The holiday season is not good for momentum

Another financial cycle has passed, the hiring roster has cycled as well as those previously on it have found other work. Ask Kala for new hiring options if desired. Also everyone’s companies had profits increased, but I did all the spreadsheet work and forgot to write it down on here so there’s no little +4 indicator like usual cuz I forgot what the old numbers were.

Also extra money laying around has gone up 1,230,000 after all expenses were accounted for.

Stories of Lore 3

Yenneiros Whitetalon

For the time being Song has your forces on SR1 Alpha guarding positions her clan takes over so she can focus on offense.

Mordekai Aberhoff

The cult on Luna has been able to schmooze in with the house wives to continually expand their presence on the moon as well as available blank idiots. Not many of the ones prone to weird cult stuff are the kind of wives with serious involvement with their husbands business however. The information gained from their membership isn’t of immediate value to the corporate world but the in-house details of various businessmen could prove useful in the future if specific information as that should prove necessary. Though there is a businessman involved in some colonial affairs you might be able to sell some filters. Drug sales are also up on Luna due to easily suggested housewives.

On the downside, the more open operations of the cult have drawn the attention of some of their relatives. While in most cases this isn’t an issue, one of the housewives had a daughter with a friend who took a sudden interest in the cult. Judging by her constant skepticism and military background, the Luna cult of yoga might be being watched a little closer then you would like.

In the quest for infiltration of forensic labs, Kala has determined this is going to require finding a new recruit to do it. Specifically one who goes through the proper educational path to get the job, which could take years if you send someone else to do it. Though the types of people to be pursuing that degree on their own are less likely to be interested in selling out the information. There is also the option of approaching a veteran of the field who is a bit more easily swayed by cash incentives.

Edric Vandross

For all of Fred’s business savvy, the SV3 colonizers are not particularly open to the utilization of outside influences. They are veteran colonizers and have learned not to share power with bigger forces unless necessary, it is likely they intend to maintain independence as long as possible. Fred did convince them to use Divinity Vaults for their banking needs though, primarily because its the only bank that set up shop in the colonies already so transactions between colonies are easiest with DV. With them joining in, most of the other colonizers also opted for divinity vaults with a bit of salesmanship. As a consequence of this, deep in the backroom of paperwork someone caught something of interest. The Jelwe Labs colony is receiving an awful lot of money from Desoir, and one of the smaller independents is actually sending money to Selona. Siwa Technologies itself is pulling a lot of money from Solvang’s banks.

The raiders successfully picked up another ship and expanded the crew appropriately. Ikeshia buddied up with the pandem pirate Halaestra, which is a cruiser. While perhaps not Ikeshia’s first choice of comrade, Halaestra is the ship’s original captain and was rescued by the raiders. Soon after the operation, Halaestra murdered all of her own crew for having witnessed what the drow did to her on the ship. Whether she was embarassed or didn’t want to work with people who had seen her beaten is unknown, but Ikeshia notes she is quite vicious. The Raiders of Abbathor are crewing her ship for now until she can pick up her own crew.

This puts the new captain in a peculiar position. Halaestra is not terribly subtle and Ikeshia isn’t sure she can trust the pandem pirate for long, let alone with the secret of her employer. However, since Halaestra murdered all of her own crew she is reliant on Ikeshia’s crew to fly her ship since as a pandem user she can’t do it herself which gives Ikeshia leverage for now. The issue with that is Halaestra is only aware of Ikeshia as the ring-leader, and Halaestra is a more powerful pirate then the quiet elf pilot. As long as Halaestra is unaware of the conspiracy the temptation to mutiny Ikeshia might be particularly high, but making her aware of it could have other problems.

Sethis Tyne

Sophia has a few insider tips regarding the Selona territory. First off, Selona isn’t a traditional gang and operates mainly by selling stuff to crime gangs to resell to others in other locations with the exception of some of its higher end stuff that smaller gangs won’t be able to sell. She can actually sell their stuff in her own territories and operate small time within Selona’s own territory as long as she keeps those smaller operations in check from pissing them off. Secondly, her old boss had a connection to Selona and by proxy she knows how to approach him as well. Meaning if her mysterious new boss should want access to serious weapons, she can arrange for them to be sent back to the Nah division (that she doesn’t know exists, she just assumes whoever you guys are you might want Selona’s brand of firepower). Y’know, in case you ever want to buy a tank or advanced super illegal shuttles. Though she does seem timid at the suggestion, the idea of dealing with Selona obviously makes her nervous but dealing with you seems to make her nervous as well.

Meanwhile, Nah division points out that no one seems to know where Selona is getting all this stuff it sells. Its not a garage operation, somewhere in the system has to exist a network of factories for Selona to operate the way it does. Sol Media might be able to do something interesting in investigating that.

Vaeri and Julius are still unheard from.

Luci Serrano

People are still on tour and movies are still being made. Exme continues to report on the SR-1 conflict.

The suits who have on idea what the budget really looks like keep pitching more ideas for shows and movies with the startup of the production studio that is producing some movie. The same guy who suggested the easy cash in on the comedy movie to get a foot in the door of the industry wants Exme’s footage to produce a documentary on the SR-1 conflict with leftover footage. Purely because it would be cheap to just use the news footage and probably make at least something that at least breaks even, but also it would boost the studio’s reputation since you seem to like doing that. Though Kala warns that at this rate that faceless suit guy might get a face.

Not much else going on since you just stare at developments and ignore all the plot hook potential, lazy Tess.

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