Lets do the time warp again! (2 years later)

Stories of lore 7

From Around the System (It is now 1589)

The secret to interstellar travel was acquired from Valdir by Valencia Desoir who subsequently sold the technology to the major empires under the general understanding that eventually everyone was going to reverse engineer the device that makes it possible so she just took the big payout to release the technology itself. The device itself costs about 230 million to produce each unit, though prices are expected to come down as optimization of the technology improves. It can move a ship approximately 1 light year per week. Notably Valdir’s alien mothership can go faster though thats not much of a surprise to anyone.

The Valdir mothership has been fully regenerated in the last few years though it has taken a new shape, appearing like some sort of cross between a traditional ship with strange organic looking growths. Reportedly this is so that humanoids can more comfortably utilize it, though a lot of it is still a series of sealed off areas where the ichor flows and the alien monsters are created.

The Sharen successfully built the new ship for Song Yi within the year as they promised. Intel spies know they actually needed to extend work on it to get it up to their quality standards but they just had engineers keep working on it as “maintenance” while publicly announcing it was done as it could at least fly. Unlike Song Yi’s last ship which was primarily a dreadnought with some carrier capability, this one is a carrier with some dreadnought capability, including its new big fucking gun that is the biggest Shetou has ever put on a spaceship.

The Desoir Ultra Carrier also completed its construction though is experiencing delays as the tech for interstellar travel hits a kink with a ship this big and they’re working on making the necessary adjustments.

In the more political news. Alnae’s economy is currently strained by its rapid development and over-investment in its fleet and colony ships in order to prevent Shetou from being able to just steamroll them and discourage Shetou from attacking. As a result it is in a time of difficulty which has certainly boosted the Alnae people’s general desire for colonization thanks to the shows a certain media company keeps producing.Though at the same time, there are also many who greatly object to the idea of colonizing distant stars given their current situation is a direct result of a visitor from distant stars and they can only wonder what else is out there. They don’t particularly like Valdir for the obvious reason that it has the same mothership that put them in the current situation.

Shetou is doing about the same as usual, despite having the current upper hand on Alnae the houses aren’t all rushing to colonize anything they can and are instead growing at a bit more natural then forced pace. This is largely due to the way their society works, which can make it difficult to try and force people to do more colonization then they feel like doing. While the new carrier given to House Song was quite publicized it hasn’t really impacted their overall presence in space very much given Sharen was already a naval superpower, adding one more big ass ship to the nation hasn’t changed all that much from a logistics stand point.

Valdir is as usual up to their weird agenda that doesn’t involve much discussion with anyone else. They produced a fleet awfully fast though, consisting mostly of giant tentacle monsters that can float around space. They appear to have acquired the resources to do this by ravaging the nearby moons of SR3 which are currently barren wastelands despite SR3 itself having been rebuilt to a forested world with the alien’s abilities. Notably their fleet doesn’t have much in the way of guns like traditional ships do, but the bioships probably shoot Sahad lasers as they are very much alive.

Solvang is also in a bit of staisis. Piracy grows as the society it can prey on does, so they aren’t really rushing to acquire colonization equipment or even steal ships for the purpose. They have discreetly funded a few other companies who are interested in colonization using their banking system but this is mostly out of interest to see humanoids expand so they have more territory to set themselves up in over time. A few in the know of the criminal underworld are aware that Solvang has specifically been researching how to hijack ships in deep space between the stars where there will be little to no security even after colonization expands to other stars but they’re not in any particular hurry.

Selona on the other hand has a different approach to the coming colonization boom, unlike the business sighted empires who bought the technology from Desoir who acquired it from Valdir, Arkaric simply asked for it and was given it since he was physically at the Thousand Legends event. Indal seemed to like the cut of his jib and just let him have the tech well ahead of anyone else getting it. Since then Selona has been working on its own manufacturing projects, notably they were offering to sell the massive engine necessary for interstellar travel even before Desoir but the general news didn’t notice this because it was among the black market. Technically speaking, this means a bunch of criminals beat everyone else to the punch on developing the technology. Within the black market circle this has added to Selona’s notoriety, Sophia from Nah division put two and two together. This definitely confirms that Selona is hiding its own ability to manufacture all the products it sells, while that was an accepted premise for awhile this is the first thing Selona did that gave away it definitely has extensive manufacturing capability. Which just raised the question of where the hell they’re hiding facilities capable of producing new technology before the other major shipyards could do it.

In the development of sahad, various people have started to become particularly adept at using the new magic. While Valdir points out there are still no real masters of the art besides the mothership itself, at least progress is being made. A deeper understanding of the magic over the last couple of years has made it evident that its based on cosmic phenomena. Those who have learned to use it even at the most basic level have demonstrated the ability to survive in the vacuum of space comfortably and even move around in it as if via levitation spells. So far the only creative method of its use has been in engineering the engines for interstellar travel, otherwise all of its users only really seem to be able to blow things up with it. Other then surviving in space it doesn’t seem to do much other then break stuff. Current practitioners of it seem to ramble about entropy a lot.


Multiple Cycles passing, way too many small details.
End result new holdings: 1,214,342,000

Yenneiros Whitetalon

Cerys Anahi, plagued by alien magic PTSD, went to Valdir to seek professional help. Instead of opting for therapy that would make the visions go away she pursued the path of finding out what they were all about. As a result she has leveled up and now has the ability to use sahad magic.

William roberts continues to make sound business decisions and Madhammer has been hired on to various ships planning to take the leap into the unknown and see whats over at the neighboring star thanks to his negotiating prowess.

Gheir isn’t doing much new.

Madhammer profits +16

Mordekai Aberhoff

Ragas Durz has completed her formal education in the field of psionics.

Nib retired, he’s old for a kobold.

Zex is a bit more well known now days as the eccentric leader of the cult of expanded lucidity.

Aerovent Filters +8
Cult of Expanded Lucidity -2
Expansive Psionics +12
Mhaldaru Foods Stock Value: 16,000,000
Game App lost to time in favor of the newest games.
Unnamed Lumber Farm technically produces around 10 worth of profit but you’re using it to aid Gauntlet Shipyards, I don’t have a stat for lumber production.

Edric Vandross

The raiders managed to finally steal a stealth battlecruiser from Sharen after what must have been two years given previous failures in this field. Though in the process Jezraema and Ikeshia were killed along with 60% of the whole crew. The frigate Ikeshia normally flies was destroyed and the Nothic was so severely damaged that its still floating out there in space waiting to be towed. Halaestra is seriously injured and Gellix lost an arm and is paralyzed due to a spinal injury. This brings us to the next problem, now that Setani was transferred to Nah division and Ikeshia is dead, no one remaining on the crew knows who the boss is. They simply docked the battlecruiser up at the same old shipyards they always took them to. Gellix is back on his feet after some cybernetic medical attention at least.

The carrier thing was sold to Alnae successfully.

DV Finds expanding into Valdir difficult, while opening an office there isn’t too hard the Valdir don’t really respect currency as much as the rest of civilized folk so its hard to make much profit or keep tabs on all that much going on there. While they do still have a use for the bank, especially the regular people, the issue is the lack of investment opportunities. So it works…there’s just not that much business to do there.

DV would consider any asteroid to be alright. Really any location far from civilization centers would be good by default so picking a specific one is iffy. Technically hiding it within the shipyards might also work as its in orbit and ships coming and going from there wouldn’t be particularly suspicious though its not quite so remote. In terms of ultra secure isolated places, build a space station in the middle of space that is absolutely nowhere and see if anyone can ever find it. Similar to the Raven facility. As the campaign motto seems to be: space is big.

Divinity Vaults +14
Hightower +12
Shipyards have seen a few expansions by the suits with all your fancy money. Carrier sold and now has its Super Capital dock, 2 capital docks, 2 large docks, 4 medium docks, and 6 small docks (though technically not really for docking, for construction and “maintenance”)

Sethis Tyne

Bryan has settled in relatively well. Over the last two years Aryn has gotten pretty comfy with her workplace and has decorated her workspace with a lot of silly stuff that makes it very obvious which one is hers.

As was mentioned in mezzy’s section, the pirates managed to acquire a stealth battlecruiser which is going through refit processes. While a battlecruiser isn’t exactly a carrier its more then sufficient for the tech division. Though Nah division’s total size wouldn’t exactly all fit on it as you have a lot of crews around the system.

So far the shadiest shit Aryn has attempted in her two years working there is she changed everyone’s email signatures and rigged it to never display to the sender only the receiver. It took people three weeks to notice this because no one wanted to talk to each other about the awkward signatures everyone was flamboyantly displaying. That and she plays a lot of video games at the office when its a slow day.

The bombs that took out Toxyn’s house are easily arcane in nature. Eventually Aryn figured out who the team was that bombed the place but thats basically a dead end as they’re just a group of solvang members who probably just picked up the job off the board and carried it out to get paid.

Bryan’s trial run goes pretty well. Nothing terribly outstanding for a hero unit assassin but its still a hero unit assassin’s performance over a faceless mook.

Vanjin has been a bit busy, now that she’s famous she has a lot of work hunting people all over the system.

Problematically, after the assassination of so many of Sophia’s enemies they have come to the conclusion its definitely her having these hits taken out on so many other gangs. So far Sophia is still alive but only because the planet that is fighting back against her isn’t where she bases out of.  The crime scene violence is starting to escalate in response to all these murders, particularly on SZ3 Gamma where the slums are very profitable to control. Sophia’s gang members have been getting gunned down in the middle of the street at SZ3 Gamma with several death threats being sent to Sophia herself. The Raiders constant sending of the solvang job board reveals that there is now a hit on Sophia that was recently posted.

Nah Division -14
Black Market Division +28

Luci Serrano

Over the last few years the tv shows have started airing, and two of the four even got enough ratings for a second season. Of the two one has been successful enough to be cleared for a third season.

The musical went over pretty well, likely because the DM is still salty about Galavant being canceled, and got a sequel. This did leave Angel with a mixed image given she was in a musical but still portrays herself as hardcore. Though somehow her fanbase has been growing weirdly fast, like downright suspiciously.

Movie star candidates are still in the process of being seen enough times to see if any get likeable/famous enough to be called a movie star.

You now have a small harem of pets, well done.

In other news, Exme finally came back to work after some time passed and the weird visions stopped.

The mining facilities have seen expansion and good progress but setbacks as slave labor revolts result in both loss of product and loss of labor as some of them get killed. So far they haven’t managed to take over the facility though so mining continues on.

Lusheria +11
Angel Blood +24
Sol Media +4
Sol Records +8
Sol Mining +8

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