Regular Update

More sandbox stuff was added if you care to go find it, I forget what is actually new in it and just bulk uploaded.

SR2 investigation yields information you already knew. You’ll have to be more specific. Though as a training ground the risk is annoying the Sivataur who went through a lot of effort to put stuff there for themselves and they aren’t in the habit of renting out cabins to rich sport hunters. On the other hand that is a pretty good training exercise as long as you don’t fail.

The Alnae council does have its fair share of people who are only in power cuz the previous seat they occupy retired and handed it off to their dumb kid they liked. Since incompetence is not grounds for murder in Alnae its higher council is significantly weaker and more prone to outside influence then the Shetou counterpart. Though the opponent in such an endeavor would be Alnae’s AIC and Patriot Agency.


Yenneiros Whitetalon

With the arrival of the Song Clan, SR1 Alpha has escalated its conflict. Due to the fact that the mercs are still under contract they’ve opted to help out where they can and continue the fight. Bloodtongue has led some efforts to push forward and capture the anti orbital weapons, allowing the Song fleet in orbit to slowly get closer to the other fleet. The presence of the Song fleet is helping to maintain any ground captured since as it advances forward it threatens the land beneath it from where it orbits. The conflict is still primarily ground based, despite losing ground House Nahal has not surrendered or left the planet. Gheir reports back with the suspicion they’re holding out for reinforcements of some sort.

Mordekai Aberhoff

In new developments of the cult, one of the sects hanging out on Luna has started getting general mainstream attention. Preying on the rich housewives like a yoga practice, though the roundabout effect is that more people are noticing it exists there. They have the nicest office of all the cult sects though.

Edric Vandross

Construction on the SZ4 colonies with Siwa is off to a good start. Though notably three other organizations are helping back it and the smaller colony startups. Jelwe Labs, who are most known for owning the main research facility on SZ1, has been starting up there as well with colony teams running their funding from unknown backers but the paper trail indicates they’re using the Solvang banks. The other notable colonizers come from Sv3’s normally independent group, though they have some veterancy in the matter. Though they do not have an official company name as it appears to be just a bunch of guys, however as Sv3 is known for a lot of colonization equipment they haven’t been reliant on any external funding help and seem to have the best start on colonies with their expertise. Finally there is a showing from the Alnae military who have come to help out the effort and are the major shipper for Siwa’s materials utilizing the Alnae fleet implying Siwa itself has ties to the Alnae for this project.

In regards to SV2, not particularly feasible simply because no one wants to rebuild something that still works fine enough, it was rebuilt early on during the collapses of the earth anyways.

Fred doesn’t have much else going on. He’s led a fairly civilian life, went to school, graduated, put on a suit and started working in an office. His psionic abilities are mostly innate and though he was trained in the art during his higher education his talent as an illithid is responsible for most of his abilities. He has only worked for minor houses across Shetou and was technically just working for a company office within that house’s territory so he doesn’t have any interesting connections there. All things considered he’s fairly normal all around except for his experience in the business field and track record of profitability.

Sethis Tyne

As a freebie, Julius and Vaeri figure out to pick up the lead Tess found an update or two ago that no one reacted to. Though given the nature of this, they’re essentially missing to avoid detection and now both of the division’s major spooks are not going to be around for awhile.

On the black market front, Sophia has won her little territory war on V-Thenica giving her room to breath and continue to set up operations further. Aggressive expansion has her sending gangsters to other planets with a particularly known criminal scene to get a bit more presence over a large distance and keep an ear to the ground.

Luci Serrano

Ratings are up on the SR1 reports since it just turned into a real warzone. However, related to other rival broadcasters it hasn’t gone up quite as much. The suits have determined the audience you’ve built so far are a minority of people who care for fair reporting. Networks appealing to idiots and just showing military action and slapping a narrative on it they make up seem to be yielding more traffic.

Movie stuff still undergoing but so far all is going according to plan, filming is on SV3

Reporters attended some press releases recently. Including the announcement of Lusheria’s tour which they may have promoted in Sol Media’s outlets more then necessary. Also some astronomers report that within the year they expect to make contract with aliens, this has stirred up a lot of people as the countdown nears. People have a mix of general fear the governments will mess it up thanks to movies, and perhaps a few nerds are a little too excited overall.

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