Tech Rush

On break from story writing this week cuz the last one took too much effort.

Yenneiros Whitetalon

Business keeps on doing business things. These updates are within a pretty short span of time so financial report is still a bit out.

Checking in on Cerys shows she is fine on the physical front and seems completely normal during mental evaluations unless they ask her to talk about what happened. Then she starts babbling.

Gheir only reports having seen Cerys develop serious ptsd from the battle, the rest while shaken up are more or less fine. Though some stayed in the new empire.

Mordekai Aberhoff

Mhaldaru foods is doing pretty well and are packaging large quantities in preparation for the colonization boom everyone is sure is just around the corner.

Cult numbers are expanding after the publicity of keeping in contact with Exme during the invasion.

Aerovent Filters profits are up as this colonization boom requires filters.

Edric Vandross

Now are you looking for suitors who are useful as conspirators or useful as corporate puppets.

Profits are down while loans and a ton of money is dumped into infrastructure, though obviously this will likely yield greater profit in the future. Unless the dice hate you.

Shipyard is upgraded.

Siwa is all over that plan.

It doesn’t take long to get the new docks busy, though ships take awhile to get built when doing custom builds. The suits feel just mass producing a model in each dock would yield more profit, but there is something to be said for brand identity. Basically do you want to be Ford or Ferrari. On the upside to doing customs with just the two docks is you can appeal to hipsters since you physically can’t flood the market with your designs.

Attempts to offer to build stuff for Alnae looks most promising so far, Valdir seems uninterested. It has come to your attention they are being heavily courted by both Desoir and Sharen. Though they’re not having much luck either.


Sethis Tyne

Vanjin seems to have escaped unscathed from the horrors of war and doesn’t have the PTSD so many others have acquired. Also parasite free. Setting her back into the public as a bounty hunter seems easy enough for her now that she’s famous.

Input X money to get X Selona upgrades. Whatever number you’re thinking, add another zero or two. Their pistols cost 3500, but can punch through a police dropship. Keep in mind their infantry weapons do not work well for weaker races, in general elves break their wrists firing these things. Not so great for stealth to carry a bipod mounted heavy gun.

Investigative reports on Indal find that its highly unlikely he’s tied to your enemies. He’s literally been traveling the Abyss and Void for the last fifteen years challenging every big thing with teeth he found to a frank exchange of ideas. His few excursions back into the middle planes consist of supply runs. He ditched out of school, stole a firefighter’s axe, and disappeared into the lower planes when he was 16 and then we didn’t see much of him anymore until just recently. That’s about as far as the intel team looked into it unless you want to deep dig a teenagers life. The more interesting surface sweep was on his right hand man Kenin, a former special ops commander for a now-fallen Shetou house.

Battleship level stealth enchantments cost 10-15 million per unit. Largely due to the spectrum of things they have to protect from. Very rarely are ships identified in space via a telescope. The asteroid plan would depend on the size of the asteroid, just use battleships as your scale reference for now.

On the Kala headhunt requests:
Bryan King
Aryn Saphine

Luci Serrano

Your best people manage to figure out what is going on with Exme, and all other people suffering from the same condition by interviewing Valdir. Valdir’s people in the hive have figured out its the alien’s magic. Once higher level spells are both seen and focused on, or if something they call a Cosmic Entity is seen, it unlocks the understanding necessary for sol humanoids to use it. The problem is it is a bit overwhelming. Therapy doesn’t really help, though they say it’ll go away in a couple months if they aren’t exposed again. Though learning to actually use it would currently require studying with Valdir as no one else has the alien to teach them.

Boyfriend or boytoy? Conspirator or maintains-my-identity-as-not-illuminati?

The excess funds put into mining is yielding results as the asteroid miners are expanding.

Also yes you can buy a shipyard too if you want. Though you’ll want frigates for news crews not corvettes. See chat where mezzy posted dock costs and either use those to expand his existing one or add an extra 25 million to get the raw station the docks will be attached to built for the workers to use.

Elves specifically enjoy food that doesn’t make them overweight, so that doesn’t work too well. They’re very health-conscious because they live for centuries, so being overweight for them is much more dramatic of a health issue then it is for a human. That and they develop muscle with more difficulty then other races and have a harder time lugging fat around.

I’m just gonna wrap a whole bunch of that as “invest in Sol Media” more.

Musical still in production.

Non-photogenic secret investigations man

In interesting news tidbits, no one is really talking about the Raven suddenly releasing dozens of high powered serial killers who are now suddenly decorated military officers of Valdir because only Exme really ever reported on that place and the footage was never really released. With everything that is going on no one seems to notice the famous mass murderer who wrecked a city block with ice magic has become a member of Valdir’s inner circle either. Since you still have the footage from Exme’s expose, that’s something to consider what to do with.


Things going on in other places:

Due to Selona’s personal attendance at the invasion, the crime syndicate is in the news even more. He has consequentially reached a strange equilibrium with Alnae for the time being, partially because of public opinion but mostly because they don’t want to pick a fight with the guy Exme had footage of driving a tank out of the alien mothership. He’s a bit too crazy. Though this has also caused shifts in the criminal world, making Selona even more influential and powerful then before.

Due to the aforementioned shifts in influence, Solvang is being particularly cautious of the Selona gang. With Selona’s recruitment numbers increasing so is their criminal activity, and sales for weapons that can hurt aliens. Solvang has been discreetly facilitating the business of Siwa to compete with Selona’s arms market for this alien scare to try and keep Selona in check.

Alnae is in a bit of a sticky situation as they just lost their most important planet, and instead of it being retaken it was turned into a new Empire that still has the alien that took it in the first place. They’ve been investing heavily in colonization efforts with the hopes of re-establishing their power before the gap between them and Shetou gets too big.

On the other hand Shetou is enjoying higher approval ratings since one of their own Val’Hari went along with the Song Clan. This has resulted in an influx of immigration from both Alnae and independent colonies by people who plan to join the colonization boom in the future. They have faith that Shetou is the stronger government for colonization efforts, while Valdir is the one in possession of the key to unlocking this push these immigrants aren’t exactly gung-ho to live next to alien xenomorphs on a day to day basis. That and the anti-valdir coverage by Sol Media isn’t hurting them.

The new Valdir Empire is rebuilding SR3 to their needs, a slow process but now the aliens aren’t in harvest mode. They’ve been replanting the forests so that they’ll have access to a constant stream of organic matter as it grows naturally on the planet, also to satisfy the desires of their more humanoid residents however few that may be right now. A lot of powerful factions are trying to negotiate and make deals with the new empire, but this is proving a slow process because its led by someone who really doesn’t seem to care that he runs an empire now.

Desoir in particular is making the biggest moves right now. Even before this they were building a really big ship, now it has a purpose they want to be ready for and so they have poured resources into accelerating its construction. Inevitably, they will be the first to construct a Sol Mothership. The planned 350 kilometer long ultra carrier plans to be renting out space to other colony groups to ferry them out to the next star.

Though to rival that in the publicized “lets build a big fucking thing” is the Sharen attempt to build Song Clan’s new flagship. While it was big news just for the fact that they were doing it, they made a lot of announcements to show off that they were doing it. Ship enthusiasts however have noted what Sharen is really showing off, they are building that thing fast. Their advanced shipyards are more powerful then any other in the system, they estimate they’ll have it done within a year. This is helping to inspire people that Shetou is the way to go for the future of colonization, and showing off that they can recover from their losses quickly to put pressure on Alnae’s losses.

And finally in the big fucking thing category, Valdir’s mothership is capable of moving again. It is still grounded but its tentacles are waggling. As a roundup, Valdir and Desoir are going to have gigantic ships, Shetou and Alnae will have fleets of smaller (though still large) one’s. Though all of this still hinges on a technology that has still not been discovered yet.


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