Mission Prep

After five thousand years Lucifer and his team have finally found out where Song Yi’s prison is located, while it is tactically unsound to try and get her free Naomi has Song’s streak of “it must be done” in her and now its time to get going. It turns out Song Yi is actually being held on a completely separate solar system, they weren’t kidding about Vechnost being a cosmic dragon. Devadas has pointed out multiple times how insane it would be to try and get her back but even Lucifer and Pandora are on board team rescue plan as they consider her the new swarm general as they explained. After dragging her into this, they intend to get her out as well.

Over the centuries a strange burrowing badger tunneled all the way under the sea and built a special cavern for a dream portal under the Drakon main continent. From there the chamber has been enlarged to enable an assault, as well as several other locations to make it difficult for the dragon lord of earth to find and collapse us without just destroying the whole planet to hit everywhere it could possibly be.

Upon pressuring Eret further for information on how to reach Song Yi he offered a trade. He could build the dream portal for us, but in exchange he wants Excalibur touched by a thief aspect and given to him to ensure Naomi can’t take it away from him after he has it. There really wasn’t much option as he is literally the only person who can reach Song Yi that we know of who might possibly betray Vechnost. Eret’s name has become similar to that of Song Fang’s from five thousand years ago as the most powerful and feared of all humans, and excalibur only made him scarier. Fortunately he just keeps to his own shenanigans, unfortunately we still can’t figure out what those shenanigans are really all about.

Devadas has called for champions to act as the scouting force to this new planet. Each god gets to send some, but he specifically wants champions not armies as this is a recon mission not an invasion just yet. He keeps calling it a dimension but Eret has repeatedly pointed out you can see it in the sky if you were to look in the right direction. He doesn’t want to send the full army so quickly without any information on what is out there and doesn’t trust Eret enough to risk a massive invasion force on his word alone.

Obviously the Song kids volunteered. Several other gods have “volunteered” some of their greatest champions, including Haziel, Whately, Patli, and Siduri. Devadas doesn’t want everyone going all at once for the reasons stated above, but he’s also wary of too many gods going themselves, especially Naomi who is needed to keep order here in the underworld as things go down. That and we have other jobs to tend to at the same time (Pick some champs you want to dedicate to the mission).

Meanwhile, there is another piece of the plan in motion. A series of missions are taking place around the world that call for some other personnel to deal with as our grand reveal will occur at the same time to do our best ot keep them from noticing the prison is being scouted out. Dragons don’t have semi-omniscience like we do, if their forces are paying attention down here they aren’t going to mysteriously know whats going on at the prison.

Mission 1: The assault on Gorakamen
The earth dragon needs to be captured, its the greatest threat to our underground way of life and our methods of combat. The problem is we can’t kill him or Vsemo will just raise a new one, so he has to be taken alive and subdued. Devadas recommends getting him into the dream realm where his powers won’t help him much…somehow. Naomi will be spearheading this mission directly.

The city of Gorakamen is actually built into the Lengdon mountains similar to Yaosai though on the exterior rather then interior. Yaosai remains intact even now as no one really ever took the time to go in there and actually break everything just chase everyone out.  A large series of towering structures rise from the mountainsides where the earth dragons and striders currently live, though they are closer to the base of the mountain rather then the infamously cold peaks and stretches all the way throughout the entire range.

None of his striders are as powerful as Siduri, though the dragon masters within the domain can rival Siduri’s abilities. This mechanic hasn’t really been showcased before as much as blood vs fire, but the earth element often struggles against metal due to the difference in hardness. The assault will likely utilize a full swarm from multiple gods as this will be risky. Devadas has left us to sort out who wants to go and send what, but has ordered Sima Wa specifically to send his forces due to this weakness in the earth element.

To that note Sima Wa has to choose his new high prophet still.

Mission 2: Not this crap again
Someone get that damned turtle online. Devadas leaves that to the Lengdonians to figure out as he has no idea how this went last time or what to do about it. But he wants that turtle awake and doing stuff with us. The poor marshal does not seem to realize how difficult that has been in the past.

Mission 3: Break things in Drakon
Devadas is aware that without Song Yi, the only way to terraform and restore destroyed lands for the dragons is to personally walk out there and deal with it as opposed to Song Yi’s omnipresent control over the landscape. The intent here is to draw their dragons away from the main cities and spread them thinner, people need to destroy as much of their territorial infrastructure as possible to do this one. They build massive cities and farmland stretches for miles outside of those cities, those farms and outlaying outposts are the target so they are forced to leave their city and deal with it one square mile at a time. Without Sozrushatel they will struggle to manage the landscape like we can, and if he stops guarding the gate we can just go right to it.

Voynaye is a recommended target of priority due to the danger he represents if we don’t damage his resources over time, that and he’s been hibernating for the last few thousand years and doesn’t house many aspects that can actually fix terrain damage. Might as well make sure he wakes up to a series of logistical problems. Other then that he leaves figuring out the sabotaging ops to the Vua Cai as this is more of their field then his.

Mission 4: This is probably a bad idea
Devadas wants Song Cao and Milenkosi let loose again. They cause so much trouble for Drakon and our plan is to screw with things, grab our shit, and leave as it is. So he figures letting those monsters loose would do well to keep them busy. We know the shrine they’re stored in is located the southern wildlands, Voynaye’s territory. The inherit danger is that Pandora has explained how these akuma actually work. They cannot ever die until the person who created them dies, and they have a hardwired purpose to kill their creators. Milenkosi will be drawn to try and kill Van Tien and Song Cao will go after Song Yi if he gets a chance, which is a risk of the operation. They are also much stronger then last time we saw them, their rampage in the earlier apocalypse has allowed them to absorb a lot of power and we can expect trouble if we actually directly clash with them.


Feral renewal has a problem, the only valid candidates left are Drakon slaves. Our own population all have their powers and are demigods at that, so they aren’t vulnerable to the vampiric transformation. While this isn’t a new problem as it has been going on for awhile now and some humans have been abducted by temptation from the blood tomes, it definitely slows progress. Also Ryner is already frustrated with the ferals, despite him being a mystic that hasn’t spread to his clan. They’re still rampaging lunatics and haven’t had the time he has to find control.

Aasimar 2.0 works a little better, but we’ll have to wait it out and see how it goes. Pandora is wary of making more of them given what happened last time and keeps their numbers small to gradually study their psychological behavior. Currently the 2.0 version are pretty weak as she’s not investing the resources it takes to give that twin aspect set up the power required to use both aspects until she’s confirmed they won’t waste it murdering each other again.

The Black Order are actually pretty easy to get tabs on, while they aren’t strong they are founded on old legends of our existence and the power of black magic. So they’re pretty easy to get to do things once we validify their beliefs that we exist. Though we haven’t actually send anyone specifically to meet with them yet.

Angra is still dormant as far as we know. Regardless of the status of Jehovah and Brahma, he is tied to the lamp which is Eli. Only Eret would know if that was back and he’s not spectacularly helpful.

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