Roster Update!

The other teams were getting jealous that I kept giving you guys so many characters. So I call this roster update “OH COME ON!” since we’re introducing some of the world’s other badasses.


hatsheOh yeah, she’s overpowered as shit and is also kind of the empress or princess depending how you look at it. Horus is the eternal pharoah, and Hatshe is his daughter and chosen high prophet. Meaning she is the mortal with the highest authority in all of Akhetaten since Horus is classified as a god. Given her father, she is a demigod.

With the high prophet blessing of Horus, she has the aspect blessing of every other god in the pantheon. She can control the sands, summon dead spirits, send people to said spirits, cause massive windstorms, and trigger war buffs for entire armies.


resephA “gift” from Shahira to Hatshe. He is a part of the Bakkali family and gender roles be damned he was presented as a husband to Hatshe.

So he got the blessings of Horus too. Exact same powers. Fortunately he’s far less dangerous then she is, has had less time to learn how to use them and isn’t a demigod. He is actually more carefully guarded then she is, because he’s way more vulnerable. He still commands some of the military though, and his command has grown significantly since taking over Thykenae.


menesDespite his immense power, scary outfit, and powerful voice – Menes is a pretty nice guy. As the high prophet of Anubis his primary duties usually involve managing the main temple and helping the grieving with passing their family on to the next cycle. Along with burial rites. He won’t be on the battlefield unless shit has gone wrong.

His power is to entomb. The dead and dying that pass through his hands enter a strange immaterial storage he controls. Anyone whose death he has entombed does not pass on to whatever awaits and he has the ability to summon them as spirits to serve him. Beware the ghost army.

sihetOne of the primary war leaders for Bastet’s forces, she leads her own army and is one of the major vanguard generals. Perhaps one of the more feared members of Akhetaten’s champions given that she is a part of the more aggressive section of it. The other champions listed so far tend to stay at home, Sihet is the first one you’ll meet if Akhetaten is on the offense.

Her ability is geomancy, though due to her native environment she is most comfortable and creative when that comes in the form of sand. That won’t stop her from just throwing a rock at you if that’s what she has to work with though. Beware sandstorms if you know she’s in it, usually its just a blender.

RannoOne of Horus’ daughters, she is the younger sister of Hatshe but found her calling in the temple of Osiris.

She has the power of Reincarnation. She can assure that the dead pass through the domain of Osiris to be renewed and born again somewhere in the nation. She has a convenient synergy with Menes, as he can hand her a bulk of souls to renew into the world. All high prophets of both Anubis and Osiris have had this relationship as long as Akhetaten has stood.

Ranno has one additional and very specific power with reincarnation. If they are a reincarnated soul, she can return their memories to them should they make their way to her once again. Many people make a traditional pilgrimage to her to see if they had a former life.

bakatA champion of Inuit and another member of the vanguard that often can be found near Sihet. Bakat falls in line as being one of the more command savvy champions. Her power over the skies comes from both her aspect blessing and her familiarity with sky spirits, allowing her to alter weather patterns dramatically. Unlike most mystics who can use sky spirits to similar effect, because Bakat also has the sky as an aspect blessing she doesn’t really need the spirits and can actually override them. However, she prefers the synergy to get more potent results.


mach tongAmaterasu typically prefers utility champions or just a bunch of prophets. She isn’t really one for violence, but in these uncertain times sometimes you just need a dependable guy to go fuck something up.

Mach Tong is a native to Si Da and is actually a survivor and 4th place runner of the Iron Fist from many years ago. His abilities allow him to create hardened light, similar to a spirit blade but in practice its more like a manifestation aspect.

His favorite is called the hammer of dawn.


CrocellDespite Asmodaeus being primarily seen as a guy that gets everything done himself, he is still a demon prince and firstborn son to Lucifer. So he has an entire legion of demonic minions and none are more terrifying then Crocell.

Crocell is a demon who looks like a rather attractive man so usually people don’t notice, as he doesn’t even have the eyes of a black mage. There is no indication that he is pure terror. His power is inherited from Asmodaeus and is known as command. People do what he says, including “kill yourself”. Its like a weaker Eli. A comparison which pisses him off given that he is older and sees himself as the original. Its made worse by the fact that Eli doesn’t even seem to care enough to acknowledge the potential rivalry’s existence.

DemogorgonAlso known as “The Devourer”. He’s actually a black mage and at some point just decided to rename himself as a demon because his name was the equivalent of “Jim” and he felt it wasn’t intimidating enough.

Demogorgon has an aspect power to consume anything, and with the power of Mammon he can consume a lot of it. He grows stronger the more things he consumes, and it is most evident when he consumes humans and gains more black magic power. His regeneration and strength are very closely tied to how much he has eaten and he can be exhausted of power and permanently weakened. But he can also reach Ryner levels of physical power in exchange as long as he finds enough things to eat.


baraquielOne of Azazel’s demon officers, commander of demons and black mages alike. Baraquiel has the boring power of wielding hellfire, which many other demons can do. That’s kind of the dime a dozen power among them and Daezra is honestly better at it…and he’s a human.

Fortunately, or unfortunately for the reader, his skill lies in his ability to command strategically. Similar to his master Azazel, he is a thinking man and plans his maneuvers carefully, and with Azazel’s aspect blessing he can create war aspect buffs across his forces.


moraxusLess commanding, more face punching. Moraxus is just the kind of guy to straight murder you and is one of Azazel’s few champions purely dedicated to offense over strategy. He does command a demon platoon and leads them to battle, but he primarily acts under the command of other major players and is most often deployed to break enemy formations with a mixture of brute force and fear.

He has the classical ability to wield hellfire and a highly advanced physique, but some suspect the fear he creates might be supernatural as even some of the most well drilled of men flee in terror. Then again that could just be intelligence on their part.

vo kimThe current “prince” of the Jakaal. With Ningi No Mikoto dead by way of Eli, Vo Kim takes the title. As a black mage he has a dark aspect and can plunge the world around him into darkness. As the high prophet of Shen Rai, he has inherited Shen’s teleportation and the power to make anything he kills stay dead.

Vo Kim is one of the most feared warriors in the world for obvious reasons. Fighting a teleporting permakilling Jakaal grandmaster in total darkness is not an appetizing prospect to anyone.



van djaoSong Fang’s replacement. He was 6th but then he ate Tai ket when Tai Ket was injured fighting Song Yi at Songbowl. He’s not nearly as big a threat as Fang, and depending on the situation you might fear Vo Kim more. That being said, Van Djao wields the coveted destruction aspect, and is so powerful with it that he is the first avatar and not a champion or prophet.

Celebrated the nation over as the greatest of all serial killing mass murdering cannibals, though as you know the public doesn’t quite see it that way.  Van Djao has the power to simply unmake things (and people) with his gaze alone. We know it has limitations, but we don’t know enough.


ruslanThe last update was fairly large and I forgot to introduce him with the other striders. Ruslan is a strider from the east, a blood dragon aspect. He came to see what this whole blood beacon thing Shento apparently totally forgot about was.

As with all dragon aspects, he is a physical monstrosity and he wields the blood aspected power of hemomancy. While Dmitry’s regeneration is still far more advanced, Ruslan’s is higher then the average strider would have.



hei langHei Lang is Song Yi’s pet giant wolf spirit that follows her around. To the mystics who can barely perceive it, it is a looming darkness and ball of malevolence following her around. To those who can hear it, Hei Lang is surprisingly charismatic and doesn’t sound that spooky at all. He is the same kind of evil as Asmodaeus, wickedly charismatic and fiendishly clever. He is blamed for some of the recent bursts of violence in the east before Song dragged him home with her as her pet. As a result, it has been kept in careful check since falling under her care as it seems to be one of the most dangerous of the dark spirits and capable of causing mass mayhem and anarchy if left alone too long. Freyja is somewhat bothered by a spirit as violent and clever as Hei Lang being constantly around Song Yi though.

MaquillaA good old fashioned Altepetl guy with an axe. Maquilla is one of those front line warriors leading the charge and has the blessings of Bahamut. Though he has a pure strength blessing instead of power or aspect and as a result has the physical attributes of a black mage, including basic regeneration and superior strength. Its not terribly exciting but Altepetl isn’t exactly geared to fight Si Da or Drakon. Which was why they made that thing with Saldis in the first place.



ShappaSometimes people forget that Ishtar is a war aspect as well, and despite the sex cult thing she’s most known for she does have quite a heavy stake in the nation’s most powerful warriors. The sex cult just happens to fuel her with the power to spread her blessings to lots of warriors.

Shappa has the powers of Ishtar’s war aspect and gains strength the more enemies he fights and the longer he fights. While a lot of Altepetl prefer to skirmish, Shappa is a bit more of a long haul combatant.



leytiAnother of Ishtar’s chosen warriors, Leyti’s weapon is remniscent of Song Yi’s old mountain sword and can summon blizzards and freezing winds. Ishtar gave her a more strength oriented blessing recently to give her the power needed to go up against the black mages of Si Da.

In general Leyti roams around and was one of those who decided to fight the zombie apocalypse solo, which is how she made a name for herself when she single handedly took down a bone golem.



aiyanaShe is formerly from a western pagan tribe that raided trading caravans. She has more modernized armaments as a result, but eventually she found her way to Altepetl and a purpose working for Pele. Also a steadier paycheck.

With Pele’s blessing, Aiyana wields fire. Its pretty simple.




kachinaAlso known as the viper, or “the snake bitch”. Kachina’s blessings gave her a series of spiritual powers related to the snakes that range from summoning them to imitating their venoms. She is also immune to all other venom and poison as a result.

As a follower of the Raven, she is one of the more powerful shaman’s in the nation to accompany her devious hit and run fighting skills.



shiyeAnother of the nation’s super shamans that work for The Raven goddess. Shiye wields specialized weapons that can attack spiritual beings as well as physical ones and they seem to be especially powerful against anything non-mortal such as demons, dream denizens, spirits, and angels.

Shiye is one of the new champions practically made in a rush after the Saldis problem to try and get some things together in the event Si Da, Drakon, or Akhetaten come after them.


It seems the people like tier lists, so here is a new updated tier list. I will reiterate that the tier lists are assuming they stepped into an arena blind with no idea who their opponent is or what they can do. Maona is a good example of the flaw in the tier list, he is ranked pretty low if he were to blindly walk into an opponent in an arena environment yet he’s taken down the tier 0 Alday in 2 rounds before. It also doesn’t count minions, so war commanders might not be properly represented in where they do well. Really this only is a measure of head on 1 on 1 punchfist ability, so most assassins, commanders, planners, and supporters tend to not score well. However, I have not listed anyone in tier 0 that are gimmick reliant. Meaning if they’re in tier 0, you can take their powers away and they still have enough combat experience and expertise to beat an opponent who also had their powers taken away (or sometimes even against an opponent with powers). Gimmicks that just work stupidly well in a blind arena fight get stuck in tier 1 if the wielder isn’t a combat master. I.e. Crocell is a terrible fighter, but his ability would pretty much auto win the tier listing arena fight.

Tier 0: Saint Naomi, Ryner, Vassago, Vo Kim, Van Djao, Nazarius, Hatshe

Tier 1: Saint David, Akasiya, Sahar Tahani, Kaja Molum, Takeshi, Hasin Bava, Jin Zhang, Ira, Gaetan, Sanyar, Eli Pierce, Swain, Moraxus, Dmitry, Alyosha, Ruslan, Helaku, Sihet

Tier 2: Milenkosi, Jakaal/Praeliator Master, Kulina, Hercules, Anna Goethe, Hasina, Kaisa, Kazuo, Rikuto, Roku, Jericho, Malati, Johnathan Zhi, Hayate Hirata, Aiko, Mach Tong, Galina, Maquilla,

Tier 3: Average Jakaal/Praeliator, Senshi Masters, Upper Templar,Saint Andrew, Saint Chloe, Saint Jacob, Shichiro, Arima Naoko, Kekoa, Kahl Jung, Nila Bhatt, Neil Macleod, Daezra, Maliken, Innokenti, Nadejda, Aiyana, Shappa, Leyti, Menes

Tier 4:  Carmilla, Average Senshi, Templar, Mazaki, Saint Caleb, Daisuke, Vris, Sofia, Lavet, Saint Rachel, Eliza Rackham, Shiye, Kachina, Bakat, Prince Reseph

Tier 5: Siwang Assassin, Teijin Monk, Average Lengdonian or Phoenix clan, Rajput Soldier, Su Shento, Gorou, Hei Lang, Akamu, Logan, Maona, Fuma Kawakami, Demogorgon, Baraquiel, An Lanh Tien

Tier 6: Lo’c Thua, Teozix, Rena, Malu Jio, Alexandria, Ishikama Hanzo, Mulgogi, Ilo Hae, Ranno

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