Heaven’s On Fire

Note: The upcoming update is a 10 year time jump in which I’ll message people for micro decisions. This is just to get the results of the divus thing published, so your next action sheet fillout should largely include any plans you want to implement while everyone takes a breather and rebuilds.

Divus Situation: Well that escalated quickly

Both sides try to avoid hurting the civilian populace but since both claim dominion over the civilians they are actively based among them which prevents a massive battle from breaking out and instead there were just small skirmish situations.

And then Shento’s forces arrived and it all went to shit. While this put Naomi really far ahead on the military angle at first, it almost immediately turned every undecided against her. Millenia of hatred towards black mages resurfaced in an instant and Divus just broke down into colossal battles. Cities burned as formerly civilian agents now attacked Naomi and her forces. Half the templars swapped sides, and the Inquisitors became no longer neutral, resurfacing to repel the army of serial killers Naomi had brought to their doorstep.

Despite some of the paladins having grown used to associating with Song Yi’s black mages, the rest of Divus still despises them. Eli’s opportunistic recruiting and raiding during the war also hasn’t helped Naomi’s case since she’s accused of being controlled by him.

In the end after months of fighting, Naomi was able to finally find and kill Jebediah with the help of the Vua Cai which removed Nergal’s primary agent. But on the grand scale, the entirety of the nation hated her too much now.

After a convincing pep talk from some wordful dream shinobi and the crimson order, they opted to see this through. Naomi went full…well Naomi on Divus. Entire cities were destroyed by her single handedly, every village that dared to speak against her got wiped out brutally and the fear of god was put into all who defied her.

After much war, Gabriel and Uriel were defeated and the capital of Divus now looks like Svarga, while the Crimson order was a militant force there after the battle of Svarga their numbers were low and the majority of command was taken over by Galahad so no live session of combat this time. Naomi’s followers maintained strong support for her after Song Yi relented to release Hei Lang into the war. It imbued her people with the malice needed to not really see how they were now slaughtering their own people in mass to ensure Naomi’s version of the truth was all that remained.

As luck would have it, it turned out Ishikawa was able to assassinate King Arthur with minimal problem. Despite how stupid OP Excalibur is, it apparently doesn’t have an enemy radar on it. After Ishikawa returned to base camp with the legendary sword the general response was “so that happened.” If there were any who doubted Naomi’s actions as being a bit overkill, they were quiet about it ever since Naomi was named the queen of Divus. In taking the title of queen, she became capable of wielding Excalibur. People took that as a divine sign that she was in the right and thanks to Hei Lang they’re having a hard time really comprehending the massacre that just happened. Thanks to Excalibur, Naomi solidly claims the title of the most powerful mortal in the (known) world.

Vris comments that Divus has been destroyed technically speaking. Almost all of its leadership died to a mutiny and most of its prominent angels died out too. The cities are in ruins and most of its artifacts and libraries were destroyed. Naomi becoming queen and continuing to call it Divus doesn’t necessarily mean it is still the true Divus Imperium anymore. While the commentary seems needlessly technical, she has been notably studying the apocalypses of history that restart eras. Her closing statement was “Eight down, three to go.”

Song Yi disappeared after the war, Ira has expressed concerns about that but Izumi stated that Song is in a volcano somewhere taking a vacation before the next war breaks out. Krovkom is dead, Nazarius is being chill with Shenlong, the Divus war is over. She just wants one damned year of vacation before she has to deal with more shit. Izumi would disappear along with her as they went to go hang out together. Song left Kikai in charge of holding down the fort while she’s away and he’s the only one that knows exactly where to find her in case another war breaks out and she is absolutely positively needed to come back.



Requests go well to establish an embassy in Dahika Al-Mazah. Shahira will agree to join the alliance on the condition that their membership is applicable only toward Drakon. They are not involved with the crusades against Si Da and will remain neutral if any other faction wars break out and will not invade Drakon. They agree to help as a purely defensive measure against Drakon aggression provided they are actively invading a recognized national border. Given the death of Taiyo and Divya, they will not hinder Drakon colonization in those areas.

The quest for the cult of Brahma proves difficult because of the lack of anyone in the area willing to worship a god whose nation has fallen so far. Even those that agree to help around the temple aren’t terribly faithful to the idea. On the upside, the old priests of Divya do remember how to create Kulina so the concept of vaguely gesturing at Brahma is within the realm of possibility with perhaps some breakthroughs in the field of interpretive dance.

On the other hand, neither the churches of Indra or Vinasa seem interested in your offer. Their cults are not going to grow any faster then Brahma’s which is already shaky and the idea of guarding the door is not appealing. Indra has actually just wandered off from his temple entirely and was last known to be hanging around Akhetaten.

To which end, the archeological team from the Aetas academy (Vris) points out that historically speaking, the apocalypses that happen to mark the end of each era often leave almost everything screwed up and new nations tend to rise around this point. Instead of building a few cults for convenience, it might be more prudent to follow the historical example and build a new nation there. Granted, that has a load of other problems but she thought she’d point it out since this is basically a repeat of the Otoroshi apocalypse in terms of nations falling apart and new ones popping up.

Emilia with a solid intel draw manages to actually crack the Lo’c case over time and figure out where he is. He’s with Si Da, and was one of the major traitors. As it turns out, he never really felt comfortable leaving Si Da behind and was forced to do so in a bit of a hurry. With the passing of Sima Wa and the constant demand for more progress he never quite got into the Hale’a thing. Song Yi’s rule had a lot of rules that were unpopular with a variety of the forge city’s formerly Si Da populace. The recent major attack sped up its timetable specifically to extract a series of high value assets from undercover since Emilia was actually making too much progress on this whole thing. This news also comes with another spy report, the demons have a suspicious amount of jinko already in their ranks.


Con Lai:

The war with the snake cult experiences some setbacks given that they seem to have disappeared and all leads went dark after the recent continent wide catastrophe. Ever since they failed to liberate Apophis they’ve taken to laying low, and Jin meets with minimal success in regards to finding out where they’re laying low at.  Currently they are headed to Thykenae, the forested areas out there would be more beneficial to hiding monstrous individuals he figures. If the regular ones are just laying low, he’s forced to hunt the monstrous ones like Lamia who cannot hide among normal society in order to continue looking for leads.

Ryoka overtakes the position of governor, though as a professional ninja she’s less vulnerable to assassination then Rena anyways, but she resigns to doing paperwork in the dream realm near Milenkosi for the time being.

The army is proving difficult to rebuild. The lessons from the last battle was that the army sucks at fighting dragons and black mages still. Recruiting is hard as all this war has been killing people in such large numbers that no one is all to keen to join many militaries that actually risk deployment these days. This is making it more expensive to entice recruits to risk their lives.

The river of lava dreams has a major problem, getting a door built in a place where lava flows yet doesn’t touch the construction area. Atop of that, it turns out lava is not good for the structural integrity of the door in the first place.

The insurance policy of the Vua Cai in the wake of the destruction of merchant fleets does well to fix up PR. Nothing soothes merchants like money after all, while the recovery effects aren’t exactly instant it does go a long way to upkeeping the reputation of Adelaide’s trade port. This is part of why the army rebuilding is not going too fast though, as wealthy as the Vua Cai have become, that is a lot of insurance payout.

As a member of the Hale’a pantheon, you and the Vua Cai were not allowed to even approach the secretary that would let you speak to Arthur without hostilities. Since Shento put his military support behind Naomi the other side is not open to discussion with anyone from the Hale’a pantheon unless it is for Naomi’s surrender. Oh well, Naomi is queen now.

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