The Tier List

tierlistSince it was requested. Sometimes the gaps can be a bit large or vary depending on situation but this tier list covers a rough idea of who can beat up who in a straight fight while surprised to encounter them. They are listed in no particular order within their tiers, just the order I typed them in as I put it all together. While some of the listed names are dead already, I still threw them in for reference.


Tier 0: Brahma, Jehova

Tier 1: Otoroshi, Shenlong, Ao Kuang, Ryujjin, Bahamut, Ifrit

Tier 2: Zeus, Shiva, Horus, Nike, Raijin, Gabriel, Khaos, Gaia, Uranus

Tier 3: Abaddon, Shen Rai, Hotaru, Kali, Vinasa, Ares, Murugan, Poseidon, Bastet, Anhur, Ra, Freyja, Guan Yu, Thor, Ishtar, Michael, Sun Wukong, Song Yi

Tier 4: Izumi, Teijin, Nergal, Heisi Siwang, Hirata, Yama, Anubis, Ningi No Mikoto, Hades, Indra, Agni, Odin, Tsukuyomi, Hachiman, Yen Wang, Zhong Kui, Tyr, Lin Sun

Tier 5: Asmodaeus, Mastema, Mammon, Neith, Eris, Isis, Hel, Roc, Sedna, Pele, Aegr, Fenrir, Shijie Gui, Azi Sruvara, Chronos, Osiris, Yaruma, Dyaus Pita, Sima Wa

Tier 6: Abalam, Zaeed, Hermes, Sobek, Amaterasu, Izanami, Izanagi, Fujin, Omaikane, Quan Yin, Athena, Hephaestus, Loki, Aphrodite, Hera, “The Raven”, Arianrhod, Ne Zha, Benzaiten, Skadi, Ganesha, Con Lai, Shento


Tune in next time when the champions get tiered for you as well. Keep in mind the scenario for this tier list assumes they are alone, unprepared for the encounter, and already within near striking range of each other. For example, Neith’s rating goes up dramatically if she gets to fight the way she prefers to, but in a much more direct conflict she sucks. Dyaus also becomes way more dangerous if he has time to prepare and utilize his many allies.

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