SenshiCon! Also expect minor time skips soon-ish.

Shentu Wo: 2485 Power, 3,344  Followers
Kikai Senso: 9,418 Power, 145 Followers, Next Form Progress: 27%
Lin Sun: 699 Power, 695 Followers
Con Lai: 6757 Power, 2,621 Followers
Caine: 3916 Power, 1,823 Followers

Song Yi decides this is getting ridiculous and just summons all your crossover training champions to the conveniently constructed super large arena in the blood jungle so the attempt to get each champion trained by another god’s specialist champ stops getting unnecessarily complicated. Everyone step into your local dream door, and come to Senshi-Con. Its held during the crimson fist off season so its not like anyone else was using the arena. Also the healers at the arena are rather exploitable in case someone accidentally lethals someone else.

After years of brutal war and excessive violence, Senshi Con turns out to be a rather good idea for the champion level characters. The Crimson Fist is only for amateurs, but Senshi Con becomes the sort of pro-level event with its style swapping, sparring matches, and Carmilla’s bright idea to have a champion level friendly tournament. Akhetaten declined to show up as they don’t know you guys that well right now.

bracket<- Tournament bracket and results. There were a few surprises and several people got sent into terrible matchups for themselves, but all in good fun anyways.

Takeshi fought Song Yi, with Song not using any of her powers or her actual spirit blade, and he managed to actually last longer then her opening hit. In the end though, he’s not quite on her level. Though to even it out, Raijin beat her again. She still hasn’t quite caught up to his level either.

Meanwhile the event was largely successful and a welcome distraction for a week or two from the ongoing apocalypse where gods and heroes are dropping like flies. So back to the apocalypse now.

The Drakon seem to be basically killing demons 20 to 1, but pull relatively even with Jakaal. Indicating that despite their power the dragon aspect does not mean tier zeroes for everybody. In fact, the Drakon have become notably terrified of the monster known as Vo Kim who has taken down 6 dragon striders by himself and only Dmitry has survived coming face to face with him.

Though for the most part, the Drakon colony force is able to set up comfortably in the Jade Empire and push the demons back as they grow more careful. Nazarius is inhumanly intelligent but his strategies prove to be weaker then Azazels and despite having a vastly superior military force, Azazel’s cunning use of his assets is taking a toll on the Drakon.

Meanwhile, Akhetaten is now one of the super power nations having taken over Thykenae and they seem content to mind their own business for now and develop their new acquisitions. Some evil cult sprouted up from the remains of Thykenae and offer active resistance though. Its actually very similar to whats happening in Svarga all things considered.



Envoy Work:  Divus Altepetl and Akhetaten join along the alliance to create possibly the largest stretch of allies territory in the Era’s history. Shenlong however feels the need to probe into the matter some more, given the situation he’s in with most of his pantheon and population dead or dying. Bahamut remains vehement in protecting his nation of castaways and doesn’t like the concept of the Drakon mindset towards his people or even his fellow pantheon members.

In sending the vampires up there you wind up hitting the exact thing that lurks in the wild lands west of the jade empire and south of Si Da, the Jakaal. This excursion did not last long.

Reports from Jade spies turns out to be pretty uneventful. Even the noble houses are collapsing under the Si Da assault as many of the upper lords have been assassinated by the Siwang of the Black Pantheon, who know how to kill Jade nobles very well. The Drakon scout force turns out to be quite welcome, even if Nazarius is an undead dracolich thing, he is nice to see on their side and boosts morale. Many people seem to think this Drakon thing isn’t such a bad idea given the current alternatives.

One of the colonies along the coast in Divya have been wiped out by a vampire tribe gone rogue, primarily composed of Tyrant members although a little bit of everyone is in it. The remaining ones all get those anti air siege weapons under construction though it will take awhile to build enough to create ballista bolt clouds as without the original Kagayakashi it takes awhile to mass produce weaponry.

In the meantime, Ailani becomes edumacated by the general Aetas instead of Vris directly. Vris has a lot to do and Ailani cannot learn with Vris’ kids because they’re basically those nerds whose mother forced them through AP Calc at age 9. So Ailani lacks the educational background the elves have to sit in their classes and just gets lost. While learning about exploration and archeology she keeps getting bored and zoning out, so far her retention of the subjects are not going well.


Lin Sun:

While the Aetas school of Black Magic and Mysticism is nowhere near as complete as one might dream, it is functional enough for the time being. Some thykenian refugees have taken up well in the scholarly environment, more so then your closest neighbors at least. Too bad they don’t really talk about history, more so philosophy.

Vris gives you a funny look at the implication she isn’t giving her children a decent education. Her kids look at you with desperate and pleading eyes for a rescue.

Kahl remains quite fond of his shell. He humors you enough while you attempt to socialize with him but when you’re not directly focusing on him he goes back to being his quiet and largely observant self.

Due to how Hayate’s powers work, he doesn’t really have much reason to train with Maona. Maona doesn’t have a combat style, just a planning and execution. When he attacked Rackham he just literally bit Rackham’s hand and kicked at him like a cat. There is no real technique here, just objective and execution. Though he can already beat up Vris before she even teaches him anything as he learned ever combat style she knew while she was trying to hit him with it.

Kaisa, Hayate, Vris, Vris’ kids, Zhi…Kahl…and really half the Aetas officers go to Senshi-Con. Kaisa wound up getting cocky about her skills and challenged the leader of the Senshi, Ira, to a sparring duel. Su Shento was unable to heal the damage to her pride. Hayate continues to make jokes about it weeks later.

Hayate’s trip was a lot more beneficial as he could test the limits of his new aspect ability, while it is pretty potent he still cannot overcome many opponents, maybe if he became more powerful by munching on some people his aspect ability would become even better or had a strength blessing to keep up with the super physique of Senshi. Either way, he was eliminated from a tournament by Nila Bhatt. He argues there is no technique in shooting your opponent with guns like hers.

Also Kaisa lost a bet and had to go to the convention “with” Hayate.

Con Lai:

Hanzo’s aspect is darkness.

The army/navy continue to colonize the island chain and the maritime culture becomes more and more significant. Turns out the ex-pirates are particularly good at living on the islands because in Atlantis they had to boat around for transit a lot, so short hops via boat are not strange to them.

The Ocean Boat for Hope sets sail, this could take awhile (or a time skip) before they turn out any real progress.

An Lahn has no ability to cause damage from the dream realm to their physical body, this is actually been why he’s such an effective torturer in the past. The problem is his questioning methods require them to stay asleep, and his torturous nightmares tend to jolt people awake if they aren’t asleep via medicine or his own powers.

After being so cooperative with Song Yi about the doors in Taiyo she gives Jin one of the spirit blades Senshi use. The particular one she gave Jin has elemental spirits in it and as a result is capable of elemental amplification. Turning jin’s .5 fire aspect into a much more potent ball of fire and destruction then he would normally be capable of. It also can be reshaped into any weapon shape, which matches well with his abilities. He beat people up at Senshi-con using it in the shape of a square as a joke.

Though there is still now way to make him stronger without the nibbling on people, and as he is not a member of the Holo Eka the hunt trophies don’t work for him.



The demon hunting team has an easier startup with Fuma since he’s been at the job for awhile. The Dragon Hunters not so much as there is a lot of speculation and no one has actually fought a dragon before so its a lot of theorycrafting. Hopefully it survives first contact.

The spirits are actually just as surprised as the gods of every pantheon that there’s an eastern land full of dragons and the dragons are quite surprised there is a western land full of not-dragons. In the past dragons have been fought with other dragons, notably Shenlong/Ryujin vs Otoroshi. Dragon aspected people that have shown up from time to time have all been physically gifted and had to be taken down by equally elite warriors.

The hunt for Otoroshi turns into quite the adventure. Otoroshi was the last apocalypse 2000 years ago and the details and relics surrounding him are often considered taboo objects to be seeking out. The hunt is ongoing but it was in neither easy location and the team sent to get them are traveling to Shahira following a lead.

In the meantime, team demon hunter goes through basic exercises as Fuma needs to get everyone in proper demon hunting shape. They seem to be focusing mostly on agility training over anything else. They can be found jogging, stretching, and practicing parkour.

About everyone points out the Artemis might either take awhile for Lo’c to make or won’t really be up to kraken hunting. The Kraken took out 2 ships in the Vua Cai’s fleet while they had someone who could see the future combating it, and the Vua Cai ships include ironclad ships or better, fighting the Kraken with a single ship will take a very big ship. For now its considered to be an “under construction” project.

Ilo Hae’s campaign for cave living is going pretty well, the hunters aren’t really that adverse to sneaking into a cave at the end of the day so that goes fairly well and the underworld that Song Yi constructed beneath the nation is vast so there is plenty of space for people to live comfortably in. While many in Holo Eka tend to be a bit claustrophobic about living underground, the giant undead dragon flying around the east is a really good motivator.

Also Half your champs take a week off for Senshi Con.

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