10 Slow Years

Shentu Wo: 8,133 Power, 4,586 Followers
Kikai Senso: 15,882 Power, 3,280 Followers, Next Form Progress: 68%
Lin Sun: 5,351 Power, 2,628 Followers
Con Lai: 15,917 Power, 8, 621 Followers


During these 10 years we’ve had some stuff still go on so now to recap and resolve. Though for the most part everyone unanimously said screw it and chilled out for a bit.

Roster Update (May want to start here for context)
Stories of lore 23


Song Yi eventually reappeared from vacation when Adrelemech appeared to the east and got the alliance back together. The fire dragon’s sudden approach was slowed when they learned that Naomi existed. Up until now she had been busy with Divus problems, but with Excalibur she was able to kill several dragons when they tried to pressure Shahira without much thought as to what remained. Turns out Adrelemech barely knows much about Krovkom and Nazarius’ experiences with the jakaal and now they are more slowly feeling things out after Song Yi cut one in half with her overpowered spirit sword and Kikai strangled a whelp to death with his hands.

The blood jungles have been having a lot of political changes, especially with Ailani taking power and declaring herself every highest title in the state including Lord General. The Crimson order has been taken over by Alexandria who is now actually scary for once though a lot less friendly. Its jungles are no longer open enrollment and the export of champions is slowing, an affect noticeable by how many people appeared in the roster update who were specifically not black mages. Now there is more of a hunger games style thing that goes on there to ensure competitors are on a bit more even footing instead of professionals coming in and farming them.

The Aetas university has managed to progress to a point further then before the time skip, over ten years it recruited more interest then even before the attacks simply due to time expended. So far the time chamber works now and produced the fifty elite warriors of the honorbound led by Commander Lucas. However, they are generally regarded as being weirdos in general. Some are really withdrawn and quiet, others act like the same food stand they ate at a week ago is the most glorious thing they’ve ever experienced and are overly excited about every little thing that isn’t from the time chamber.

The Vua Cai has become the most powerful merchant based faction in the western world now that Shahira is on a steep decline of economic power and the dream network makes them the most efficient traders. Recently a long economic battle with the forces of Mammon took place in Divus, and the Vua Cai managed to come out on top after two years of throwing money at problems in the correct way. While the operation wound up losing the Vua Cai money, they managed to acquire so much control over the Divus economy that they were able to extort Naomi a little bit. In exchange for giving Naomi back that economy, Con Lai had Naomi marry Jin Zhang. The economy was the wedding gift, and it works well for politics since now Divus and Hale’a are much closer tied together.

The city of Lo’c was never rebuilt, Kagayakashi instead took over as the jinko’s tech city since it was there, it wasn’t blown up, and they are fond of the spiked tree. Though the city has recently had some issues in obeying commands the problem has been resolved, however it is foreboding. Since the loss of Lo’c, a new masutomaindo has been appointed, some weird jinko with a knack for creativity.

Most Recent Senshicon tournament results


With Naomi taking over as queen the country is at least surviving. Though her nation wants her to stop flying to war all the time. Somewhat extorted by Con Lai into marrying Jin Zhang, the nation has been a little bit weird since Jin is a black mage and foreigner.

Their rebuild has actually gone really well thanks to help from the Vua Cai’s plan to profit off of helping them. Which is how they wound up extorting her into that marriage.

They boast the most powerful champions in the world now, with Jin Zhang, Naomi, and Galahad all in the tier 0 range. Not to mention Naomi being the reigning champion for her weight class of humanoid sized heroes.

For those curious, the marriage is rather peculiar. Jin is so lazy that he only helps when he is asked to and is otherwise content to just hang out and do nothing. Naomi at least appreciates this, his laziness makes her job easier. Zhang even agreed to name their kid after her so that the Divus royalty would keep a Divus name. They have had two kids in the last 10 years, though notably there are probably a lot of bastards around as Jin still is rather adventurous. Naomi only had sex with him to make the kids to shut people up about heirs, other then that she hired full time prostitutes to follow him around to keep him busy while she ran the nation.


The snake cult disappeared for awhile to the point that Jin just said screw it and went home, though the spy networks are always on the lookout for when they might make their next big play. It is suspected that they’ve taken enough damage that Nergal has stopped using them for his purposes for the time being.

Akhetaten has become the most dominant western nation since annexing Thykenae solved a lot of the environmental restrictions that kept them from expanding all that quickly, they are considered the most powerful seat in alliance politics due to the expanse of their territory and military.


Over the last ten years they’ve picked up a bit in recovering from that zombie apocalypse that happened with the Saldis thing though they still have a ways to go, after the mass sacrifices and then the mass deaths to Saldis’ conversion to Si Da the only thing they have going for them would be Bahamut at the moment. That and Ishtar is pretty popular.

They have the second largest expanse of underworld and have been migrating into it more then any other nation besides Hale’a, as most others just can’t let go of the surface dwelling.

Jade Empire:

The Jade empire continues to exist in a state of unknown politics. They are functionally members of Drakon and their port and cities are used as major landing points for Drakon people coming over to see about this continent. However, they still actively act as members of the alliance when it doesn’t conflict with their own interests. Their champions attend Senshi-con and divulge information about the Drakon people freely, and Shenlong did stop Krovkom from threatening the gate after all.

Because of their membership with the new nation there was a time of social strife due to the difference in culture, especially with how Drakon view non-dragon aspects. Shenlong has kept non-striders to the farmlands in the countryside for the most part and rebuilt the Imperial Throne with mostly striders who have immigrated to the Jade Empire.


As they continue to build up they still remain the most aloof member of the alliance. Promising only to assist to protect a recognized national border, they promise nothing about colonies or attacks. This is their way of avoiding getting pulled into a fight they don’t want to in the future.

They’ve actually weakened economically now that the eastern world is in ruins and there is little trading for merchants that can cross the desert to do. What was once their specialty has now been replaced by either dream doors or the simple fact that Hale’a can offer passage through the southern wild lands. With trade deteriorating they foresee an eventual loss of their whole gimmick and work to find other ways to keep themselves with a decent standard of living out in this terrible desert. Many people just picked up and left to other nations, which has only made the matter worse. It is unlikely Shahira will remain around much longer as anything more then a loose collection of nomadic tribes.

Si Da:

Has almost vanished from the international eye after the fall of Sthan Thi. Most of their population are spread far around the world in villages and it seems like the bulk of what was once considered Si Da has retreated into the demon realm to plot and scheme in safety from any incoming crusades that might prey on their lack of walls. As such it has become very difficult to tell where team Si Da might choose to appear and strike again, but they’ve been quiet for the last ten years. Which worries people.

So far no one knows where the entrance or exit to hell actually is anymore, the old one is gone and Lucifer never revealed the method to opening and closing these to anyone before.


Most of their stuff is covered in roster updates but for the most part many of the incoming dragon masters have been too distracted by the coastal wealth they could colonize and very few take interest in going to war with the west just for the hell of it. They’ve decided they’ll get around to it when they’re good and ready.

Vua Cai spies report a strange movement spawning on the eastern continent. A group of activists argue that the new world (our continent) should stop being colonized so rapidly. Boundaries should be put into place and it should be declared a nature preserve for fear that colonization is displacing native species and ecosystems that might become endangered. Well its not quite ‘they’re people too’ but hey its something.

Eight years ago Krovsokol, often referred to as Sokol, arrived and began to conduct his experiments. This involved abducting all manner of people and often releasing monsters into the world to watch them cause as much destruction as possible and keep track of how effective they are. He has captured orcs, vampires, demons, denizens, and even a djinn with his specialist team of specimen hunters. What he turns them into varies wildly.

Two years ago Adremelech arrived and actually resumed the campaign of Drakon with intent to conquer the entire continent for sport if nothing else. This has contributed greatly to the downfall of Shahira, as they like the sunny desert it turns out. Recently due to developments in the eastern colonies they’ve had to turn their asses around though.

Because these assholes showed up just yesterday.

An immediate council of the alliance is being held in response, Drakon also seems to be conferring with Shenlong on what to do.

Everybody likes Tier Lists. This time we get comprehensive and shit, just to make this roster update even longer.

Tier 0. Over the last decade we’ve seen an increase in tier 0’s, mostly those that have lived long enough to get this far. As the general levels of opposition has also increased surviving encounters becomes worth more exp as well. Seated comfortably here are people with ludicrous powers or levels of power but Tier 0 still remains exclusive to fighters with physique and combat skill over super cheap gimmicks which keeps some people like Swain and Eli out of the tier 0 category.

Saint Naomi – Despite her recent change of lifestyle she still remains in the same tier.

Ryner – Same ol’ Same ol’.

Vassago – Kind of inevitable given he is a giant hellfire spewing dragon. It could be argued that Vassago is the king of tier 0 but it feels a little unfair since he is definitely not in the same weight class as his competitors.

Vo Kim – His synergetic power set might be gimmicky but he is still the most skilled mortal member of the Jakaal, having boasted several kills on high ranking striders and dragon whelps, it is likely that even without using his powers Vo Kim could take down most opponents.

Van Djao – While he lacks the pure skill that Vo Kim has, Van makes up for it in physical strength and his aspect powers as the Si Da #1 avatar. Arguably Vo Kim would likely beat him in a fight but he is still the posterboy for Si Da since Vo is Jakaal and his loyalties to Si Da are questionable at best.

Nazarius – As a death aspected dragon master he is a flying skeletal dragon with a death breath weapon. Among dragon masters Nazarius stands out as one of the most dangerous since he can both kill through regeneration and survive normally lethal damage. His intellect and strategy also keeps him comfortably seated here at the top of the food chain and he can claim credit for the destruction of many Si Da bases, armies, and the Jakaal pit.

Hatshe – Given the strange high prophet power she holds from Horus the sheer diversity of her powers as well as their general power level makes up for her lack of martial skills. The number of options she has also prevents her from being called gimmicky and is considered more of a battlemage style combatant to be marked off as tier 0.

Jin Zhang – After multiple campaigns against the enemies of the Vua Cai along with a high survival rating and years to increase his powers, Jin has finally entered into legend. These days he has a 1.0 of every possible aspect and all of his stats are moderately high across the board.

Galahad – This isn’t really surprising to anyone. Galahad has proven he can beat both Ryner and Uriel.

Ira – The last of the original Senshi, and the current most powerful among them. With the dark spirit infusion she has actually gained even more control over her rage as the years have gone on. The challenge of her dark spirits only allowed her to grow and progress, now she is similar to Ryner in that she has a lot of just pure strength and durability with a huge weapon. Though unlike Ryner, she has much better tactical insight and technique.

Sahar Tahani – In the years of acting as a traveling companion to demigods and later on fighting gods alongside pirates it is no surprise that Sahar has finally reached the higher tiers. As her creativity with her Djinn powers expands and her veterancy gives her better insight into her opponents, she has moved past overwhelming enemies and is now a highly diverse and creative killer similar to Jin. While she doesn’t have the martial skills of her closest comparison, she can be thought to have high tiers of any power she wants if she just pieces together how to make it work.

Saiko Kessaku – Also getting in under the Vassago clause, Saiko’s size, armor, and strength make him almost impossible to defeat for smaller creatures. There aren’t any gimmicky powers here, just pure firepower and armor.

Eret Daiheb – With the power of Baal in his weapon, Eret has finally paired physical power with his foresight. With the ability to predict opponents perfectly and the raw force needed to destroy opponents that would normally overwhelm him, he finally tastes that tier 0 goodness.

Adremelech – Its a veteran conqueror and huge dragon, this one is obvious.

Tier 1. Seeing the same increase, Tier 1’s are also becoming more common among the named character list. Though largely in part due to the drakon.

Saint David, Hasin Bava, Anna Goethe, Eli Pierce, Swain, Sanyar, Kaisa, Rikuto, Roku, Aiko, Mach Tong, Akuhito Song, Hei Song, Helaku, Sihet, Takeshi, Elvira, Ishimoto Tsuneyo, Prince Ezra, Crocell, Lü Tao, Anosova, Tianshang, Yue Wuzhou, Robert McCammon, Chuvak, Krovsokol, Isay, Oksana, Krylo, Kamentsoy, Khischnik

Tier 2.

Milenkosi, Hasina, Maquilla, Hayate Hirata, Arima Naoko, Kekoa, Daezra, Maliken, Aiyana, Shappa, Shichiro, Innokenti, Samyaza, Lien Quang, Jakobe, Tuyet Yen, Chuang Lihwa, Alice Mainer, Feofil, Borislav, Mechislav, Katarina, Giza

Tier 3.

Leyti, Menes, Nadejda, Vris, Sofia, Lavet, Saint Rachel, Eliza Rackham, Shiye, Kachina, Bakat, Daisuke, Emilia Fortunato, Eztli Shento, Johnathan Zhi, Mariah, Adin Va, Takano Ichiro, Oydis, Tashiro Osamu, Ayesha Ishmael, Nila Bhatt

Tier 4.

Prince Reseph, Gorou, Tezuka, Ryoka Hanzo, Yukari Zhang, Ishikawa Hanzo, Tena Xuequin, Lucas, Halldora, Sonu, Harvey Ayala, Uragiri Mono, Jawahir

Tier 5.

Akamu, An Lahn Tien, Joseph Sheridan, Alexandria, Kiala Shento, Ailani Shento, Johann Shento, Galila

Tier 6.

Malu Jio, Kyung-Ja, Rehema, Rasha Bakkali, Ranno

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