The Last Update

Rolled it all to at least say its done. Lot of dramatic plot points not exactly getting a stories of lore though.

On the grand scale, the fight went on for four more centuries as things went back and forth a lot. Song Yi would eventually regain her power over the dark spirits and Pandora revealed the further mysteries of the Akuma to her, causing Song Yi to gain some measure of control over Song Cao and Milenkosi. Pandora also created a new chaos god, this new god basically created the 9th apocalypse with their powers and defeated Eret in the process, who was not happy about it. Eret backstabbed Vechnost and basically the whole world and blew open both gates at the same time and redefined the idea of an apocalypse.

The Swarm wound up hitting so hard that there was barely time to run out the other gates before they began to sweep across the continent and overtake everything. Lucifer was all too willing to run over and be returned to it, causing the swarm to know all the details they wanted.

Inevitably, and almost immediately, Vechnost was captured by the swarm, and most of the divine empire fled out the far gate or joined the swarm, there wasn’t much time to make a decision. Either run through  a gate or stay and be consumed by the much bigger and meaner empire. Though of those that decided to stay, many of them played a part in capturing Vechnost and finishing the war.

The world we once knew became planet 82913748-B of the swarm empire.


Song YiSong Yi never revealed she planned to go back to the swarm in the first place. Once everyone else was free and clear and on their way on mass exodus to the gates, she turned around and went to join the swarm empire and most of the population only noticed she wasn’t there after the gates had been sealed once again. Except for those who went with her, including every single champion aspect, very few who went through the gates to find a new life were aware she wasn’t coming with them. Its unknown if she had made up her mind before the gates were opened or if the presence of the swarm in our world triggered that strange call the champion aspects tend to feel.

As Lucifer and Pandora predicted, she was considered a prodigy among the swarm and within the century became a general to replace the traitorous Jehovah in the swarm. Initially her forces acted as a scout and recon force into new worlds to find resources. Eventually it was found her mindset was better suited at home as a defending commander. She is currently the Emperor’s 9th in command and holds the very front line of defense against any who would invade the swarm homeworld.

While Izumi remains by her side, the swarm has warped their relationship to be more aware of their lifespans and mental connection to almost everyone and everything. Izumi has become more of the ‘fun’ wife and Naomi has become the more prominent partner since then.

Akuhiko SongAku had Eret send him to the spirit rich world that Song was held prisoner on where he became the new divine emperor there, seeking to maintain its peaceful balance and live things out peacefully there. The planet would remain lost for years, though one day he would find himself rejoining the swarm when they finished dissecting Vechnost and gained his cosmic abilities and were able to locate life that had not yet been assimilated in their various worlds. Aku’s included.

He was returned to his mother when they caught him, and now serves as her right hand man on the defensive lines.


Hei SongShe went with her mother to the swarm empire, though did not remain with Song Yi’s army. Instead preferring to go on the offense, she’s a member of a deployment force led by what we would have considered an Akuma, the one Pandora warned the swarm emperor somehow had control over. She has become one of the Akuma general’s harbingers with Song Cao and Milenkosi by her side.

Due to her dark spirit nature she’s quite at home in this roaming army of destruction. It specializes in removing problematic populations to the swarm’s rule, often coming if the first wave of recon teams are not sufficient. Hei and Van Tien are still somehow happily together. Despite the swarm changing many relationships, theirs remains unbroken and monogamous.

seiyomiHe went with the other guys, not liking the idea of the swarm much and not making the same mistake Aku made of thinking they just wouldn’t find him. Seiyomi has become the king of spirits in the absence of the rest of his family and his relationship status is always changing. Despite being worshiped as the spirit king he’s not really more then a myth. As the new empire’s population grew, the osiris loop ended, and many godlike figures waned in their popularity. While many are directly known, Seiyomi’s nature in particular kept him ever elusive and unknown.


AlakiraFollowing her mother into the realm of war was an easy choice for the bloodthirsty Alakira. She operates in the same army as Hei Song and is generally just pointed in the direction of things that need killing. She lost some of her powers when the sleeping lord that once enabled her parted ways to search for peaceful lands with the others, but the swarm gave her new ones to ensure she kept fighting to her hearts content.

Before the gates opened, Ryner found out she was the reincarnation of the missing Anna Goethe and had never told anyone because she liked her new identity more. She was one of the Song family, her mothers were nice to her, and people didn’t universally seem to hate her. The memories of being Anna and that harder life didn’t leave her with much desire to be Anna anymore. This did explain why she always tried to pick on Ailani though.

adin va2Before the gates opened she had an episode where she accidentally released the power of Otoroshi in a battle with the magic dragon lord, Veter. In the process of a huge battle she wound up killing her own mother on accident, Otoroshi’s power was a bit…vast. And since Otoroshi was a death akuma, her mother was ripped out of the reincarnation loop.

The results of killing her own mother caused her to commit suicide. When she reincarnated she killed herself again soon as she got her memories back, this repeated about four times as she couldn’t both reincarnate and remember not to get her memories back and she did it so quickly that no one could stop her each successive time.

This got worse when they decided to create a demi-god with the domain of death and specializing in suicide specifically to try and stop this loop as it was a problem elsewhere in the empire as well. The new god was to act as a sort of psychiatrist and work with Aphrodite on such matters with the general population’s mental state needing tending after all.

The problem is that demi-god was the reincarnated Eli Pierce, and no one knew about it until too late. Adin became the new mad prophet, and it was around here all hell broke loose with the rogue chaos aspect fighting with Eret, Eli and Angra went roaming around just making trouble, and under Eli’s guidance the mad prophet re-acquired the shard of Otoroshi.

She died two hundred years later on another world somewhere, alone, insane, and begging for her mother.

InajiInaji played a major role in the war, her runt squad being the team that defeated the dragon lord of invention, Stikhiym in the stupidest way possible. It involved years of sabotaging his city with minor scratches and imperfections to drive him crazy with trying to fix it and slowing his war effort while she built her forces up for the eventual assault.

In the end she rejected the swarm and went through the gates and played an integral role in building the new empire. With her at the helm from the beginning, the entire empire was built with her technological ideas in mind for easy upgrading and modern living. She eventually became a god of technology and remains one of the most popular figures of the pantheon, inspiring everyone to be whatever they want with her origin story that is taught in every school as required reading for english class.

AilaniHer power hungry ways never ended and it got her on the wrong side of Song Yi a few times during the war. It was made worse by the fact that Song’s granddaughter was Alakira, who we now know was Anna. Alakira was perfectly happy to keep the blood princess in check at every turn. She turned down the idea of the swarm and went through the gates with the rest of the empire.

Since then she escaped her father’s shadow and became a blood goddess in her own right and has since become the devil of the new world. A dark antagonist always looking to take control of the pantheon from within. She is not really invited very often to pantheon meetings though her movements are subtle and she always seeks to grow in power without providing evidence to her dark goals enough to be thrown off the pantheon. With Pandora gone the work of truly dark science has fallen to her, and she provides many shady deals for power across the empire in exchange for services.

Kiala ShentoShe would go with Pandora and Lucifer to return to the swarm and continue her work as a scientist. She is currently under Pandora’s command and as new worlds are invaded she helps in the process of taking whatever is good from their anatomy that might be discovered. Her first intern project involved the dissection of Vechnost and bestowing dragon magic to the swarm.

She found a mate, or more so a collective harem of them, within the swarm at long last.



Eztli ShentoHe wound up being defeated by Robert McCammon which while a fairly minor event in the war given how many battles he did win, this one stood out because Robert was defeated by Ryner and Eztli is Ailani’s minion. So Ailani was a little pissed off at him for awhile about that loss in particular, which planted the seeds for him to eventually stop following her around as her guard so much. He would remain with the blood cult in the new world separate from Ailani’s devilish ways as a long term result and possibly just to piss her off became buddies with Ryner.


JadusWhile he was a major player during the war he made a few bad tactical decisions that resulted in his death at the hands of Adin Va during her mad prophet phase. He wound up exploding his own body as the suicide gods power overtook him and he was the first proof that suicide now removed you from the reincarnation loop anywhere you were due to Eli’s new domain giving him a death aspect.




james rynerHe wound up going to the new world with his family to once again pursue his passion of smoking his pipe and chilling out doing nothing. During the war he was one of the major dragon slayers and alongside Shento defeated Krovavi but afterwards he retired a bit more permanently. Vampires still seek him out as a sort of guidance counselor but for the most part he minds his own business. As a vampire married to an angel, he’s immortal even without the Osiris loop and continues his long unnatural life span to this day.



Van Tien2During the war Van Tien became surprisingly important during the apocalypse caused by the chaos god and Eli’s return. She was somehow one of the most capable of withstanding their powers and her partner Hei Song was dealing with the rogue Akuma. Van Tien was the key player in defeating Eli and Angra and managed to throw them out of our reality into the nightmare realm of Milenkosi.

She went to the swarm with Hei Song given they were married by that time and she was somewhat reluctant to part from the only real friend she had who could put up with her mannerisms. Throughout the time leading up to the war the two of them had become a frightful duo plaguing the lands, so she was well suited to the change of pace in the swarm of making her nightmarish games even worse. She works with Hei for the same general and is another of the general’s dark harbingers.

In the end she sometimes wonders about what things would have been like if she’d just stayed with the dream people, but at least she’s happy enough for now.

Moja KuuAll the sleeping lords kind of just went back to the dream realm which was accessible from the new world since wherever its patron deity went the realm would be able to gate into.

Now days the sleeping lords play a more prominent role in the new empire since the dream realm is a key part of its infrastructure and a major resource when it comes to passing through other new worlds. They still don’t understand humans very well at all.



SanyarDuring the war he found himself frequently at odds with Eli’s people and was one of Van Tien’s most powerful allies in ending that threat.

Ever since his promotion to a sleeping lord he became the most popular as he was the only one with a deeper understanding of how to interact with normal people. He would eventually go on to become the new sleeping king and replace Milenkosi in that role and gained an almost total control over the dream realm.



Lin XiaoliWhile death was uncommon, the events surrounding Adin Va resulted in Lin gaining the powers of Vris and replacing her as the figurehead of the Aetas. His rule proved popular enough as he was less of a psychopath then the elf queen and a lot more personable. Being the direct demigod descendant of the god the church is built around helped as well.

He kept the Aetas together during the split between the gates and resolved to just follow dad wherever he went.



Lin ScarletShe was arguably the most important demigod of the war due to her many victories and ability to command the forces. At one point during it her authority expanded beyond the Aetas and she was added to the imperial generals, given authority over all of the war instead of just the Aetas. She also stayed with the Aetas as the gate split happened, though to her chagrin she has still never beaten her rival Hei Song.




Card_VrisThroughout the war she was vital in managing the Aetas and keeping things together. Though the magic dragon eventually resulted in her death at the hands of her own daughter. She has a big fancy memorial statue and the stroy of Vris and Adin is one of the great tragedies of elven history as they lost both their queen and princess in one really unfortunate series of events.




naomiThroughout the war her incredible power was a major component of military victories and she would be the one to defeat Vsemo and Sozrushatel along with being a key player in the battle with Voynaye and Angra. Her only major defeat came at the hands of the rogue chaos god.

Naomi went on to join the swarm and become Song Yi’s primary mate in the time that followed her indoctrination to the swarm. She serves in a separate army then her new wife though and is a vanguard general herself thanks to her unique talent for grand speeches and imposing presence. Over the centuries she would become a legend across the many worlds that were aware of the larger scheme of things, the herald of the Swarm Emperor himself. If she shows up, all hope is lost because even if she is defeated the emperor himself will appear.

genevieveWith the loss of Jehovah and her zealotry shifted towards Naomi, she became the right hand of the heavenly ruler. She was the first one the divine empire sent to try and defeat the return of Eli though was not successful (Van Tien wasn’t even on the list of people anyone thought to send, so it took awhile of attempts before that happened).




luciferWhen the gates at long last opened finally the games of the devil came to an end. He quickly rushed to the swarm and let them consume him once again, giving all of his memories to the invading force and completely removing any home field advantage the natives might have had. While many weren’t surprised they were still angered that he had given the invading force so much information. In reality though, his loyalty to the swarm is why we got as good of a deal or chance to run away as we did. Without his testimony they would have probably done a lot worse to us, and thanks to him they focused on the dragons instead and allowed us time to escape.

Now days, Lucifer maintains his oath and serves Song Yi’s defensive line and is a key advisor to her since she still sucks at politics.


During the war she continued her role of providing scientific research. Though the prominent position she played does make both the rogue chaos god and the suicide god she created a bit of a stain on her track record, but for those two major fuckups she was still the creator of Yggdrasil and the one who brought Song Cao and Milenkosi under Song Yi’s control. So you win some you lose some, its all science.

Along with her apprentice Kiala, Pandora is one of the major researchers for the swarm and is technically under the authority of Song Yi as well, not wanting to distance herself from Lucifer after sharing in the hell of being trapped on another world for so long. After her traumatic journey through the world of Vechnost she prefers to stay at home now days and let the more adventurous folk deal with going abroad. She and Kiala contribute to the research of assimilation when new worlds and new powers are found to take over and their lab is deep within Song Yi’s territory.


As the war with Drakon continued to upscale her control over the dead was irreplaceable and we’re glad she never swapped sides again or anything. Her undead armies were the front line in almost every assault and her ability to plague Drakon with their own graveyards was so important that we would have been wiped out without her multiple times over.

She was basically a swarm commander already just not a champion aspected one. So when the gates opened she went with her closest friends to join the swarm. She currently serves in Naomi’s army as the 4th horseman. A theme that was rebuilt obviously.


One of the champions that gave Drakon the most trouble, its still not understood to this day how he won so often. He remains undefeated but the fine print on that is he never went to a battlefield if he could help it. He just wandered around and shot people, while he didn’t play a pivotal role in any major battle he was still one of the most famous players and mostly picked on striders.

The legend of the Whately is known throughout many worlds. He didn’t join the swarm but exited with the new empire…then just kept on walking. He wanders from world to world endlessly, always looking for…nothing in particular. Somewhere out there, the undead gunslinger continues to roam and stir up trouble with any that would question his presence. We know he played a major role in many events on other worlds. Saving some and condemning others to anarchy. No one knows how powerful he really is, and for many worlds he is simply a myth, but he’s out there somewhere.

VedahlWhen Song Yi returned to us and took control over all the demons, Vedahl was included. She wound up becoming one of Song Yi’s primary assistants and advisors. Throughout the war she was always by Song Yi’s side which stirred up a lot of distaste given she was a demon princess. Though she was always loyal to her new master.

She went with Song Yi to the swarm and is the major civilian governor of Song Yi’s territories. A job that is easier then it sounds due to the hive mind, but her unexplained fierce loyalty to Song Yi has left her forever by the spirit goddess’ side.

IshtarShe became very minor during the war since Devadas and the restored council of the war gods overshadowed her as the last war god, and the other love and sex gods also competed with her for her other gimmick. She was still important and rather powerful, history doesn’t really remember her contributions very much.

She went to the new empire and remains a member of Freyja’s hot tub council.



SiduriSiduri died during the conflict with Eli.







lu taoHe was a prominent warrior during the war, but he meant his end during the battle of Veter. Like Vris, he too died as an unfortunate casualty when Adin’s powers involving Otoroshi went crazy.

His bloodline lives on though, the Lu family are still members of the new empire to this day and have a long history of legendary warriors that serve Ishtar.




nergalThroughout the war Drakon had to deal with his bullshit a lot. Dragon masters devoured each other in paranoia of Nergal’s influence, some were just outright assassinated by the fallen angel.

He would eventually go on to join the swarm his father had told him so much about. He became one of Naomi’s most obscure yet valuable assets. Most people don’t know he exists, yet his influence has reached far and wide across many worlds.

Its probably best that no one knows he’s still around. The Vua Cai would probably be annoyed to know he lived happily ever after.

eretEret was the oddest problem during the entire war. No one ever figured out what he was really up to as he did so many things with contradictory motives. He defeated us and then defeated Drakon in rapid succession. The chaos god Pandora created to defeat Eret wound up doing just that, but in the process the chaos god also killed Sahar. This death was the catalyst that turned Eret into a monster to rival Eli. He lost whatever desire or motives he had before and became hellbent on the total annihilation of the chaos god. We were just collateral damage in his rampage that culminated in him opening the gates as a final “fuck you” to everything. After a long series of events, he and Eli teamed up to capture the chaos god and force them into Angra’s realm, where they spend an eternity as the plaything of the mad god in a nightmare of inconceivable horror.

During the return of Eli, Eret didn’t actually return to Eli’s side as most expected he would and planned for. Eret instead just kept doing his own thing and at one point fought against Angra. For the most part Eret was a totally separate force of evil and slaughtered people on both the side of Drakon and the Divine Empire. When all was said and done, no one knew what became of him for some time until evidence of his passing was found in a world elsewhere.

Eret never really seemed to find his sense of self or purpose, now days he just wanders across the worlds looking for something he can’t define. Sahar’s death did something to him, he experiences phases of great cruelty and has destroyed worlds before we found them and during other times he is just quiet and passing through all alone. No one has ever been able to find him, only traces of his passing. Some worlds have entire world-wide religions that think Eret was the one true god, others regard him as the devil and think he’s still in their world. No one knows where he is or what he’s looking for, or if he is even still alive.

saharAs mentioned earlier, she was killed by the chaos god created to keep Eret in check. Before that she mostly remained by her husband’s side and the two of them effectively controlled the war on both sides carefully. No one knows what they were trying to accomplish as her death sparked Eret’s change into one of the most evil forces for the remaining duration of the war.

Upon her death Eret buried her at sea, and summoned Eli to demand his favor the mad god owed him. He placed a curse, that if anyone should ever try to resurrect Sahar or disturb the rest she deserved that Eli was to hunt them down and make their lives an eternal hell of madness within the realm of Angra. If anything ever even thought about disturbing the Djinn’s final rest, they would be dealing with both Eli and Eret hunting them and reducing their life to an eternal torment of unimaginable horror, just like her killer now suffers.

eli pierceHis return was a dark time indeed. With Adin Va wielding Otoroshi as his new high prophet and he himself having power over Angra it seemed he would be unstoppable. He defeated the chaos god, Devadas, and the invading swarm twice. He somehow killed Vremya and no one knows how the hell he did that one. His elusive nature made it impossible to engage him with a plan and proper resources and it seemed everything was doomed to be his playground.

Then somehow, of all people, Van Tien was able to not only defeat him but banish him to the nightmare realm. This banishment didn’t stick and he eventually got out, but by then the swarm invasion was already complete and the new empire had moved on through the gates. Wherever he popped out at it wasn’t in the worlds we are aware of. After several centuries he was found again in another world causing all kinds of problems, but it was Naomi who found him. Instead of bringing the Emperor to deal with it, she sent for Van Tien again. Who was now vastly more powerful as a swarm commander then a dream princess and managed to defeat Eli once again and drag him back to the swarm.

He and Angra became tools of the swarm as they had originally been intended and so ended the long tale of Eli Pierce. For all his struggles to keep his freedom and self identity, in the end Eli and Angra are remembered as little more then a Pandora experiment for the advancement of the swarm. The two of them having been somewhat lobotomized by the hive. So ended the story of the pirate who wanted nothing more then to be his own man, condemned to being a lobotomized god as was always intended.

Rei DaihebAfter the death of Sahar when Eret went crazy, she went a little off kilter too. She helped in the capture of the chaos god and after that just disappeared. She was later found as a member of the swarm, having pursued it in desperation for some sense of family that kept eluding her.

Despite the hive mind, her desire for a family was so strong that she refused deployment with the army Hei Song was in despite it being the best fit for her. She stayed with Song Yi and is now fully recognized as Yi’s sister. There isn’t much need for an assassin like her on Yi’s defensive line, but she’s happy there.

ThandarThandar one day returned to the Aetas when Eret went crazy. He was loyal more so to Eret then Eli, and when Eret lost it and crippled Thandar in his rampage rather then hear the brotherly advice, he just went back to the Aetas.

He hangs around with Lin Xiaoli for the most part, he’s still as calm as ever, and his humor is still sarcastic dickery.



locustDuring the war he played a surprisingly minor role despite his capabilities. He did his own thing and was mostly the dispenser of wisdom unwillingly. When Eli returned he went to the mad god’s service once again where he would remain until Eli’s eventual defeat at the hands of Van Tien.

Locust would reappear in the swarm as well alongside the lobotomized Eli as a member of Eli’s forces he had been trapped there as well. He was the new high prophet after Adin’s death for awhile, now he’s just that strange fella in the swarm who likes to use bugs to eat people.


orionThe great hunter also worked for Eli for awhile but apparently after Eli’s forces escaped banishment in the nightmare realm the first time he went his separate way from the cult. There was a legend he came across that demanded his attention, of a man so great they had never been defeated. The hunter in Orion recognized the name and knew he had to defeat them, he was the cosmic hunter after all and he was prepared to remind the cosmos of his name.

No one knows where Orion really is at any given moment, but he’s always stalking, always out there looking for his prey. Chasing after the legend of the Whately.

freyjaShe went with the new empire when the gates opened, she didn’t particularly like Yi’s new demeanor and realized that Aku was doomed to failure in his attempt to get to Yi’s utopian spirit world she had been imprisoned in. Freyja is one of the most powerful gods in the new empire and her hot tub council wields vast influence in politics. Without a super god like Yi or Naomi to impose their will on the new empire, political games have returned to their normal state and she has become quite good at them.

Freyja is often underestimated as her viking culture and following don’t give much clue to her political power or mastery, though those in the know understand she controls a huge amount of the pantheon simply by inviting them to hang out in the hot springs.

izumiDuring the war she was one of the only people unintimidated by the new slightly crazy Yi and definitely the only person who would tell Yi to calm the fuck down from time to time and kept the Divine Empress in check. It was mildly funny to her how often people came to her with problems they were having with Yi in hopes she’d speak to her wife on their behalf, because Yi was omniscient and could obviously hear them complaining to Izumi about her.

When the gates opened she didn’t really know what she was in for, but she loyally went with Yi to the swarm. The hive mind revealed to her that she and Yi really weren’t the best fit for each other, which resulted in their relationship altering a bit.

She’s still a wife of Yi though now secondary to Naomi. Granted she has additional mates of her own within the swarm’s infinite matchmaking. She is technically an officer in Yi’s homefront army and quite popular with the people but she isn’t as well known as Vedahl or Rei.

She spends her days mostly tending to her fox spirits and often misses Seiyomi, who went with the new empire instead. She’d visit if she could, but if the swarm knew where we were that visit would obviously not go the way she wanted. She’s since continued the propagation of the fox spirits, improving on the design as per the will of the swarm and with some of the new ‘technologies’ they could offer her offspring to be created with.

aphroditeOnce Yi had returned Aphrodite’s role as basically psychiatrist stayed an important one for the next few centuries until the gate opened. She was responsible for maintaining general happiness around the empire and when the gates opened she chose to go with the new empire instead of the swarm. Despite her loyalty to Song, she felt the same sense of closeness with Freyja after Song had been gone for five thousand years and atop of that, the swarm didn’t need someone like her as much as the new empire would.

While the new empire does not feature a divine empress of autonomous power, Aphrodite is the closest to one they have. Her sheer popularity and tendency to look after the mental well being of others has made her the most revered and as a consequence of that – powerful. Pantheon politics are forced to acknowledge her a lot more then they used to since she can basically flip the whole empire against someone with a single denouncement speech. Despite being the figurehead and most powerful of the pantheon now, she’s still prone to Freyja’s influence a lot as she likes the hot spring council.

am nhacDuring the war he…basically didn’t do much. After the war he went to the new empire and founded the genre of heavy metal over time. His domain has expanded to include festivals as well, and almost all festivals are managed by his following even when they are technically traditions of other gods. You can also blame all the bards on him too.




abalamAfter the great split that happened when the gates opened, Abalam took a bit of a twist on what people expected. He didn’t go to the swarm, instead he sent a single minion to the swarm and after they absorbed all the knowledge of the hive mind he killed them so they could not betray him to the swarm simply by the hive mind knowing that minion served him. From there he went roaming the worlds, collecting knowledge from every realm he passed through. He has become something of an enigmatic figure obsessed with knowing all there is to know in the cosmos and has become something of a higher level then our gods. An impossible force throughout all existence that wants nothing more then to simply know all that can be known. He’s quite easy to find though, at least for the new empire that knows about his existence and how he generally operates. He trades knowledge for various goods, services, or more knowledge. Though despite Thandar’s attempt, not even the mighty Abalam knows what became of Eret. Because Eret stole his own book a long time ago. It is a mystery that drives even Abalam with great obsession to no avail.

Ao ShunWhile his loyalty was often suspect during the war since he was a full blooded dragon and could have had a cushy job with Drakon, he never actually joined their side for reasons unknown. When the gates opened, he went with the new empire to the new world, once again surprising everyone. He is the second oldest dragon in the new empire, and is worshipped as the god of dragons in general. Thanks to him, the new empire still has its dragon magic at all. Without Pandora the magic might have surely faded, but Ao Shun helped to keep the power within the new empire. Granted this had a slight downside, black magic and cannibalism also remained as a result.


During the war Fujin’s command over the wind was exploited a lot to ground dragons and give them a terribly difficult time fighting the Divine Empire.

Fujin would wind up in the swarm empire by pure indecision. He couldn’t make up his mind very quickly and so they just captured him by force instead of him walking towards them like many of the others. The new life suits him fine enough, he was always one of Yi’s closest retinue members and now serves on her frontline army.









The two responsible for our immortality loop eventually died at the hands of Eli, they were actually some of his first targets as the unnatural loop bothered his crazy morals, ironic given Eli himself is basically immortal. Fortunately they died close to the end of the war and the gate’s opening so not many were lost from that point on, but as the new world began it definitely lacked the osiris reincarnation loop and the natural end to life was restored.

amaterasuDespite her sister going with Song Yi, Amaterasu decided the swarm didn’t sound like such a great idea as she witnessed them come through the gate and tear through the landscape murdering and infecting everything in their path. She went to the new empire and is one of the more prominent gods during peacetime. She is often found alongside Raven and Seiyomi, the three of them are considered to be major factors of the natural world and her daughter she would eventually have with Seiyomi is the new goddess of growth. Specifically worshipped by nature druids and farmers for agriculture.


vechnostWhile he did a good job for the longest time, it seemed we would be defeated for good this time, he for some reason was unable to foresee the danger of Eret and was betrayed by the cosmic time man that resulted in the gates opening. For all his power he could do nothing as the swarm Emperor himself showed up to reclaim his missing people, and while here opted to finish the job they started. Vechnost and his dragon magic were powerful, but dwarfed by the swarm empire’s own magic they had collected and improved upon from an untold number of worlds. He was consumed and his magic added to the swarm, and the cosmic powers he gave them let them travel the stars. Its up for debate if the being known as Vechnost died that day or was added to the swarm. But a very similar looking dragon with an entirely different personality bearing the same name roams the swarm under the command of Song Yi.

KrovsokolHe wound up actually joining the swarm willingly. The opportunity to continue his experiments with more resources and alongside Pandora were all too enticing. After Krovavi was killed by Ryner he saw no reason to stick around anyways. He can be found alongside Pandora’s science team, concocting new monstrous designs for the swarm and integrating his dragon magic into their designs. Elvira remains by his side as his favored assistant and monster keeper.



vobrazhenWhen the swarm came, even Vobrazhen recognized the danger as Vechnost was torn from the stars and devoured by its many monsters in less then a day. After weighing his options, Vobrazhen went into hiding and was as small as he could possibly shape himself. Becoming a sort of water snake hiding in the deep waters. It was Moja Kuu who found him and gave him an offer, one last chance for survival.

Vobrazhen is now a strange creature living within the dream realm and often found playfully curled around Con Lai’s temple. The last of the great dragon lords, rivaled only by Ao Shun, the imaginary dragon keeps the dream realm alive. As the realm was created with dragon magic, Vobrazhen’s presence keeps Con Lai the eternal queen of dreams. In exchange, Vobrazhen roams the dream realm freely, and many know of him for he invades your dreams and plays games ranging from tag to chess with you.

the end

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