a bit on the serious side, remnisent of Satoshi or Takeshi in personality instead of the more wild Yoshikazu or Rikuto. Though he does seem to resolve a lot of his problems by flying into them really fast.

lavetOne of the remaining Aetas who stayed loyal to the shell of the cause and one of Vris’ two personal assistants/apprentices. Lavet has the peculiar power to make everything around her dead quiet, to the point of driving people a little mad from the total lack of sound. She is a reasonable warrior, it turns out the ability to function in total silence is useful as most of your opponents do not have that ability, and you’d be surprised how often they need to hear.

For the most part, her primary function has been keeping the library quiet and untouched by the rest of the cult’s descent into anarchy. Vris uses her to keep her work space quiet when she doesn’t want to be distracted from her reading.

john zhiOne of the few members of the Aetas who not only stayed true to the original tenants, but survived the others who did not. He has been holed up with Vris in the depths of the temple where it remains somewhat Aetas-y.

He has a perception aspect, and can actually see everything around himself at all times. He developed the habit of wearing the blindfold to hide his black magic eyes when out in public, and long after joining a world where black magic is allowed he decided to keep up with it. He actually does fairly well around Hale’a by pretending he is a mystic instead of a black mage.


eli pierceHe’s baaaaaaack. The Pirate King, The Dragon Pirate, The Godslayer, The God of Madness, The Sea’s Master, The Undying, and fifty more titles.  His arrival at Atlantis was met with immediate revitalization. The dying nation of pirates and anarchic murderers was falling apart since the death of Rackham.

Eli’s reappearence has rallied them so hard even members of the Aetas switched sides. Pirates from around the world heard he was back and sailed to Atlantis, the four lords were reinstated and Sahar returned to Atlantis. Hail to the king baby. Now he’s going to need a new crew…

VassagoWell…that happened. Vassago isn’t as powerful as Bahamut, Shenlong, or Ryujin and doesn’t seem anywhere near as intelligent. The story goes that Eli messed the dragon up so bad it became more like a domesticated animal rather then an intelligent creature like all other dragons. Either way, Vassago is capable of fighting gods and is so huge that an entire pirate crew can ride it. Its less comfortable then its form when it was trapped in Eli’s ship, but it still has plenty of surface area for riding.

But yeah Eli rides a dragon now. Way to go Aetas Fanboy.

The direct elizadaughter of Rackham. Don’t get too excited though, her mom was raped so its not like it was that special. In the end though, Eliza took to piracy of her own accord, once she searched for her father to get revenge only to discover that she became a pirate just like him in her quest for revenge. By the time she found him she just wound up a member of the Atlanteans. However, she is more then happy to serve Eli, the true king of the pirates.

Fortunately she doesn’t have the same aspect as Rackham. She took after her mother’s aspect and is a hydromancer.

swainA former friend of Kaga Molum’s, one of the knights of Divus. Just like Kaga, he felt under appreciated within the empire and traveled the world pursuing his own fortune and name. Delving into black magic himself, its really the same story as Kaga Molum, just different end locations. Kaga eventually called the Crimson Order his home, and Swain eventually called Atlantis his own.

Swain has immense power as a black mage and is basically a tremendous cheater. Any wound that appears on him, appears on whoever inflicted it on him instead. He once took a cannon round and it killed the operator of the cannon on the other ship.

AikoShe may be related to Machera in some distant way as she has not only the same aspect but the same variation of it. Capable of creating slashes in the air at basically nowhere for any reason. She waves her hand, and 20 cuts appear somewhere and you really hope none of them are in you.

Aiko grew up in Taiyo Teikoku, and was formerly trained and educated as a member of the Shogunate. After Lengdon fought with Divya along the coast of Taiyo she became discontent  the way things worked in life. During the era of Rackham she acted mostly solo, not interested in the same things he was. She’s always been true to the Eli cause, kill the gods. Now that he’s back, so is she.

Some Scenes that were finished within a day, good enough.

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