The Invasion part 1

SR3 has fallen to the alien completely, all ships in orbit were destroyed. Space stations became high speed space debris circling the planet and its moons have seen smaller clusters of aliens spread across their surface. It consumes and destroys everything it comes across. Alnae cannot figure out how to kill the swarms thanks to every failed excursion being unable to report back before disappearing. All attempts to communicate with it have failed and interplanetary missiles have been launched. Because all communication has been cut off with the destruction of every relay around the planet and the alien’s own ability to mess with scrying, they have no idea if the missiles have even done anything at all. Desoir has pressured Shetou into at least sending barrages of interplanetary warheads toward the planet as well. Jaal’Darya has been paid off to launch every conceivable biological and chemical weapon they can at the place but still no scouts have managed to get a visual or even a scan and report back.

After four weeks, efforts have begun focusing on defense in case it moves to the next planet, Rixa-Thenica is the nearest one to SR3. Alnae, Shetou, Desoir, and Madhammer have started stepping up recruitment to build massive armies to prepare to deal with the situation. The political situation has become tense, with the loss of SR3 Alnae has been dealt a crippling blow since SR3 was acting as their new capital and had the bulk of their military forces. Shetou’s Sharen fleet is now hovering around Rixa-Thenica with claims to help repel the alien invasion but they aren’t moving towards SR3, just staying around Thenica. Alnae is trapped between two enemies, if they send all their remaining forces to fight at SR3 then Shetou’s forces will have an opening to end the Alnae Empire’s existence and strike at Thenica itself, if they even choose to wait for that opening.

Shetou has concerned itself with the preparation of its forces for the defense of Zonaricht-Thenica in case it hops planes and hits the capital of humanoids, that or the assault of Alnae on Thenica. They don’t seem to want to charge in to SR3 to confront the mothership, even if Laesaaria Val’hari argues that they should the other house leaders refuse to do so except for House Song and House Sarghess. Though Song has mysteriously chosen not to go charging into it immediately and Sarghess won’t go alone. It seems that the alien has created an opening for the centuries of war between empires to end very suddenly and because of this both are somewhat frozen in place and while they are visibly readying for war with the alien neither are making a further move besides long range missiles.

Oddyssey 1 part 1

Yenneiros Whitetalon

Madhammer has begun to increase its recruitment efforts. However, Colonel Gheir and his platoon were approached by an unknown female demon. Afterward, Gheir stopped paying attention to sorting out new recruits. He picked up Baudelaire, Anahi, and several literal tons of military supplies, the most elite members of Madhammer, and flew off to SR2 leaving a note. They’d gotten a gig to deal with the alien. He didn’t stick around to see if his bosses would approve or not, but at least he was nice enough to leave a note explaining he was going to head out to a strike team that was launching in four days instead of waiting for the turtle strategy. The rookie who last saw him reported he left aboard the Dragon’s Reach in good spirits, saying that there was no time for preparation and paperwork anymore. The business suits note he really should have talked to some superiors before going, but he did take a lot of Madhammer stuff with him that has the logos painted on. Instead of trying to reprimand the merc, the suits have decided these are dire times and instead they would prepare a PR campaign around Gheir as if to say “hey we did something” to improve the company’s value to make up for the potential loss of all that equipment.

The battlefort division has been prepped for deployment, and then abducted by Gheir and Song clan out of seemingly nowhere. Technical deployment achieved. Suits aren’t really happy with the sudden absconding with the company’s newest assets along with a lot of their old expensive ones, though William Roberts is savvy enough to lead the corporate board through maximizing what they can off the situation instead of trying to recover. Generally when hotheaded mercs go rogue like that there isn’t much a guy in a suit can do to tell them to turn around, so instead Roberts focuses on getting the most positive spin possible out of the situation.

Mordekai Aberhoff

Nib assures you all of his systems are designed to meet all safety regulations for the employees. And the big one aren’t even turned on until after hours anyways so what is there to worry about?

The app is rated decently but fails to draw a lot of traffic due to the premise not being spectacularly appealing. Its a bit too messagey and competes with a flood of similar apps from around the system that are just cute and cartoony, much easier to draw the eye to when the game design itself isn’t all that stand-out. Its only slightly below average in popularity but average is not so great at drawing in tons of people.

Spokesperson of the cult isn’t too hard, you just pick one at random who matches the profile. All cult circle leaders are charismatic in their own way as they are able to recruit people to a weird hippy cult in the first place. Zex Rirug.

Mhaldaru foods’ own CEO has started focusing on providing food to relief efforts for the flood of refugees from SR3. The suits in back are looking into said famous master chef and better machinery though the machines weren’t exactly sub-par to begin with.

Freer is a weird word. Anyways yeah they start working on that.


Edric Vandross

About 75% the personnel on SR3 made it to a ship and got their way to SR1, the other 25% were closer to the alien and were never heard from. Judging by the survivors witness testimony, they’re probably dead.

SV3’s space station is easily invested in, given the current duress of the alien invasion money to keep building isn’t really questioned all that much. With the stated goals delivered by Fred, they’re ready to roll even if far away from the crisis they suspect it will grow and SV3 will have its share of refugees. The following weeks in which SR3 would be completely consumed focus would shift due to the moons not being as pressured and more people evacuating from there.

The Raiders have suddenly gone AWOL. Ikesha, Gellix, and Jezraema are left sitting on the Nothic while Halaestra and Setani suddenly disappeared with Ikesha’s smaller frigate. She reported the disappearance of the two heavy hitters, but she was unceremoniously punched into a wall when they absconded together with the frigate leaving most of the crew behind on the Nothic. It was hard to stop those two in particular and they took the ship very quickly. Suffice to say the hunt for the stealth ship is a bit hampered.

Yes Sharen can outfit a ship cheaper then build a new one. Though they are drow experts in ships, there is the ever present paranoia that Sharen would be able to still track the ship after outfitting it. But their shipyards for all intents and purposes will happily take your money to fix up a ship with stealth tech.

Selona proves hard to contact these past few weeks. Even Sophia doesn’t know whats going on over there. The alien attack hit Alnae’s biggest project, which means it was also Selona’s biggest project. They seem to be dealing with problems on that front.

Sethis Tyne

Vanjin left a note saying they went to go fight aliens after some old guy contacted her. On the upside the Toxyn problem has stopped being a problem in the meantime. It seems Toxyn has lost interest in you with the recent alien arrival. Vaeri thinks whatever just recruited Vanjin just recruited Toxyn as well.

Luci Serrano

Fortunately Sol Media has footage of the alien arrival thanks to Exme being able to survive its landing. Unfortunately contact with her was cut off when all the satellites and relays were destroyed that cut off contact for everyone else. The last she was heard from, Exme was watching the alien patterns up close since they have a hard time hurting her. This proves useful though as Sol Media has the last footage to leave the planet and Exme sent the most up-close shots. The flip side of this is that footage is horrifying and incites panic.

The studio starts working on a settlier life series, though it’ll be a bit before it comes out with its first season.

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