What’s everyone up to?

Financial Report is in.

(current)20,552,000 + (Income)11,860,000 – (upkeep)9,800,000 + (transactions)27,930,000 = (New Balance) 50,542,000

Stories of Lore 5

Yenneiros Whitetalon

Cerys Anahi has undergone full military training to compliment her armed resistance experience and now works as a corporal for madhammer within Gheir’s Regiment. +1/+2 to base stats from training.

William Roberts continues to work on securing contracts for Madhammer to increase profits overall. Not that much to write about as no one cares about the fine art of contracting and schmoozing.

Gheir recently trained with the Raiders of Abbathor to help them figure out how to take ships. Since then he’s been lurking around headquarters waiting for the next big gig as his regiment tends to just break apart and do small jobs until his command position is required. That and he makes enough to just take it easy until then.

Metal finish being sold off from the SR1 payment. +46,000,000

William Roberts seals some deals. +3 profit.

Mordekai Aberhoff

Faye is still working as security around the factories.

Nib continues to build dangerously experimental defense systems and seems to try a little too hard to make them undetectable, as if he were trying to entice people to try and rob the place so he can see if they work as desired.

Ragas is going to college.

App finished development and launches on store.

Psionic tech progress +2

Aerovent Filters profits +2
Expansive Psionics profits +6

Edric Vandross

Fred is continually working on schmoozing around Alnae and the SZ4  colony project to get in closer to the project on the ground level. Though he does all of this over comms because he’d rather not go stand around in a frozen wasteland if he can avoid it.

Gellix is still with the pirates and just kind of hanging out, he’s a basic crewmember and hasn’t really found any way to stand out. Though he still pulls his weight just fine, just remains unremarkable next to the three crazy bitches.

Halaestra continues to plan and direct the Raider’s general missions. Her notoriety is growing faster then Setani’s purely because Halaestra was already a known name and her pandem monstrosity tends to make it really easy to tell a horror story about how you lost your ship to some pirates rather then explaining that some overpowered demon bitch slapped you.

Jezraema still mostly follows around Ikesha with little else to do given that she is still technically property and really doesn’t have much else to go to anyways.

Ikeshia remains the pilot of the secondary ship and is still as quiet as ever. Most of the focus of the crew has been on Halaestra and Setani.

Setani has been an active force in taking ships but she and Halaestra’s positions are somewhat clunky. Though Setani has been declared Admiral, Halaestra is the one who calls most of the shots since she knows what she is doing and has her ship. They don’t get along spectacularly well.

Construction on the asteroid base has begun.

The raiders still haven’t high-rolled into finding a stealth cruiser.

There aren’t many other new ongoing colonization projects other then the raw expansion of the existing ones on the various planes. Suits predicted that the upcoming first contact may lead to interstellar colonization projects, something Desoir has been known to already be looking into and even sent people in stasis towards stars already just on the off chance they don’t beat them there somehow.

Divinity Vaults Profits +4
Hightower Industries profits + 3
Pirates Profit dice +3
Solvang Membership fees increased to 1.3m due to new ship and crew expansion

Sethis Tyne

The “batman trio” has been hanging out together a lot in the pursuit of Toxyn, though that has become more and more complicated as time goes on. Toxyn still uses the same general tactics of randomly appearing and messing stuff up, though pinpointing her locations and methods reveals no particular pattern.

Madhammer doesn’t have much in the ways of new guns for the sniper teams. They aren’t weapon’s producers so much as users. Siwa Technologies and Selona are the major players in the field of fancier guns, with Siwa specializing more towards big mech and vehicle weapons though.

Kala sets up the intel department, consulting with Vaeri for a lot of the infrastructure.

The shipyard isn’t really blackmailable, its a small indie shipyard at the neutral world of SV3. It hasn’t really even had the opportunity to create dirt to dig up, which is why its easy and inexpensive to invest in it in the first place. At best some of the current owners have peculiar vices but SV3 is a world built on that so not much going on there.

In the quest for a fancy stealth cruiser there area few options on the market end. House Sharen produces the best in this regard with no real competition, cruisers capable of cloaking from every possible spectrum and highly mobile. But they cost upwards of 50 million. Selections from less specialized manufacturers fall into the 20 million range and often have a spectrums they aren’t perfectly cloaked against. The most common being a weakness to being found by anyone who can detect Incarnum Essentia from the ranges that space operates in as this is the most difficult thing to hide and obviously if you have people on board then you have it. On the upside, people who can detect that are rare and the only people known to be able to do it work for the Song Clan.

Black Market profits +6

Luci Serrano

Bill Chekov works on the musical project, taking in market data and hiring writers to produce the rough draft of the script and begin casting. The other suits prefer to keep working on the news station angle of things. Bill is now pitching an idea for a running series to air on the same domain as the news station to expand Sol Media into a channel as well. He never stops pitching ideas. His argument is that the big money that draws investors is to invest in a big company rather then a news station. Thus by expanding the amount of crap Sol Media is involved in the larger it gets as a company and also the more windfall it has if something it tries doesn’t go well. Of course this suggestion is a lil out of place given that he’s shotgunning ideas of expansion which could all “not go well”.

Lusheria is involved in the musical and has taken time off touring, though maintains a SolTube channel to keep relevant with her fans.

Exme continues to travel around looking for interesting news stories, as well as assigning the others to various places of interest. She herself is currently at SR3 looking into the general feelings people have about the idea of first contact coming soon.


Alnae viewership ratings and trust in the news is based a lot on government approval of it. Average civilians can’t call the AIC whenever they want but government employees can, so when the mayor says something is true or untrue people tend to be swayed by that since (in their minds) that authority figure likely has access to the AIC.

Approaching the government doesn’t go all that well as to them you’re just another news station. They aren’t exactly hostile to the idea but the secretary is paid to be polite and pleasant. As far as the suits can tell, they aren’t really interested in working directly with a news organization. This likely, again, ties into the AIC’s network.

As for smaller news companies, could always “sponsor” some SolTubers and web blogs though if they’re small enough to acquire they aren’t terribly relevant on the large scale to you yet.

Sol Media Profits +8
Sol Records profits +5
Lusheria Profits +1
Sol Mining expenses -8



Oh and there are aliens now. Happy new year. Update clocks in at 5 minutes after their arrival.

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