The New Devil

Stories Of Lore 25 As always, context and drama is easiest discerned by starting here.

Shentu Wo: 12,102 Power, 3,247Followers
Sima Wa: 3,823 Power, 2,967 Followers,
Kikai Senso: 20,882 Power, Next Form Progress: 87%
Lin Sun: 6,454 Power, 2,128 Followers
Con Lai: 19,453 Power, 7, 980 Followers

In a twist of events, Lucifer surrendered very very quickly. So no one important died, and now everyone is terrified of what he may or may not be planning.

After the entire continent proceeded to unite to form a super empire, Song Yi did a lot of things in rapid succession to get things smoothed out. It has however terrified everyone that the day after Asmodaeus called her his queen she became much much more clever and started to demonstrate an ability to use his strategy to back people into corners.

Song has given the Jakaal a new lifestyle and pit, focusing primarily on training with dark spirits. Despite Vo’s protests on the grounds that they can no longer follow the strongest since she will practically own them, she offered the alternative of being hunted down and killed for breaking national laws so they’ve decided to go with option A.

Saldis was furious but somehow Song managed to convince them to stick around with her new empire, remaining in the northern wastes of Si Da. As much as she hates Ishtar, Yi pointed out she was forced to kill and eat her own son and sort of won the personal tragedy pity battle. She also pointed out that if Saldis can’t hide in hell anymore, no undead army is going to protect her from Song’s new military, and said undead army can’t exactly go into hiding given how vast it is.

Azazel, Heisi Siwang, and Nergal disappeared after Lucifer’s surrender. Since they didn’t take their armies with them, it has been difficult to find the stealthy bastards, likely thanks to Nergal. Though several champions did go with them and are currently listed as wanted.

Song would later begin to mass terraform the continent, mostly to fix the desert at the request of Horus and Ifrit who aren’t really all that fond of the sands. She moved her capital to the heart of the southern wild lands where she is most powerful and hardest to reach. Though she did so by causing the world turtle to actually stand up and walk over so she could have her ancestral homeland back. It was a freaky few months while people could see the turtle over the horizon walking through the clouds. She has retaken Yaosai as her capital, the mystical lengdon mountains remain a land of ice, lava, and mysterious forests. Now inhabited by tons of strange spiritual creatures and the capital itself is the chosen place of mystics to hang out if not just for the chance to be closer to some of the more powerful spirits which lurk there. In a strange development, Song doesn’t live in her old Lengdon palace. In fact she’s been very clear that no one is to ever go in there under any circumstances. She had that look that implied death if someone did go in there, the doors have been welded shut. Instead she placed her personal altar in the center of Yaosai, its a huge tree that reaches to the top of the cavern and adds a canopy by itself. She didn’t bother building a temple since the whole mountain range is technically hers, a temple so overly grandiose that a god turtle carries it on his back. Given her tendency to live outdoors its not surprising she didn’t bother building a new palace, though Izumi built one along the mountains for herself because she likes things like roofs and beds.

Map updated to reflect terraforming.

Sima Wa:

Ingots collected: Moon, Magic, Blood, Wind, Lightning, Earth, Lava (comes in form of obsidian but is a godly material), Temptation (makes people want it, whatever form its in), Neith’s (its glowy and white, no one knows what it does), Djinn (can be used to make a “lamp”), Luck

You build a bunch of things on your sheet. Though the science projects haven’t completed. Kagayakashi still isn’t quite up to its former glory but progress is underway. Though now its also being made with docks intended to accommodate airships which is a new feature.


In looking for a new paladin to replace the grandmaster, Ailani gives the position to Eztli, which turns out to annoy Emilia and many other paladins. Ailani did it to increase her influence and argued that the demigod has had training in the time chamber but was snubbed the promotion due to their own weird politics. Eztli can in fact beat every other paladin after all.

On an unrelated note, Emilia is still trying to recruit Aetharas to the order, and had apparently been prepared to give him immediate and high rank if he did so once she realized he’d already defeated dragons and Anna in single combat. She has mentioned an intention to rig the drawing at the next Senshicon to see if Aeth can beat Eztli.

Ryner disappeared again, likely back to his shack in the northern wastes.

Elvira and the remains of Sokol’s monsters have also taken off, heading back east to the dragon colonies.

Aetharas disappeared again, no one knows where he went. He reappeared a month later and didn’t really mention where he’d been, even when questioned. Even Anna has no idea where he went or what he did, he didn’t even come back with new pieces. This wouldn’t really be such a big deal but then Song mentioned he disappeared out of her spirits ability to track as well….in the middle of the wild lands. He somehow knows how to get outside of godvision and the spirit’s sight and doesn’t talk about whatever he’s doing. Later in the week he did it again, but for a much shorter duration and once again no one has any idea what he’s doing or how he’s disappearing like that.

Ailani has been spending a little too much time with Asmodaeus and his people.

Lin Sun:

Coat doesn’t get any better, its a time reversing coat. No amount of forging makes that any better.

The problem with finding Eret again is no one has seen him since or Sahar for that matter. They might be in Atlantis but we can’t godvision that.

And no you can’t bless Adin’s spirit guardian, its also technically blessing her which is her infusion.

Vris points out her kid likely would have died were not for the training she had already.

After recruitment efforts the Honorbound have bolstered their numbers to 130.

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