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Yenneiros Whitetalon

The war on SR1 finally came to a close when Song Clan and the mercs took enough of the orbitals to allow the Dragon’s reach to open fire on the other fleet. Though instead of a naval slugfest the other house retreated back into space before engaging with Song Clan’s fleet as that was suicidal. Gheir has recruited Cerys Anahi to Madhammer before setting off back to HQ and then off to SV3 to train with the Raiders of Abbathor.

As predicted by the suits, profits dropped like a rock soon as it had to pay out all the mercs for completing the job (expect a rougher then normal financial report). Though on the upside it was still an overall profit from the contract with SR1 colonists that netted the gain of an awful lot of raw material. Technically it hasn’t turned a profit yet as the suits are just sitting on the materials waiting for an order on what to do with it all. Sell it or find some other purpose for the stuff.


Mordekai Aberhoff

Ragas Durz was hired remotely through an agent so she doesn’t have an idea who you are or what company she really works for and is now attending college on your dime. The Cosmic Force of All Things recommends you ensure her contact for orders is a psionic of some power so she doesn’t figure out whats going on by reading their mind. That or enlisting the Nah division to keep her wary of her true employers.

In minor news, there was a brief police investigation at one of the Alnae factories for the pharmaceuticals company when a break in attempt resulted in a few people being killed by Nib Okzunas’ latest security invention being a little bit more powerful then intended. While no serious recourse has been taken against Nib or Expansive Psionics, it was funny. Also expansive psionics sales have increased for +6 profits.

The cult manages to increase its profits by +2 now that its selling knick knacks and doo dads which help its various cult leaders keep up their operations with a little less money from you to keep maintaining itself.

Despite the selling of gimmick items Vajor still seems to be keeping an eye on the ongoing activities of the cult on Luna. Most notably Alnae psionics have been seen keeping an eye on things around the city.

Edric Vandross

The Raiders are off near SV3 doing training stuff with Madhammer. Despite Setani’s appointment to Admiral her ideas of what to do next keep conflicting with Halaestra and Ikesha winds up as mediator.

Investing in shipyards isn’t too hard but finding one for peculiar use of refitting stolen ships is the tricky part as most tend to operate alongside major governments due to those being the main buyers for big ships, with the exception of those who specialize in frigates that civilians often buy. Since the suits don’t necessarily know your actual plans involving them the ones they recommend don’t really fit the purposes you might be particularly interested in. The most notable of shipyards in the system belong to Alnae or Sharen but they aren’t exactly looking for investors at this point. Among the startups however, SV3 stands out as it has small facilities the independent colonists like to use primarily for repair and maintenance as opposed to construction due to their smaller budget. But given this planet’s history they are keen to try and make more stuff to sell on the trade based world.

In regards to erasing ship ID’s: Solvang can do it pretty cheap. However, doing it without their help proves insanely difficult and even shipyards have a hard time doing it as the enchantments that make up an ID are similar to the APT tattoos (and the arcanist world made defense easier then offense, which extends to hacking). So it’ll take awhile and maybe an expert (like Nib or something) to get your own shipyards doing that, but Solvang can do it cheap until then.

I’m assuming you meant SZ4 everytime you said SV3. SZ4 is the ice world Siwa is colonizing, SV3 is the barren rock that has become a trade based economy. Some of the potential major players there are obviously the project manager for Siwa who is fairly elusive and spends most of their time within the Siwa facility, likely because its cold and barren outside. The Alnae officer overseeing construction of the port and maintaining the colonies also stands out as a potential VIP especially as Fred pushes for Alnae’s Sovereignty over the area. Details on these characters are slim though as the bankers aren’t exactly private investigators and can only detail financial information which has been covered before.

Banking investigation so it doesn’t make a wall of text

Sethis Tyne

Vanjin gets indoctrinated into the agency and particularly bases out of V-Thenica at the agent hideout near Sophia since that was who she saved in her last mission, so the agency has deemed that a new agent such as herself should just be kept in the area she already knows as not to expand her knowledge of the operation too quickly.

Vaeri reports in that basically your predecessors killed off a bunch of people who obstructed their general plan. These enemies originated from Alnae though its unclear exactly who was killed to get these people pissed off enough to go rogue from their own empire. The reason it became such a shadowy group is that no one believed them about the conspiracy theory since the corporation that makes up the Gauntlet isn’t exactly the shadiest in appearance so they were just called nutjobs. Toxyn is one of them and definitely one of the more dangerous members.

Julius and Vanjin are struggling on the Toxyn front. Though Vanjin is pretty sure Toxyn knows who the nah division is because they keep knowing where to strike and how to avoid them. Toxyn operates similarly to the division itself and is almost non-existent until they choose to strike. The Nah division is looking through security at what civilians might actually be this masked attacker in secret under Vanjin’s advice, though its not helping to narrow things down too much at the moment.

Luci Serrano

In regards to your mining startup. The first part to get through is pinning down where to mine. You can put all your startup funds into a survey ship (Or consider getting the pirate raiders to steal you some on the cheap if they can)  or contact existing companies to look into some stuff for you.

Mineral surveying companies come in three flavors. Alnae, Shetou, and Neutral businesses. Technically none are associated with the governments directly but the company is based in those nationalities. Alnae has access to the cheapest active options allowing you to hire survey teams to comb a planet or area of space at 250k per expedition. Shetou’s are more expensive at 400k per expedition, but their familiarity with the underdark and tendency to tunnel makes them much more thorough if you can trust them to actually hand over the data of the best finds to only you. Neutral colonies also offer their services and come in somewhere in the middle despite having less advanced tech then either one, so while the worst buy for active surveying they are at least neutral. However, they also offer a different service entirely, they’ve already surveyed more then they can use as a small neutral colony and sell the data of places they’ve already scanned. For example, they have a survey claim offered at 1.5 million, but its not a sweep of an area its an already found mineral deposit of value. You’d be buying the coordinates instead of the service of seeing if an area has anything. Due to this business model you can buy finds in asteroid belts, or on a planet. Though you pick by plane not planet given they don’t necessarily have anything on every possible planet. In Summary: Alnae is cheap and efficient, Shetou is expensive but extremely effective, Neutral options are already found claims or just companies who will survey the things you want without really being involved with the empires.

The slave market is most notable in Shetou (where it isn’t illegal) and labor force slaves are fairly cheap but require careful maintenance. The most cost effective laborers from Shetou are demons who have been enslaved through arcane magic, this may require you to keep an Arcanist on staff to do so (and make sure they’re not big on ethics). As another option the faceless suits note you can buy golem robotics from Alnae factories. Demons come in at roughly 150,000 per demon while robotics run up to 400,000 but there is the consideration of the expense of the demon slavekeepers. So the larger the operation gets the more cost effective robotics start to look even with maintenance costs.

In other news Lush’s tour seems to have concluded around Alnae and some other areas which has done well for her profitability. She’s back in the studio lately with some of the producers working on their next bright idea. Lush’ profits increased +12.

Sol Media Records has also expanded by +4 from its other projects though they aren’t marketing any of them as hard as Lush just yet.

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