You dicks and your Thursday night fill ins.

As requested Kala searched around on behalf of Vandross for admiralcy candidates Sam highrolled it into a person who’d be useful to anyone really. Also psionic thrown in as per Johnson’s request, so go check the hiring page.

Stories of Lore 4

Yenneiros Whitetalon

War continues, fill in your sheet the day after instead of the day before dang it.

Mordekai Aberhoff

You too. Kala found some psionic for you in the hiring section. More details on cult activity come when i can work on it over the week.

Edric Vandross

Ikesha went a little rogue in offering Halaestra a job as the Noctis captain and instead made her the seemingly ranking commander of the Raiders entirely.

Meanwhile back on SV3, Alnae seems to have actually shown up beyond transporting Siwa’s stuff. Establishing the major port for travel and seem to be establishing the area as part of their Sovereignty. Experts predict this will accelerate the new colony’s growth but will also attract their most notorious criminal parasites.

+4 bonus profits for filling the thing out quickly. This shows business initiative apparently.

Sethis Tyne

Bad news is Jhaeros was able to close in on his target before enough defenses against him could be prepped. Good news is Vanjin murdered him faster.

Vaeri and Julius get back just after faceless teams leave to go find them in Necrosi. So now a faceless team is looking around lost and confused somewhere out there. Their adventures in Necrosi might have been a story of lore if I hadn’t written so much about Vanjin instead. Long story short, there’s a colony now blown half to pieces and Vaeri is amazed in the sheer number of ways Julius can use explosions to kill things stealthily. From what they gathered, the people your predecessors on the board pissed off are a less so grand conspirators countering your efforts to fulfill their own conspiracy and rather a coalition of people out for revenge over the deaths of people they rather liked. Almost as if in perfect timing, or as if you hit a quest trigger, this lunatic has been giving Sophia and the sniper teams a lot of trouble.

+4 profits, black market going well…and sheet was filled out in a sane amount of time.

Luci Serrano

Added character to your company page. He recommends looking into other non media businesses so you have more to do during updates.

Also +4 profits for filling sheet out quickly, business initiatives.

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