Status Report


After some recon thanks to the Vua Cai and several other nations some information was discovered about the Angra faction. The minions do not appear to be in a zombie state, they are fully animated and talk to many of the other members of the legion though we aren’t totally sure what they talk about as no one was willing to get that close.

We’ve also discovered that they break the bones of anyone they come across until their victim becomes immobile, then hold mass rituals to sacrifice them to Angra which evidently is how he gets more minions. The implication is that their conversion method is less efficient then Saldis, so dying in battle to them spares you becoming their minion. On the other hand, not dying in battle against them seems to be a pretty horrible fate.

The battle in Doi Cho Len with Drakon seems to have yielded favorable results for Drakon as the striders were much more powerful then the former Altepetlans, but they still couldn’t hold the island and were forced off with some few hundred striders being taken alive. Which is how we learned about the crazy ritual sacrifice thing.

In other bad news, Angra’s fortress can fly now and it sailed off of the island like a colossal airship. Notably, it took the storm with it. As it moves westward his minions drop down to capture anyone who didn’t start running away when they should have and return them to the citadel to sacrifice. It is moving towards the Jade Empire’s south eastern border. Fortunately it seems rather slow.

Jinko in Kagayakashi are having an existential crisis and aren’t sure how to feel about things. Sima Wa has clearly demonstrated his joy for building really ridiculous things still persists so the main feature of his personality is intact right?

In similar news some small groups around the world have decided to praise Angra as their new god voluntarily and are now just sacrificing each other to join his “super awesome kingdom”. On the upside they’re less destructive then the snake cult since they’re just killing themselves but it is foreboding that just his appearance has made dark magic appealing to many newcomers who realize that a sacrificial death simply results in them appearing on his flying city. To which note there are several prophets of Angra going from town to town to tell people how awesome it is living on a flying city, they appeal mostly to those who are poor and/or homeless. They’re basically Angra’s Witness, when you least expect it they show up to ask if you’ve heard about the path to salvation. It doesn’t help they don’t wear a uniform or official markings so its hard to find them before they start preaching.


Brahma has stopped really acknowledging anyones attempts to communicate with him, even if he does understand the concept. It is possible that unlike Jehovah he doesn’t want to hand the stuff out, or that upkeep stuff wouldn’t be particularly good for him given his whole nation is dead which means so are his followers.

El Dorado pillaging went fairly well as Samedi didn’t care about moving the gold nor the city itself. He spent all his time traveling the world preparing for Angra’s return, since then he’s never gone back to the golden city.

Eztli’s time in the chamber affects his personality, he is a lot quieter now days. He is a much more effective combatant but now follows Ailani around and just obeys. The other kids stopped hanging out with him since he doesn’t talk much and he just hangs out with Ailani and Hei who are not terribly social.

Lin Sun:

With the exception of the actual honorbound who were chosen for having the right personality the chamber is starting to have affects on people who train in it. Kaisa has become much calmer and more controlled. It seems a century of combat practice made combat boring for her, training with her is usaully her just 1 shotting anyone who steps up and telling them to “git gud” then going off to do something else. She’s stopped going in altogether ever since gun training became more prevalent.

Adin is in a weird limbo with her mental state. She seems perfectly fine and acts normal 90% of the time so its hard to really undo her state of mind. Its likely by sending her through the time chamber she’d have the time to process and become detached enough to retain an edge that comes from detachment like many others are showcasing even if they are terribly boring people now.

In the meantime the university is going better as its worked out the kinks over the last ten years since the attack and has access to the knowledge of some other crazy people from the other cults.

The preservation of Divus culture has proven impossible by the existence of the king. Divus culture has had to alter radically to keep up with the times and the black mage king. Considering it was based around a church that was a great big con, it makes sense the culture’s preservation isn’t really an option.

Con Lai:

Blessing shuffles.

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