A new year

Yenneiros Whitetalon

Military Engineer recruit

Profits increased due to shady anti piracy techniques.

Mordkeai Aberhoff

The course is stayed and the DM didn’t roll any strange events for you to deal with.

Mhaldaru’s profits have gone up and thus by technicality yours as an investor

Psionic Tech Progress: 9

Edric Vandross

It’ll cost a couple million in order to put a base on the asteroid but they found a neat one as requested.

Gellix and the combat training reveals that he’s really more suited to land battles. As a gnoll he can move very quickly and track people to some extent, but in the confines of a ship his speed just hits  a wall and all the pressure suits and metal interiors make sniffing things out a bit difficult. He’s not a terrible fighter but he doesn’t particularly excel at the task like Jezraema.

The task of sending the raiders after a ship that would be fitting is ongoing, mainly because the kinds of ship you want for the nah division also happen to be hard to find. Such ships aren’t popping up on the Solvang boards at the moment either so the search continues.

Schmoozing Alnae’s higher class continues to prove difficult as elves are little less prone to social manipulation then humans due to their extremely long term planning. Also as Alnae has a government backed bank, DV doesn’t have much to offer in terms of connections.

Raiders are busy looking for that nah ship to steal, not doing so well expanding and prepping for flagship raiding.

Sethis Tyne

Cult members sent to investigate Toxyn. Efforts ongoing as they can’t just find her by blind poking without at least one member making contact with her at least once so they know what they’re looking for other then “person with a mask.”

Can’t really borrow the ships they hijack and also retrofit it, at that point you’d be buying it. Though for now its on their to-do list on ships to look out for as they are still being kept to survey ships and small targets to gain xp  by Vandross.

Psionic mindreader: Richard black is still on the list. Though for the sake of options since no one seems to want that hot mess, here is another.

Luci Serrano

The initial premieres for the comedy movie are finally live. Audience reception is lukewarm but from a business perspective any profit is better then lose money at the least. And despite its lukewarm attempt it didn’t nose dive off a cliff so production on future projects can begin. With this wrapping up casting has begun for a musical which will feature Lusheria given her tour wrapped up anyways and she’s getting some popularity these days.

The mining start up is still under the phase of construction after arriving at the asteroid plot as the infrastructure to mine in space takes a bit of setup. Expect lower profits while the startup investment goes in.


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