A holiday quickie

Due to holiday spending an additional 5 million has been made for the pool!

Also stories of lore should be in the next update or two once less holiday season shenanigans are going around.

Yenneiros Whitetalon

Materials from SR1 are being sold off to buyers on the market. After accounting for the expenses of paying off the mercs total profits add 4,562,000 credits to the gauntlet account. There is still an estimated value of 8,000,000 (rounded) in materials on hand but will take another update or three to finish selling off, particularly due to shipping.

At the moment Song doesn’t have anything for the mercs to do as she’s headed back home to deal with paperwork. So training on battle forts is underway, though this is an expensive project because setting up forts in field can be more expensive then just building a wooden palisade back in the roman days.

Mordekai Aberhoff

You already set up filter deals and profits went up during your vacation, so reviewing those you met during it proves to be a little redundant.

People are working on the app thing, though expect two/three financial updates before its development is complete and can go live.

Psionic tech progress: 6 (This number will make more sense later, for now just writing it to track the progress).

Edric Vandross

Kala found you some ship wiper dude.

Christmas cheer abounds as the raiders manage to capture a basic survey ship to get sold off to Serrano, the cost of buying this off them on Serrano’s end was taken out of christmas profits already for easy paperwork.

Shipyard expansion on SV3 could be expensive as the place is currently mostly used to service frigates, adding larger docks would take a lot of material. Hightower projects a cost of about 16,000,000 between supplies and labor over the course of three to four financial updates. While the SV3 shipyards, owned by Star Horizons, aren’t doing too bad on their own it isn’t a major location for larger ships due to the economy of the planet below focusing on a more tourist focus then large shipments of goods. As such Star Horizons aren’t as interested in the particular cost of the upgrades which means it’d take an investment from DV to really see that happen. The result would be a 30% control over the company’s shipyard and they will at least be interested in the hiring of additional personnel to cover the ongoing cost of the expansion.

Gellix isn’t really useful at surveying space for places to build a secret base, he could probly find a planet surface to hide on but has little experience with asteroids. Setani suggests a mobile base and just hijacking a huge carrier, but most of her suggestions lately involve “lets get a giant ship”. On the upside, this doesn’t take much expertise if you want a big random chunk of space in the middle of nowhere. Space is big, just pick a direction and go until you hit an asteroid.

The quest for a middle man continues. Kala suggests just having Sophia do this, one less middle man means the profits stay better and it would help her expand her operations. She’s not exactly in Shetou but Tyne is trying to make her expand to other places and the slave trade can be pretty black market at times.


Sethis Tyne

Johnson didn’t reply on the psionic cult cell thing.

The Toxyn thing will be in the upcoming stories of lore after the holiday “lazy gm” season. For now rest assured its a general pain in the ass.

The improvements in secret efforts probably paid off given that Toxyn clearly knows who the division is. The nah division manages to be a conspiracy hidden from the general public and major governments, though the bomber group definitely still knows it exists. Hence Toxyn has been such a pain in the ass.

Luci Serrano

The neutral survey location actually leads to an asteroid belt on the Rixa plane in the middle of goddamned nowhere, approximately between SR1 and SR2 in terms of orbital space, receives a lot of sunlight. Good for solar panels.

SV4 is being surveyed by Shetou as requested. Progress updates to come.

The slaves and ships thing is getting underway, a survey ship was acquired recently by the pirates though the slave part is still being worked on. Generally you don’t have a crew of slaves crew their own stolen ship, its a bad mix for forced labor.

Sol News hires a new caster who is obviously boosting ratings because they’re pretty.

The comedy movie attempt is wrapping up post production and should be airing soon. The suggestion for musicals proves to baffle the suits but they’re looking into what they can do with that. On the upside Sol media’s talent can be brought into it.

Kala is still working on that hero request as thats a bit of a bizarre one and the GM’s art library didn’t have anything spectacular in that field.

(Totally not) Sol Gaming startup is underway though its currently just a small indie team since there hasn’t been a huge investment in it.


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