The Invasion Part 2

The Thousand Legends Part 2 <- update info comes after story


With the defeat of the alien swarm a new empire would rise to power by subjugating that alien. Led by the new emperor Indal, while its still a bit small to compare to the other two empires the resources it gained access to could prove capable of rapid expansion. Before the end of the event though, the data collected by the scientists seeking to defeat the alien had been distributed as they didn’t know they would be turning it into their new weapon. This has started an arms race within the other empires to develop technology for combating those aliens with the information they have on it.

Atop of this the alien’s themselves have become the subject of study for many people across the system. Most importantly are those trying to research what magic may have been used by them but little results have been made on that field by any other then Valdir due to lack of access to it.

Several people of power from around the system have been trying to arrange deals with Valdir for various purposes of research as well, results on that are ongoing. Though it is known to you directors that Siwa Technologies has been constructing weapons that are great at killing the aliens to sell to the scared masses. Other then that we haven’t gotten word from the little birds on what the others are trying to research or produce.

Yenneiros Whitetalon

During the battle some shit went down. In the aftermath Cerys Anahi has become plagued by strange PTSD episodes where she will suddenly zone out and start mumbling to herself about nonsense and walking around looking for dark spaces to hide in. Gheir has noticed if he just turns off the lights to whatever room she is in she’ll stop moving entirely and just stand there staring into the darkness for hours at a time. He’s come to the general conclusion that she’s no longer fit for employment as a mercenary but hasn’t told the suits about the situation yet. We only know because the directors have eyes everywhere.

Mordekai Aberhoff

The cults attempt to stay in contact with Exme has definitely helped to legitimize their presence as a bunch of psionic people in the public eye. During the invasion this played a critical role in keeping coverage on the event. Thanks to the cult’s work, recordings were able to be made of the battle as it transpired. This led to some mass panic within the system as those aliens were scary but also publicized the heroes work. Combined with recent media promoting discontent with the current status quo, this resulted in a lot of people picking up their stuff and heading out to SR3 to join the new empire during its fledgling and new phase in search of a new kind of life. Making the very sudden rise in power for the new empire partially ya’lls fault.

Though one member of the cult, one of the circle leaders, has started exhibiting strange behavior and likes to hide in dark places. Often inviting his whole circle to do so with him which has started to spread this symptom of potential truma to all members of his circle. It appears by being in constant contact with Exme during the events, they inherited some of the ptsd several veterans of the battle are suffering from.

Edric Vandross

Stocks for Hightower have gone up. With the recent interest in settler life thanks to some media, there is currently an arms race to stock up on colonization gear and ships. Good thing you got that shipyard, but as it is only so large you’ll have to decide whether to start producing colony ships or keep shadow refitting the pirate captures, or dropping a ton of money into the shipyard to rapid upgrade it.

While there aren’t many immediate targets of interest for colonization, aliens prove there is something out there. Now we have not only the concrete proof of that, but we have the living alien itself sitting in the system under the control of a group of people. Even if they aren’t co-operative in sharing its secrets, history proves that this is the beginning of inevitable progress towards new technology one way or another. Some longer lived races and factions are preparing for the day we travel to new stars.

Sethis Tyne

With the absence, and now death, of Toxyn the attempt to entrench for her return proves unnecessary as Jhaeros has since disappeared as well. Though Vaeri suspects he’ll be back once he finds that Vanjin came home.

Vanjin’s return has left her a bit tired out. She’s just been lazing around the base on the couch for the most part if she’s not sleeping on her ship.

The suits have a potential problem with Vanjin though, she’s famous now. Thanks to the Cult of Lucidity there is footage of her being pretty badass floating around the net. This could prove a valuable asset as now she is well known but also a potential detriment to stealth if improperly applied. As a half elf-troll she is almost immediately recognizable to the general public. In general a face mask would do well to hide her identity, but you may have other creative applications to her available fame.

Luci Serrano

As a long term witness to the destruction of SR3, Exme Faythe has become unstable in the way that only a shade does. She has stopped doing her job entirely, she has also stopped answering calls or coming in to the office. The nah division kept tabs on her as well as the cult of lucidity, she’s just been in her home with the lights out for days doing what appears to be nothing.

The attempt to hire people to rescue Exme proves a bit moot as she made her way back home on her own, albeit see above bits.

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