The mini update

Invasion part 2 is taking a bit to work on, and soome people were a bit late throwing things into the spreadsheet. This week requires your actions to be posted before monday or keep them minor as part 2 involves 30+ pages of stuff (so far). As it turns out arcanist takes a lot more effort to update then ascension, and ascension already took a lot. Though if you’re gonna forget to post anything, this is the week to do so as a lot is going on anyways.

Yenneiros Whitetalon

It actually proves pretty easy to find work right about now as a lot of rich people are concerned about their assets right now, there’s more work then you have personnel available to cover. Given the current panic not only about the alien but about the potential collapse of empires and all. Profits are up +15. The suits have been favoring contracts in raw resources like with SR1 since alien attacks and the potential collapse of governments means all currencies are in danger of “market changes”.

People are pretty sure Gheir is going to have the highest alien kill count by default since he already left to deploy with a platoon at them as opposed to taking security contracts where they may or may not show up. And since there are more jobs then can be handled, resources are too thin to send other squads at aliens.

Mordekai Aberhoff

Eventually a few psions who have known Exme show up for trying to contact her. Contacting her proves a somewhat sketchy thing overall though as she’s in the middle of an ongoing alien invasion and has a hard time focusing, but contact is achieved! She’s still on SR3 and didn’t evacuate, her nature as a shade left her too curious to leave with everyone else and she’s relatively difficult for them to eat so she’s been getting by.

Mhaldaru foods helps out with the refugee situation and stock value goes up a bit over the course of it due to the value of the brand name.

Edric Vandross

Raiders manage to steal some easy stuff and a few refugees disappear over the course of evacuation efforts of SR3’s moons. Conveniently this doesn’t leave much of a trail since people just assume the evacuated folk died on the planet.

Obviously the Setani based transfer will take a bit to do much with since she is away on alien business.

Sethis Tyne

Drug empire is doing fairly well, not because of grief stricken relatives or anything but because its the end of the damned world. So people opt for drugging out like elders with nothing to worry about shortening their lifespan.

Orders have been deployed for Vanjin (and Setani from mezzy) to try and get that toxyn bitch while on the mission.

Luci Serrano

I’m 90% sure you put that party in super late because the last time i worked on the last update your final words were “sparkle”. Though the party goes fine enough, it doesn’t quite reach the expected turnout due to the ongoing alien crisis and Exme is still on SR3.

You acquire some web news resources.

Meanwhile the mining facilities are almost operational and minor mining has begun.

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