Mini update since half the players are missing

Mini Stories of Lore 6

Sethis Tyne

Bryan King joins the team.

So far Aryn has been well behaved, Vaeri scares her.

The waiting game for a battleship will go as it has so far as the pirates still aren’t ready to take on a military ship of that size. However, the quest for a stealth ship suddenly became easier. Aryn found 56 of them and their patrol routes in her second week. She wasn’t actually looking for those but her supervisors remembered we had been looking for those before. The biggest one on the list is a battlecruiser owned by Sharen with the smallest coming out as frigates from all kinds of places.

The details of Toxyn have taken awhile to find, like two weeks of update time. Aryn just mass harvested data from the city looking for specific chemical sales that made up Toxyn’s weapons. Eventually being able to find some details out about who they suspect was Toxyn though its hard to completely confirm as the suspect is a chemistry professor at a university who has suddenly gone missing. Its hard to confirm because they have a pretty legitimate reason to own all the stuff Toxyn used, so not quite uncovering the batcave or anything. Harvesting data didn’t really get anywhere interesting there as its pretty clean and its likely all the relevant evidence was on their APT which was eaten by an alien. The trail seemed to have gone cold except for a stroke of good/bad luck when Vaeri investigated the professor’s home and came face to face with a new problem. The place was stripped clean and blown up in attempt to kill the elf agent, apparently unaware that people in Vaeri’s line of work always wear their combat shield. With a bit of assistance from the Raiders of Abbathor it was discovered this had been carried out by the Solvang job board. Unfortunately, hacking into the Solvang job board doesn’t get anywhere as it doesn’t have hidden information on its server end, it literally might as well just be posted paper in a bar. Only Solvang officers who maintain the board would have details of its posting.

The tech wing is expanding with all these investments.

Luci Serrano

Exme was kind of on vacation anyways, she’s still sitting in her room contemplating all the things she has seen and unseen, all that is and was not (insert 18 more of these)

You forgot to set your hiring price for luke, no progress made

Angel is still wrapping up the musical and stuff with Lush as well, so no she hasnt had a tour yet. On the upside the movie will be released after the next financial report as it is just finishing stuff up.

You buy a shipyard

You buy some vampiric boytoy who just stands around looking pretty and doing “things” for you. Other vampire experts suggest the larger the harem the more prestigious the owner.

The raven footage is compiled into a bit more of a neat and orderly show, though remains in the vault as requested, along with the eulogy speeches for celebrities in case they die.

Bike pump project just proves you’re crazy.

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